The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 278

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 278 Anothere Side Of Serefina

Raine could see the flash of sadness in the witch eyes, though it was only last for two second before she regained her composure and resumed her haughty behavior.

Shrugging her shoulder, she spoke icily. "Of course, who's not?"

Raine really wanted to slap the witch's head, aside from her bad attitude, couldn't she just reply nicely and showed some normal human emotion at least once in a while?

No, of course she couldn't. First, she was literally not a human and second, Raine doubted, even in witch circly, Serefina could consider as normal. She has a poisonous tongue and hateful speech.

"Okay, you are done!" Serefina wiped Raine with dry towel before she walked toward her closet and took out another pajamas.

"I don't want to clean your lower body, do it yourself or asked Torak to do it for you." Serefina said as she gave the pajamas that she had retrieved from the closet to Raine.

"Why are you helping me only half way?" Raine complained, she wear the top of her pajamas to cover her n.a.k.e.d body before she got down from the bed.

In this case, she should just take a bath rather than let Serefina helped her to wipe her body. Now her skin was bright red because the witch rubbed it harshly.

"That's the amount that you deserved from my generosity." Serefina replied offhandedly and made Raine grumbled while she walked toward the bathroom carefully.

Just like Raine had thought, Serefina only came to look for her because she needed to know what happened to her during her coma state and how she could regain her consciousness all of sudden.

But, after the witch got what she wanted, she had nothing to do with Raine any longer.

"This hateful witch" Raine grumbled under her breath as she trudged across the room.

"So, you managed to come back because you have gained that power." It wasn't a question, but a statement as Serefina concluded Raine's story.

Raine turned her body slowly and grinned. "Yes." She said brightly. "I will show you when my condition a little bit better."

Serefina reciprocated her grin. This was the first time, she showed a positive emotion toward Raine and for some reason, that made Raine proud of herself.

Afterward, both of them stopped smiling and turned around to different direction, but it was only three steps before Serefina called her name again.

"Yes?" Raine turned around and saw the witch had her back was facing her. "What happened?" She frowned. Why Serefina didn't look at her when she talked to her?

Serefina cleared her throat before her small voice reached Raine's ears. "How was his expression when he said that?"

Because Serefina didn't even turn around to see Raine when she inquired her about this, thus she couldn't see the witch expression.

"He was smiling proudly." Raine recalled Fabian's expression in her head. He indeed smiled brightly like a proud father he was.

"Oh." That was the only reply that Serefina uttered before she walked out of the room.

There was unfathomable emotion flashed in her eyes when she heard that and at the same time, she remembered what Belinda told her when she asked about their father when the first time they arrived here with Raine to see Torak.

When Raine went with Raphael and Calleb to the underground room, she pulled Belinda away and talked with her alone.

It wasn't a difficult question, yet it kept bothering her since she met with her father again.

"Did he ever ask about me?" That was the only question that Serefina wanted to know.

And Belinda's answer made her heart in turmoil.

"He kept asking about you and your mother in his last breath and how sorry he was for both of you."

Serefina had to clench her fist until her nails dug her palm painfully to suppress the waves of emotion that she felt now.

Yet, when she turned around at the corner, she bumped onto Calleb who saw her wide eyes.

"Serefina are you" Calleb pointed Serefina's face with shock was written on his stupid face.

But, before he could finish his word, Serefina had teleported herself somewhere else.


Torak was sitting across the room, thus he faintly could hear the conversation between Raine and Serefina, so when the witch came out from the bedroom with unfathomable expression etched on her face, he didn't stop her.

More or less, Torak knew what was happening between Serefina and her father. Their relationship was very complicated and so her relationship with his brother.

Torak stood up and strode toward the bedroom while carrying a tray full of sumptuous meal. Raine must be hungry.

He opened the bedroom, but couldn't see his little mate, though her scent still lingered in the air. From Raine last conversation with Serefina and the rustling sound that she made, Torak could guess she was still inside the bathroom.

But, then he heard she gasped loudly and spoke with surprise, there was a tinge of fear in her voice too. "What is this?"

Inside the bathroom.

Raine just saw her own reflection on the surface of the mirror and watched in horror at her own reflection.

Raine tilted her head so she could have a clear sight of her neck.

Her usual pale neck now looked horrible with blue and red bruises, started from her jaw down to the nook of her shoulder, covering mostly her left neck.

Raine looked like someone who was suffering strange blotchy rash. She bit her lips as her reflection looked back at her, terrifying.

"My love, are you okay?" Torak's voice travelled inside the bathroom before his figure appeared from behind the door a few second later.

Raine looked at him as her expression turned ghastly, she didn't have time to cover her neck and used her long hair to hide the hideous sight from Torak's eyes.

"Don't come" Raine whimpered. She didn't want Torak to see her with these ugly bruises.

She was a teenager, a girl nonetheless, she wanted to look beautiful in front of someone that she loved, but these bruises made her look horrible.