The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 274

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 274 Are You Mad?

Torak opened his eyes when he was only a few inches away from Raine's face. It almost felt magical when he watched how Raine's eyelashes fluttered before her beautiful obsidian eyes could be seen.

With Raine was staring back at him, blinking a couple of time to adjust her eyes with her surroundings, Torak felt he just lifted from hell and was given a second chance to live again.

Was it real? Or Torak was just being delusional because he missed her so bad?

"Promise me?"

That soft voice again her voice caressed his ears like the most beautiful melody. How long since the last time he heard her voice?

Torak was in daze, staring greedily at her eyes without even blinking, he was afraid it was only his hallucination and the moment he closed his eyes, Raine would be in her coma state again, unable to talk to him like now.

The longer he watched her face, the more overwhelm Torak became, he even forgot to answer her question.

Raine's brows furrowed when she watched how Torak was bemused to see her and then she felt Torak's thumb caressed the spot between her eyes.

"Am I dreaming?" Torak muttered to himself. He traced her thumb along Raine's eyebrows to the corner of her eyes, her nose, her lips but still amazed about the fact that Raine was staring at him. "Are you awake now, my love?"

Torak's voice was hoarse as if the words suffocated him.

"Hmm" Raine answered him with a mumble. It was so hard to be able to return to Torak's side, but she managed to do that and she couldn't be more proud of herself for that.

Raine was so eager to tell Torak about what had happened to her during her unconsciousness, but she knew it had to wait, she was so weak now and Torak wasn't in his right state of mind as he kept staring at her and caressed her face absentmindedly.

"Are you really awake?" Torak's eyes stared intensely at Raine, unable to free himself from the captivating eyes before him.

"I am" Raine said, giving him a faint smile as she added. "I am back for you"

Only then, a realization hit Torak and an understanding flashed in his eyes. It wasn't a dream neither he was hallucinating.

Abruptly, Torak sat down straight as his eyes locked on Raine. His mate was blinking and smiling at him.

"SEREFINA! SAPPHIRE! BELLINDA!" Torak roared and startled Raine as she frowned. Why was he overreacting? Raine felt she was only faint for a few hours, but why Torak gave her that look?

Torak was still in his position when the three of the women rushed inside the room with Calleb in tow. Their expression were alarmed, fear was written on their faces.

If something happened to Raine, they wouldn't leave unscathed and things would only turn ugly than it already had.

"What happened?" It was Belinda. The first person, who entered the room and strode in big steps toward Raine's bed.

Her eyes fixed on Raine automatically, but she overlooked the fact Raine's eyes had opened as she looked at her bandage on her neck and checked for the IV drip and blood transfusion.

"Why? Something happened to her?" Bellinda looked at Torak, who was looking at Raine dumbfoundedly.

Sapphire, who was walking closely behind her, shrieked as she covered her mouth while Serefina was squinted her eyes.

Bellinda turned her eyes back to Raine and now she watched her eyes were staring at her.

"Raine you are awake?" Bellinda mumbled in disbelief.

The three of them had just checked on her condition and changed the bandages on her neck three hours ago, but there was no sign that Raine would regain her consciousness.

Her condition was stable, but it didn't give a significant progress ever since they found her bleeding in Torak's arms.

So, when Raine was awake now, it almost unbelievable.

Serefina was the first person. Who stepped forward and checked on Raine's condition as Bellinda and Sapphire were still in a state of shock.

"You said she will not wake up anytime soon" Calleb who was standing behind sapphire voiced out his thought.

They didn't know how to heal Raine and her life was in danger, there was a high chance she wouldn't wake up again, those were the words that Bellinda and Sapphire had told him, but the reality before Calleb's eyes said otherwise.

"I don't know" Sapphire shook her head. She was a healer, so she should have known if Raine was giving a slight improvement with their treatment, but showed nothing.

Raine's condition was like someone, who was in their last breath, but was suddenly awake.

"Sapphire, come here!" Serefina called out the healer.

If it wasn't because of Serefina, who managed assess the situation calmly and knew what she should do next, probably the two of them would just standing there, wondering how Raine could miraculously survive.

Torak wasn't any better.

"Check on her." Serefina said the moment sapphire had stood beside her and turned her head at Bellinda. "And you, don't just standing there and do nothing!"


Raine was staring at Torak beside her, who didn't talk a word since Sapphire checked on her condition and Belinda gave her a bowl of soup that smell so delicious.

Raine thought she just passed out for hours, but apparently, she had been in coma state for eight days. No wonder she felt very hungry and Torak acted so unreasonable.

Not only that, she couldn't move her head freely as it felt very sore the moment she turned her head. A thick bandage was covered her whole neck.

"Are you not going to talk to me?" Raine asked Torak as she caressed his face, relishing the spark from their skin to skin contact, in the other hand, Torak also felt the same as he lowered his eyes. "Are you mad?"

"Hmm." Torak mumbled.

They were sleeping on the bed side to side. Torak was very careful to not touch her neck as Raine rested her head on the pillow and he put his hand on her waist, the place that he thought safe enough to touch her.