The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 279

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 279 I Will Do This Again And Again

"What happened?" Torak stopped in his track when he watched Raine took two steps back the moment she saw him. "Why? Are you hurt? Why are you crying?"

It was clear to see that something was bothering Raine and Torak didn't know what it was, as he wasn't allowed to come closer to her.

"No, don't come near me" Raine whined as she covered her neck.

While Torak was trying hard to think what was the reason of Raine's distress, his mate was thinking about the ugly bruises that could make Torak loathed her.

"My love, don't scare me" Torak took another step closer and Raine couldn't avoid him as her back had hit the wall behind her.

"Don't look at me" Raine spoke rigidly.

"What?" Torak was unsure by the thing that he heard. "Why? What happened?"

"I am ugly" Raine was almost crying when she said this. What if this wound would stuck on her skin permanently?

"What?" This time Torak was genuinely confused, he couldn't figure out why suddenly Raine came up with that nonsensical though? "No, of course not."

Torak took another step closer and now they were only two steps apart. He stopped and stared at his mate, his gaze scrutinized her body, looking for any new injuries because Raine began to sob.

"Raine" Torak called out her name softly. "Tell me why were you talking like that?"

Raine was staring at Torak with her tears were brimming on her eyes, this sight was something that Torak couldn't bear to see.

He wanted to pull Raine in his arms and soothed her anxiousness, but he didn't dare to make a sudden move on her.

In this kind of situation Torak felt like he was being torn apart.

A tear fell from the corner of her eyes that she wiped hastily and this drove the Alpha crazy to see her crying without him knowing what the cause.

"Tell me please" His tone was almost begging her.

Raine slowly tucked away her hair from her shoulder, the thing that Torak failed to notice that his mate had been hiding certain part of her body from his line of sight.

"Is it possible for these bruises disappear?" Raine asked anxiously, afraid Torak would disgust it.

Torak didn't respond quickly when he knew what was the issue. He didn't know whether he had to laugh or cry upon knowing the real problem.

"Come here" Torak stretched out his arms, waiting for Raine to come closer.

Of course Raine didn't waste even a second before she ran toward his arms and sn.a.k.e.d her arms around his waist.

"Yes, the bruises will disappear." Torak reassured her nervous little mate. He wrapped his arms around her small frame carefully. "That is my mark."

"Your mark?" Raine lifted her head and furrowed slightly. "Your mark will look like bruises?"

Raine to admit it that she didn't want to have bruises on her neck for the rest of her life

"No, my love" Torak chuckled.

This was the first time Torak was in good mood ever since Raine woke up, he looked more relax when he laughed at Raine's misunderstanding.

"The bruises will disappear and it will form my mark" Torak explained.

Raine blinked her eyes. "How it will look like?"

"I don't know I have never marked anyone before you." Torak shrugged his shoulder. He was glad that Raine didn't look as lethargic as last night.

There was a tinge of red color on her cheek, especially when she was blushing like now, that was one of the things, which Torak loved from her.

"The bruises will be gone?" Raine released her body from Torak and walked toward the mirror as she examined her neck once again. "How long?" She tried to poke her bruises, to test if it was still as painful as before.

It was still painful, but Raine also could feel it had lessened a bit.

"A week or two." Torak answered, his voice was so rigid when he watched Raine's neck as he clenched his hands tightly.

Raine could feel Torak's changed of mood again as she stared at his blue eyes through his reflection on the mirror.

Those eyes were clouded with anger, sadness and guilty. And Raine didn't any of those emotions.

Raine turned around and approached him slowly, but this time, it was Torak who avoided her.

A furrow on Raine's brows indicated that she was annoyed by Torak's gesture. If the bruises would eventually disappear, then she didn't have a problem at all.

But why Torak, once again, treated her like this?

"I brought your breakfast, you better eat now before it gets cold." Torak tried to escape from the bathroom.

Raine pouted sullenly upon hearing Torak's words. It was impossible for her to catch up to him in her current condition, moreover if he determined to avoid her.

But, of course Raine didn't have to do that. She just needed to do something and Torak would run toward her.

And that was what she did.

Before Torak could walk away from the bathroom, Raine suddenly squatted down while holding her neck as she wailing.

This, of course, made Torak turned around and approached her with concern in his blue eyes. He squatted down in front of her, but didn't touch her.

"What happened? Is it hurt again? Is it really painful?" Torak could see Raine's face contorted in pain. "I will I will call Serefina over." He stuttered out of fright.

But, before Torak could stand up and rushed out of the bathroom, unexpectedly, Raine grabbed his collar and pulled him closer to her until their lips touched, yet because the exerted strength that Raine mustered, she strain her neck and the moment she kissed him, she also yelp in pain.

"What are you doing!?" Torak yelled, his body turned stiff out of shock. He wouldn't have thought that Raine would suddenly pull him for a kiss.

However, Raine lifted her head and glared at Torak defiantly as she spoke angrily. "If you keep avoiding me, then I will do this again and again!"