The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 276

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 276 Torak's Self Deprecation

Torak let out a helpless laughed softly upon hearing Raine's words. "You should hate me for hurting you, but instead of that, you said you love me? A beast like me?"

There was no answer from Raine as she had fallen asleep and her breath turned even.

Torak tilted his head so he could see her sleeping face, but he couldn't, because Raine buried her face on his chest, sleeping like she wasn't afraid if Torak would lost control and hurt her again.

However, Torak found himself very selfish.

When he said he would understand if Raine would hate him for what he did, yet at the same time, he didn't want that to happen.

How he could bear to see hate in his mate's eyes for him? Torak had to suppress the painful feeling that squeezed his entire being the moment he thought about it.

He mocked himself to be such hypocrite.

"I love you too, my love you mean so much to me" Torak whispered softly.


The next morning or afternoon.

Raine couldn't see the difference since the sun had risen very high the moment Serefina opened the curtain of the window glass, and she covered her eyes with her arms to avoid the glaring sunlight.

"Wake up!" She said sternly. "You need to change your bandage!"

Raine grumbled, trying to avoid the light by pulling the blanket all over her body, but her sudden movement only aggravated the wound on her neck, in the end she wailed in pain.

"What are you doing!" Torak yelled at the witch when he watched Raine's face contorted as she clutched her neck.

Torak put down a glass of milk in his hand as he rushed over toward his mate. He had just made a glass of warm milk for Raine, when Serefina asked if Raine was still sleeping.

Torak just answered her casually and wouldn't have thought that the witch would come directly into his room and caused trouble for Raine, the first thing she did when she stepped inside the bedroom.

Couldn't she stop causing trouble?

"What am I doing?" Serefina folded her arms in front of her chest. "Wake her up of course, what else? Did you see me like I want to kill her?" The witch's sarcastic comment received a glare from Torak.

Because of her value for Raine's life, Serefina was the only person who could live after the way she talked to Torak.

Raine knew how angry Torak was now, yet he didn't do anything to the witch simply because of her.

"It's alright I just stretched out my neck a little" Raine murmured as she tried to sit down.

Torak carefully helped Raine, but his own body turned stiff, as he was anxious where he had to touch her, he didn't want to cause her pain anymore.

But, Raine carelessly leaned over to him as she rested her head against Torak's chest and turned the Alpha like human statue, unable to move, even his breath turned shallow.

Raine could feel that, Torak had been like this since the moment she woke up, afraid to touch her. Now Raine was sitting while leaning over to Torak, but the later only placed his hand on her waist, just so he could balance her body, preventing Raine from limping to the other side.

Frowning, Raine grabbed Torak's arms and circled them around her body. It was only her neck that injured, didn't mean her whole body also in pain, yet Torak treated her as if she was the most vulnerable human being.

Knowing Torak protectiveness, if Raine didn't make any advance move, their relationship would be like this for God knows how long.

For now, in Torak's mind, he was the same as those people who had hurt Raine, those people that he said he would protect her from them.

In the past, Torak could say with certainty that he would never hurt her, he would protect her, but now the reality before his eyes was like a huge blow for him. He didn't even trust himself to be near her any longer.

"Argh! Can you stop it, both of you!?" Serefina was utterly exasperated by their action. "I told you that I come here to change your bandage, but why are you cuddling with him!?"

Serefina was standing while crossing her arms in front of her chest, she was wearing a black cowl neck sweater and denim, and like always, she looked radiant and beautiful.

"I will drink my milk first" Raine said softly.

Hearing that, Torak immediately grabbed the glass of milk that he had made for her and helped Raine to drink it while Serefina rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Raine gulped down her milk as Torak wiped the remaining liquid on her lips tenderly. Torak was being more cautious with Raine than the first time they met.

"Alright, you can go out now." Serefina clapped her hand and chased Torak out of the room.

"Why should I?" Torak asked grimly, he narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

Serefina would only change Raine's bandage, it wasn't necessary for him to go out of the room.

"Because I will also generously help her to wipe her body, she had not yet taken a bath for more than a week, she is stingy!" Serefina scrunched her nose in disgust.

With the mentioned of that, suddenly Raine became self- conscious and was about to move away from Torak. It was so embarrassing! Serefina was right, she had not yet taken a bath for long time.

"I like her smell." Torak stated with straight face as he put his arm on her waist again.

"You are welcome to stay, but I don't think she could stand being n.a.k.e.d in front of you." Serefina shrugged.

Upon hearing Serefina's words, Raine blushed as she bit her lips. "Mm I think you should go"

Actually Torak didn't care even if he had to see her n.a.k.e.d, but of course he didn't want Raine to feel uncomfortable, so with a curt nod, he let go of Raine carefully.

"So, what do you want to ask me?" Raine asked Serefina the moment Torak had walked out of the room.