The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 272

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 272 What Now?

"I know." Of course Torak knew, Calleb and Raphael wouldn't dare enough to disobey his direct order even though it was against their consent.

"I was also the one who had given Raine the key to the underground's door." Serefina blurted out.

Serefina might be rude and has bad temper, but she wouldn't lie except to her enemies and she didn't consider Torak as one.

The witch thought the Lycan would at least roar or tried to strangle her to death because of what she did, but to her surprise, Torak only glared at her before he resumed staring worriedly at his mate.

At least, if he was about to go berserk, Serefina would help him to let out some steam. She preferred the angry Torak rather than this kind of Torak, who was staring blankly and lifelessly at his mate, as if his spirit had evaporated into thin air.

Torak didn't know how to respond that information, as he remained silent as though he heard nothing.

"Don't you want to punch me or something?" Serefina asked carelessly, trying to incite another emotion from the Lycan except this devastated feeling.

"It will disturb her." Torak replied. "Moreover, it is pointless to punch you. It will not wake her up anyway." He didn't want to waste his energy.

"She will not wake up even if there is a firework inside this room." Serefina mumbled. "I need more time to gather information about her condition."

"Please do, whatever you need to do." Torak said. "Ask Calleb if you need something."

Serefina was astounded by the way Torak talked to her, it was a rare occasion for someone like Torak to say the word 'please', moreover that word was directed to her, she doubted whether Torak knew the meaning of 'please' or not.

But, to provoke him when he was being nice like this, wasn't a wise move, so Serefina simply swallowed her sarcastic comment and nodded her head while thinking where she should start to find this kind of information.

"We need another blood bags for Luna, Alpha." Sapphire informed him after she finished to change the bandage on Raine's neck.

The smell of blood assaulted Torak's nose and it irritated him because this was Raine's blood, reminded him again and again that she could die from blood loss anytime.

"You can ask Calleb to retrieve it from the nearby hospital." Torak murmured as he walked toward the bed and sat on his previous spot.

"Yes, Alpha." Sapphire said solemnly before she went out of the room to find Calleb.

Serefina was standing there, watching how a the great Alpha succ.u.mbed in his feeling for his mate. The love from his eyes where enough to tell the whole world that he would be more than willing to give up everything, even his life, just to see his mate smiling face again.

Once, centuries ago, she was also deeply in love with certain someone and would cross a river of fire willingly just to see the smile on his face.

No, Serefina had done that. But, instead of crossing a river of fire, she had crawled her way back from hell, just to make sure he lived his life decently and the most important thing was; to see him once again, to feel the love of him that she cherished the most, before she had to leave him again, cruelly.

The price that she needed to pay for that extra short time for being with him.

After long time of silence, Serefina left the bedroom as she thought there was nothing she could do there.


The next day when Raphael had just landed in the Fulbright city, he received a call from Jack, the person in charge when Raphael and Calleb away.

"I am on way to the company." Raphael said the moment he picked up the phone.

However, Jack didn't allow him to come to the office. "No, let's meet in the main house."

Upon hearing Jack's answer, Raphael's brow creased. The main house that Jack mentioned was the house where Torak and Raine resided.

"What happened?" Raphael asked curiously. Before he boarded the plane he had called Jack to ask about the update in the company, but there was nothing suspicious and everything was still under control, but why now Jack called him in this secretive manner?

"I will explain to you later. Meet you there, Beta Raphael." Jack then cut off the line and made Raphael burning with curiosity. He truly hated this half- conversation like this.

After the short conversation ended, Raphael got into the car and told the driver to ride back home instead of Donovan's building.

It didn't take so long before Raphael arrived at the main house and watched as Jack had been sitting inside Torak's study room, waiting for him.

"What is it?" Raphael asked even before he plopped his tired body on the sofa across from Jack. He poured a glass of cold water to moisten his throat while waiting for Jack's explanation about the current situation. "Something is going wrong with the company?"

"No. not only with the company." Jack shook his head. "Do you remember the task that the Alpha had given me before he found our Luna?" He talked very fast as his eyes narrowed, waiting for Raphael's answer whether he remembered it or not.

But, Raphael just rolled his eyes, shaking his head for Jack's dramatic question. "The Alpha gave you too many tasks, how could you expect me to remember them all? I have my plate full also, you know." Raphael had known Jack for decades and had gotten used to his antics. "Just tell me what is it?"

Jack scoffed when Raphael didn't even budge or became a little bit more curious when he posed his question that way, yet this information was very important, so Jack's expression turned serious. "Do you remember the information about the witches from northern coven would meet the vampires near our territory?"

"Yes, what happened with that?" Raphael leaned closer as his curiosity was piqued, he remembered they were investigating this matter before they found Raine.

Jack almost got his hand in this matter for more information before suddenly the witches and the vampires disappeared without leaving any traces.

But, what now?