The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 277

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 277 I Proud Of You

Serefina was being generous enough to change Raine's bandage and bath her personally, even though Sapphire and Belinda would be more than willing to do it for her, coupled with the witch lame excused to chase Torak out of the room was enough reason to question her true intention.

There was a fleeting surprise passed her eyes before she resumed her brilliance smile and sat down on the bed beside Raine.

"I want to know how do you manage to recover?" It wasn't a baseless question, Serefina had her own speculation about how Raine could recover so fast, but she needed to ask a few questions to confirm it.

"I did it." Raine hissed when Serefina started to taking off the bandage from her neck. She gritted her teeth when the witch cleaned the dry blood from her opened wound.

Serefina slightly raised her brows when she watched that the blood was no longer gushing out like how it was yesterday. The bleeding had stopped and left bruises on Raine's pale skin.

"Explain." Serefina said curtly and helped Raine to take off her yellow pajamas.

"When Torak bit me" Raine cringed with the memory when the beast had bitten her, the pain was unbearable and for a moment she thought she would die right there and then that the beast would bit her head off as well. "I returned to the time where we had left off."

"I see" Serefina nodded in understanding, apparently this was just like what she had predicted. "Continue."

Serefina threw Raine's top on the floor and started to wipe her body with a wet towel that she had prepared before.

"I met your father"

"Mr. Alizon." Serefina emphasized as she helped Raine to unhook her bra.

"Hey!" Raine protested and hurriedly covered her n.a.k.e.d body, but she moved her neck abruptly in the process. "Auch!"

"Stop being shy and all! I am a woman too!" Serefina swatted Raine's hand from covering her chest.

"But, it doesn't mean I will be comfortable to be n.a.k.e.d in front of you!" Raine retorted. She had never been n.a.k.e.d in front of anyone before.

Serefina grumbled and grabbed Raine's arm as she wiped her slightly hard. "Continued." She said sternly.

Raine felt Serefina was going to skin her alive, fortunately the towel was soft enough so it wouldn't add more wound on her skin.

"We are going to the sacred place, just like our initial plan." Raine frowned when Serefina added a little bit pressure.

"And then?" She prodded. Her eyes focused on Raine's arm that she was wiping.

"Your father" Raine started, but Serefina interrupted her with a glare. "Mr. Alizon." She corrected the way she addressed Serefina's father.

Apparently, the way her father left her with her mother because of the mate bond between him and a female werewolf, leaving a deep scar in her heart that led to her sinister attitude whenever she watched her and Torak together.

Raine then continued her story about how she could reach the sacred place where the grimoire of the pure blood Witch had been kept for long time.

At first, Raine and Fabian had a problem to open the gate, because it required Serefina to help them. However, the moment they reached that place, the book appeared before Raine's eyes.

"The grimoire was like a puppy being called by its master and came while wagging its tail." Raine recalled the moment she got the grimoire. "I did nothing and the book suddenly appeared out of the blue."

Serefina was annoyed when Raine made comparison between her family grimoire with a puppy.

"And then!?" She put more pressure when she wiped her back, Raine was so skinny, added that she had nothing to eat for a week, her body was literally very weak now.

"Aw!" Raine complained, wriggled her body from Serefina's assault.

"Stay! You are dirty!" Serefina held Raine's shoulder so she could stop moving.

"I am not!" Raine kept wiggling until Serefina lessened her strength on her bony back. "The book is like a historical romance."

"Historical romance?" Serefina frowned. "What do you mean?"

"It told me a story about how a guardian angel, who could control the time, met the first Lycan." Raine explained. "It was sad story."

"Continue." Serefina said.

"The first guardian angel traveled back to the time and met with the first Lycan, long story short, they fell in love, but for some reason the Moon Goddess told the guardian angel to return to her current time, because she supposed to be not allowed been there, it would cause disaster for the realm. And because the Lycan has long life span, the guardian angel agreed. But" Raine's voice became smaller.

"When the guardian angel returned to her current time, the Lycan had been died for years."

Serefina listened to her story attentively.

"The guardian angel was devastated, at that time, she met the pure blood witch and stored her power inside the grimoire. She hoped one day she could meet with her mate once again, and then she disappeared after stored her power."

Serefina's eyes dimmed. "How about the grimoire?" She asked.

"That story was playing in my head, like I was watching a movie, and when I reached the end of it, the grimoire also disappeared from my hand, it turned to be thousands of fireflies." Raine smiled when she remembered how beautiful it was.

"So, that is how the grimoire disappeared" Serefina mumbled in understanding, because no one knew how it disappeared, her father had never had a chance to tell her about that.

No, they had never talked with each other ever since he had little Belinda.

Silence ensued until Raine turned her body and looked at Serefina's lime green eyes.

"I think Mr. Alizon knows about your true identity he looked disappointed when it was only me, who came to meet him alone." Raine told Serefina, but the later only scoffed.

"That meant nothing." Serefina said nonchalantly.

"He told me to tell you this" Raine ignored the witch displeased expression. "'I proud to see how well she is.'" Raine told Serefina word by word.