The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 271

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 271 She Admitted It

Today was the third day since Raine had lost conscious because of the mark that Torak forced on her.

Sapphire, the healer in Torak's pack, had been tending her along with Serefina, but until now there was no significant progress that he could see.

Raine was getting weak and her heartbeat was barely able to hear.

Torak couldn't move her to a big hospital, as this wasn't the case that they could handle and because this house was so far away from the city, it would take hours just to reach the nearest hospital, during that time, Raine's condition could drop anytime.

On a king size bed, Raine was sleeping soundlessly with thick white bandages on her neck, faint red blood could be seen on the surface of it.

Until now, Serefina and Sapphire only managed to slow down the bleeding, but couldn't stop it entirely, and it caused Raine lost so much blood and needed in transfusion and IV drip the whole time.

During this time, Torak had never once stepped out of the room, sitting beside her while holding her hand. He became more taciturn than he already was.

When there was a soft knock at the door, Torak didn't even bother to raise his head from staring at Raine's small finger, to check who it was.

After sometime, despite there was no answer, the person who was knocking the door decided to opened it and from behind the opened door, it was Raphael who stepped inside the room.

"Alpha." Raphael called Torak respectfully. Though Calleb and he had not received any punishment from Torak for divulged Torak's location to Raine, but it didn't mean they were free from it.

Regardless the fact it was Serefina who had brought Raine here, but Calleb and Raphael did nothing meaningful to stop her, it was added to their carelessness, which made Raine managed to go inside Torak's cell alone without any protection.

Serefina not yet told them that it was her, who had given the key of the underground door to Raine, thus it was still mystery how Raine could go inside.

"Alpha, I need to return to the Fulbright city because there is something important that Jack couldn't handle in the company." Raphael informed Torak solemnly.

Ever since that night when Raine was found in Torak's arms, bleeding, Raphael and Calleb had been acting very cautious around him, afraid to incite the Alpha's ire.

Because under Torak's calm behavior and his expression that seemingly devoid from all emotions, beneath it was a brewing storm that could be lashed out at any moment.

"Alright." Torak answered readily, without even thinking.

There was nothing more important for him at this moment rather than his mate. The company could go bankrupt or the world could turn into dust for all he cares, as long as he could see life in Raine's eyes again, he wouldn't complain.

"I will leave this afternoon." Raphael said again.

"Hmm." Torak didn't even budge.

"Calleb will be here and I will update you through him about the company." Raphael added.

Torak only nodded in respond this time. He didn't have time to listen to those meaningless business when his mate was here, laying on the bed at the edge of death because of him.

Torak remembered he left her at the night when his human side had taken the brunt of the impact for killing dozens of innocent people in the library.

That wasn't the cause alone, because his battle before that, when he tried to get something for Serefina, so she could recover faster, and the devil poison had weakened him greatly, but at the same time awoken his beast side.

After became quiescence for many years, his beast became more feral.

That was the reason why he had to avoid Raine, because he didn't want something like this to happen, yet in the end this what he got.

Probably, he should just tell her about it

At this point regret was useless.

Torak didn't even realize when Raphael had gone out of the room, or the sun outside had fallen deep in the horizon.

He lost track of time.

He lost himself in this dark room while waiting for Raine to wake up.

There were noises behind Torak's back and when all of sudden the light inside the room was lit up and the bright hurt his eyes, forced them to shut for a moment.

"You need to eat Torak." Serefina came with a plate of beef steak that whiffed a delicious smell in the air. "Here." She put down the plate on the bed, in front of him.

Torak was sitting on the other side of the bed, staring at Raine's sleeping face and the thick bandage on her neck, the spot where he had bit her.

Seeing there was no response from Torak, Serefina could only sigh deeply as she gestured someone, who has been standing in the doorway, to come inside the room.

"Step aside Torak, we need to change the bandage." Serefina said as she watched Torak leaned in and gave a tender kiss on Raine's forehead, released her hand ever so carefully as he stepped out of the bed and let Sapphire to tend to Raine's wound.

"Still no progress?" Torak asked grimly.

"I am not a Lycan." Serefina stated. "I don't how this will affect her. It's already good enough that we can still preserve her life."

Serefina's bluntness earned a glare from Torak.

Seeing the hostility glare was directed toward her, Serefina was about to retort, but somehow she stopped midway and let it passed.

"All we are doing now is preventing her from dying from blood loss." Serefina stated. "The mark has not healed and with you sapped her energy, it makes her weaker."

Torak balled his hands into fists that seemingly could tear everything down as he talked through his gritted teeth. "You don't need to remind me about that again and again."

It had been ten times Serefina talked about that. Her information only rubbing on Torak's guilty feeling.

In the other hand, Serefina sighed. "I told you this again and again, to ease my guilty feeling too." She admitted. "No matter how I said it, I am the one who had brought her here."