The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 275

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 275 I Love You

"Are you mad?" Raine asked.

"Hmm." Was Torak's answer.

"At me?" Raine raised her eyebrows. How could Torak mad at her when she was the one who got bitten by his beast?

Torak shook his head. "At myself."

"Why?" Raine didn't feel sleepy, though the night had gone very late and the moonlight illuminated the room through the window glass.

"Because I hurt you." Torak said in matter of fact tone.

"You didn't do it intentionally." Raine tried to reason with him. She snuggled closer toward Torak, but her movement only caused her neck to suffer a sharp pain that made her grimace.

"Don't move please" Torak frowned, he gritted his teeth from seeing the pain on Raine's face. He didn't dare to touch her neck or any part of her body, afraid he would add her misery. "I will call Sapphire."

Torak was about to get off from the bed, but Raine clutched onto his front shirt and this made Torak stopped in his track. If he insisted to move and Raine was still holding onto him, she would drag along and it would cause another pain, but in the other hand, Torak couldn't forcefully pry her fingers from him.

"Raine, let me call Sapphire to ease your pain maybe she could give you" Torak started to babble.

The Torak now, wasn't like himself, he was very careful toward Raine and, seemingly, was even afraid to be near her.

"No, I want you" Raine whined, cutting off Torak's words. "Stay with me please"

Torak was contemplating for long time, before he gave in and laid beside Raine again.

"Hug me" Raine said sullenly because Torak was laying too far for her like.

"My love I" Torak couldn't bear to see Raine's face would contort in pain every time she moved as her neck became so sore.

"It's okay. You will not hurt me" Raine tried to reassure him, but it was like a jab on Torak's face when she said that when the result was clear as day in front of him, how he had hurt her badly.

Torak's face turned rigid when he heard Raine's statement.

"I have done that Raine." Torak's voice was so cold, I laced with anger and guilt. He wanted to go out of the room, but Raine was still clutching his front shirt, he couldn't afford to make a sudden move and risked to hurt her further. "Look at you now!"

Raine bit her lower lips, she had phrased her word incorrectly.

"You hurt me even more, when you yell at me like you are doing now" Raine's voice was so small as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

"Oh, my love I didn't mean" Torak was panic when he watched how her tears streamed down her face. "Please tell me what should I do?"

Torak was afraid. He was afraid just because Raine was crying. His heart clenched agonizingly when a soft sobbing sound came out from her trembling lips.

Her eyelashes wet with her tears as well as the pillow beneath her.

"I am sorry" Torak felt devastated to see his mate in her current state. He had never been in this helpless situation and he was clueless about what he should do. "Tell me, what should I do to appease your pain?"

"Hug me" Raine reiterated her demand, she tugged Torak's front shirt weakly as she stared at him expectantly. "I want you to hug me I miss you." She repeated sullenly because Torak didn't move even an inch to close the distance between them.

Raine was akin to a kid who was asking for her parent to buy her favorite candy.

"My love I can hurt you" Torak tried to reason with her.

"No" Raine refused to acknowledge Torak's statement. She even attempted to move her body closer to him and this made her situation even worse, she felt her neck would split into two in any moment.

But, she had to do this, because Torak would always blame himself for what he had done to her and probably he would refuse to ever be near her.

Raine didn't want that, this was accident, no one knew this would happen and moreover she didn't want Torak to put distance between them and thought he was a beast that would hurt her the moment he touched her.

No. Raine didn't want that!

"Please" Raine stretched out her hand with teary eyes.

Torak gritted his teeth, how he could reject his mate when she looked at him that way?

Very slowly and carefully, Torak inched close to her as he put his hand on her waist, just like what he did before, this wasn't even close to be called as a hug.

Ignoring the pain on her neck, Raine pulled her body closed to Torak until she could smell his woodsy scent as she wrapped her arm around his waist and rested her head against his chest. She liked it this way.

However, in the other hand, Torak's body turned stiff.

"You are not hurting me Torak" Raine mumbled as she closed her eyes, a wave of exhaustion hit her and the comfort that she felt every time she was with him, made her calm. "Just like what you always said you will never hurt me."

Torak remembered that words, he had told Raine countless times the first moment he met her that he would never hurt her but, here they were

Torak was afraid of the result of his action by forcing his mark on her. The mate bond could be snapped because of that.

If that happened, Raine probably would hate him, but since the mate bond didn't have any effect on her, it didn't mean she would accept it easily as he almost killed her because of his action.

Or maybe she didn't want to be near him, she would fear him and they would go back to the moment when they meet for the first time.

And Torak wouldn't have the chance to say that she was safe with him, because the fact, she wasn't.

Thus, Torak wouldn't have thought Raine would treat that as if it was nothing.

"I love you" Raine said softly as her mate's scent lulled her into a deep slumber.