The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 27

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 27 What Are You?

Raine hugged her ipad closed to her chest when she heard Torak's statement as her cheeks turned crimson. She lowered her head and hid it with her hair, which cascading down from both side of her face.

"Let's sleep. We will go to our home early in the morning tomorrow." Torak grabbed her hand and led her back to their oversize bed.

The word 'our' didn't pass without her noticing, Raine heard it clearly as she frowned. It had been a long time since she called somewhere 'home'.

The man, who she knew only for three days, have kissed her cheek, hugged her, washed her feet, got furious for her and gave the feeling of safety that no one had ever done before.

This feeling confused her. It felt like she had known him for long time, as if it was a normal thing to be with him.

And also there was this spark, the tingling feeling that hard to reject.

With this, Luna remember the thing that she wanted to ask, but before she could write it down, Torak had sat her on the edge of the bed and lifted her feet, before covered her under the warm blanket.

He moved swiftly and gracefully, taken her by surprised, but the thing that shocked her most was when Torak got on the bed and slid under the same blanket.

She took the ipad from the table beside her and typed.

[Are you sleeping here?]

Torak propped his left body side with his left elbow, while he tilted his head to read the word. "Of course." He raised his eyebrows with the expression: 'the answer is obvious' kind of look.

Raine typed again quickly, these past two nights the moment Torak returned from all of his business matter, Raine had been sleeping. So, she didn't have any idea that Torak and her had shared the same bed.

"We have shared the same bed from the first day you came, my love." Torak gave her lopsided smile with amus.e.m.e.nt dancing in his eyes.

Raine turned the ipad and showed him what she had written.

[I will sleep on the sofa.]

After she had made sure that Torak had read it, she was about to get off from the bed when Torak's hand sneaked around her waist and pulled her back.

He cradled her in his arms.

His left hand was around her shoulder while the other was holding her down by the waist, chuckling at her futile attempt to escape from his clutched. His beast and he liked it when he teased their mate.

"I will let you go my love, only if you ask me." He smiled mischievously. "Not with this."

Torak snatched the ipad from her hands and looked deeper into her obsidian black eyes, they were the most beautiful eyes that he had ever seen, captivating all of his senses.

Raine bit down her lips, wanted to cry in frustration. Torak clearly knew that she couldn't, she wanted to talk, but somehow there was no any sound came out.

She strangely lost her voice because of no one believed with what she said she was seeing.

There was another living creatures that human didn't aware about their existence and thought it was only a myth mixed with imagination. But, she saw them for these past eight years and some of them wanted to kill her.

Raine didn't sure what Torak was, but she knew that he was one of them. He had showed her that he meant no harm, but Raine still couldn't say anything.

"So, do you want to sleep with me?" Torak asked, trapped her petite body between his strong arms, looking at how she shook her head vigorously. Ignoring the gestured, he shrugged nonchalantly. "Silence meant yes."

Raine widened her eyes in disbelief. She forgot how afraid she was to look at other people right in their eyes, out of frustration she stared at Torak, her body stiffened when he rested his forehead softly against hers, taking liberty to breath in her scent.

Their position was incredibly close till Raine could smell the scent of pine and cedar from him.

"Relax my love, I will not do anything that can hurt you as it will hurt me as well." The beast that has known to be able to make any supernatural being trembled in fear only by his roar, talked so softly to his mate. A pair of arms that could make his enemy perished, held her carefully.

There was no way Torak would let her to sleep alone even if by miracle she could talk to him. Moreover after her encounter with Belphegor, he wouldn't let her out of his sight.

Raine let the words sank in her mind and when Torak kissed her forehead and laid down next to her, she remembered the question that she wanted to ask.

With great effort she reached her ipad again and typed.

[What are you?]

Realized that his mate would start asking consecutive questions, Torak leaned against the bed head, pulling Raine closed to him and rested his chin atop of her head.

"Me? I am a lycan?"

[What is that?]

With that question, Torak spent the next thirty minutes to explain about lycanthropes and their existence patiently. It was the longest monologue that he had ever done. But, he never got tired of speaking when he watched his mate reaction.

Especially when he said he could turn into a big wolf. Her lips parted in disbelief, tempted him to seal them with his.

After the shock, she typed something quickly.

[Can you show me your wolf?]