The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 273

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 273 Promise..?

"They made a move again, but this time our people got some information that they were here." Jack folded his arms as he contemplated. "For some reason, I feel like the thing that happened back then with the reporters had anything to do with this."

Raphael narrowed his eyes. "The witches?" If this has anything to do that related to the witch, he must ask Serefina about this, yet since she didn't belong to any coven, it would be a little bit tricky.

"Mm." Jack murmured and nodded. "Dark magic I guess, but I am not sure those reporters became more aggressive even after the police came and arrested them. That doesn't make sense. Normally, human will tend to follow the rule and fear the law." He contemplated.

Silence ensued, as the two of them were deep in their own thought. The sunlight streamed from the artificial window glass, illuminated the whole study room and gave a serene vibe, yet it wasn't able to lessen their uneasiness.

"How about the vampires?" Raphael asked after a long silence.

"Ah, about that." Jack slapped his forehead as he forgot the important part of his report. "We caught four vampires trespassed our territory. They became bolder because they knew the Alpha has been missing for a week now."

"How they know about that?" Raphael's gaze turned sharp. He had made sure the fact about Torak's disappearance was replaced with another story that Torak had an urgent matter in one of his subsidiary company, which he had to attend to. It was only a handful people who knew where exactly Torak whereabouts.

Jack sighed and then shook his head. "Somehow, the news about the Alpha went missing, for a week, leaked. There were quite uproar two days ago among the Alphas, but we managed to calm them down, though they were still demanding to see Alpha Torak and for the shareholders" Jack paused and thought about what he was going to say. "I think Belphegor has made his move now, but I am still investigating about it."

"Keep your eyes close on him. With him is being de Medici's representative, the devil must have had some plan." Raphael said seriously.

"I got it" Jack nodded and then added. "He is the sloth, why he should bother himself with all of these schemes? I thought he is the less harmless among the seven sins"

"He is the sloth for reason. He doesn't actively attack us like Lucifer does, he is too lazy for that, but it doesn't mean Belphegor will not create trouble and plan schemes after schemes against us, after all scheming is his nature as the devil." Raphael stated he drank another glass of water as he could feel his head throbbing painfully.

The matter with Torak had not done yet and now since Raine was injured, he didn't think that Torak would interest to hear all of this news, he could see Torak's dull eyes as if the life in his eyes slipped away.

"I will inform this to the Alpha." Raphael kneaded his forehead as he picked up his phone from his jacket, he would call Calleb, so he could extend the information to Torak when the time was right.

"Beta Raphael" Jack asked, for some reason he became cautious with his next words.

"Yes?" Raphael lifted his head to meet Jack's eyes.

"May I know where is the Alpha right now?" Jack was only informed that Torak had another matter to attend to, but Jack was a hunter, he used to calculate everything meticulously, so he found this reason was a bit odd.

"There is an urgent matter that came up, so he had to settle it down first." Raphael replied.

"But, Luna is not here as well. She was going with you and the Gamma." Jack stared at Raphae. "By any chance, is Luna with Alpha?"

"Yes, they are together." Raphael stood up while waiting for Calleb to pick up his call, he strode across the room and leaned his tall body beside the window glass, staring at the backyard, but at the same time, avoiding Jack's other questions. His curiosity, wasn't a good thing.


Today was the eighth day since Raine lost got bitten by Torak's beast and lost her consciousness. She was still in her IV drip and blood transfusion.

Her condition did not improve, yet because Serefina, Sapphire and Belinda meticulous care, Raine's condition didn't get worse either, but no one could say when she would gain her consciousness again.

Torak's condition was also not any better, though he had started to do something with the issues of his company and the pack matter, he still refused to step out of the room and left Raine alone there.

He talked to Raphael a couple of time regarding the vampire and the witch from the northern coven, but he preferred for them to not take any drastic action.

Torak would like to see what his enemies had under their sleeves, especially to those Alphas who began to show their claws just because they couldn't see him in person and the rumor about him went missing for half a month.

They were so ridiculous and absurd, there must be someone who had pulled the orchestrated all of this.

Though the number of the Alphas who started to act rebellious was only a handful, but they could instigate other to initiate conflict among their own kind.

It was well known that there were a few Alphas who didn't satisfy with Torak's reign and wanted so bad to overthrown him from his position as the supreme Alpha, but didn't have guts and the right moment to do that.

This time, when they assumed Torak was missing, could be their chance to make their move.

For this internal issue, he told Raphael to let the situation escalated, so he could see who would raise their claws against him, but that wasn't the entire reason

Torak turned his head from the laptop in front of him and looked at Raine's sleeping face.

Let out a heavy sigh, he stood up and settled down in his usual spot as he caressed Raine's hair. "I am sorry my love please wake up" He said in very subtle voice.

Torak kissed Raine's forehead trailed down till her pointed nose.

"I will never hide anything from you again" Torak whispered regretfully. This was his fault for hiding it from her, only if he told her the truth


There was a soft voice sounded near Torak's ear that he had longed to hear.