The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 28 The Beast

Torak surprised by her request. He lifted her chin and looked at her deeper in the eyes, brushing his thumb against her pale lips with fascination.

"Do you really want to see my wolf?" Torak asked huskily. By any mean, he didn't want to scare her.

Raine was asking to see his wolf was out of his expectation. As far as he knew, and he still didn't know much about her, her fear was one of the reason why she lost her voice. Those filthy creatures that had been trying to kill her, had left her with trauma.

But, now his mate was actually requesting to see his wolf. Torak hardly could comprehend this, but in spite of that, he was delighted.

An award winning smiled appeared on his lips that made Raine looked at him in dazed. The way she looked at him was adorable, Torak couldn't help but leaned over to kiss her eyes and the hitched in her breath made him chuckled by her reaction.

"Are you sure?" Torak assured her once again.

A faint nodded was all she gave to him.

Raine has this feeling about him, something about Torak just simply brought a comfort for her, the feeling of security and being wanted, something that she didn't have for these past eight years.

Every time she looked at his eyes, they were shining with adoration and longing, drew her to look at him longer as she liked the reflection of herself in his eyes.

Moreover, she rarely saw wolf shifter and as they always ignored her, Raine didn't have a bad impression about them compared to the other creatures.

Despite both of them had sat straight, Raine still needed to lift her head to meet Torak's eyes.

"Just remember this, I will not hurt you, okay?" Torak once again kissed her forehead lovingly. This time, Raine didn't refuse or jerk away, she just lowered her head and relished the spark that erupted from the kiss.

Torak moved away from her, just to give enough space for him to shift.

When Raine raised her head and looked at Torak, his blue ocean eyes gradually darker until it turned black and remained that way. His smile altered as his canine elongated. His body bent forward as fur fought its way out from the follicles.

The white fur sprouted all over his body through the t- shirt he was wearing and in less than a minute that Raine felt like forever to see how stunning the transformation, in front of her, instead of Torak, it was a huge white wolf.

By the meant of huge, the wolf was three times bigger than her, he almost like the sized of bear. His paws embedded deeply on the soft maroon bed cover, contrasted with his pure white fur color.

Raine didn't realize that she had been holding her breath. She couldn't take her eyes from the most beautiful creature that she had seen that presented within her arm reach.

The wolf whimpered softly when he saw Raine didn't give any reaction and still didn't breathe. He put his snout between his front legs and lowered his body, so his size wouldn't intimidate her.

As long as his existence, nothing could scared him, not even a single creatures could make the beast bowed his arrogant head. But in front of his missing soul, he did it willingly, compliantly.

He whined once again when Raine still rooted in her position, but he didn't move to approach her, afraid she would be scare.

His whine this time snapped Raine out of whatever trance she was in and focus on the soft worry eyes of the beast, even in his wolf form, she could tell he was worried and waiting for her reaction.

Taking a deep breath, filling her empty lung that lacked of oxygen, Raine ventured herself when she reached out her hand.

The wolf looked at her hand and her scrunched face back and forth, before he closed his eyes.

The moment Raine touched his fur, the wolf purred in delight and nudged her hand, encouraging her to do whatever she wanted.

His fur was so soft, the softest things that Raine had ever touched. He was so white without a single stain, like a pure snow.

She used both of her hands to stroke his snout, exploring his face, sinking her fingers deeper in his fur.

Her sudden adventurousness slightly made the beast shivered, he loved the way she touched him. Slowly and gracefully, he stood on his front legs, made him taller than her.

Raine dropped her hand and looked at him, in her eyes it's not a fear but curiosity about what he wanted to do.

Torak's wolf put his paws forward as he brought himself closer to her, he nudged her nose that coaxed a smile formed on Raine's lips, the first genuine smile from his mate as she looked more dazzling than ever.

He nudged her cheeks once again to make the smile last for a little bit longer and it did, it almost like she was giggling.

Everything looked fine and was in good pace until the wolf caught a presence of something, or rather someone, who was standing a few meter away from the bed.

His tender black eyes hardened when he looked over Raine shoulder as a deep thunderous roared erupted from his chest.