The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 280

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 280 The Perks Of Bearing His Mark

"Raine!" Torak called out her name out of frustration, how she could threaten him like that? Didn't she forget already about the cause of her pain?

"I don't want you to treat me like this!" Raine wrapped Torak's huge frame with her arms as she carefully place her head on his chest. "I don't want you to avoid me"

"Did you forget what I have done to you?" Torak still didn't reciprocate Raine's hug, he kept his arms beside his body, yet he let Raine clung on him.

Now, both of them were sitting on the cold bathroom floor, seemingly no one from them wanted to go to the warm bed, just a few steps away from there.

"No, of course not. That was very scary, I thought I would die." Raine blurted out the truth.

Torak's eyes darkened and turned even more rigid than a second ago. He knew that he almost killed her, how he would forget the feeling when he just regained his control over his beast and found his mate was bleeding in her arms.

That was the first thing that Torak saw when he returned to his human form. He was dumbfounded and even didn't know what to think.

His mind tried to deny the scene before his eyes, yet the reality was there and he could feel Raine's warm blood was oozing out from her neck as her breathing became shallow and her heartbeat slower.

Torak literally could feel the fear and the excruciating pain in every pores of his skin, crushing his heart by the realization he might lose his mate and another fact that he was the reason behind it.

How he could bear that? That was too much for him.

Torak was overwhelmed with guilty, he even afraid to touch her and inflicted another pain on her. He couldn't trust himself. His beast was so feral.

The beast in him was furious by the fact that Raine still didn't bear his mark and aggravated because they restrained him when his mate was so close to him.

Thus, the first thing that the beast did was to put his mark on his mate. It was something unavoidable as the beast was the primitive side of Torak.

"But, you know why I ended up like this?" Raine raised her head as she grimace a little when she moved her neck and this made Torak let out a deep growl. Ignoring that, Raine continued with her words. "Because you don't trust me enough to let me know about your condition. You keep protecting me by leaving me in the dark and didn't let me to face the problem with you. Didn't you say it that WE will face it together?"

"I" Torak frowned.

"You promised me." Raine didn't let Torak to utter a word to counter her. "You said it, you said that you will never hide anything from me again."

Raine was awake just in time when Torak was saying that, so it was only right if he fulfilled his promise.

"Or are you lying when you were saying that?" There was a flush of disappointment in Raine's eyes when she said it that automatically made Torak shook his head.

He didn't lie when he said those words, but it was two different things.

"I am not lying my love I will never hide anything from you again after I see the consequences of my stupid decision." Torak relented as he lowered his head. "I should have know that Serefina couldn't be trusted." He mumbled and this earned a giggle from Raine.

The sound of his mate happy voice formed a smile on Torak's lips ever so slightly.

"I like her more now." Raine whispered toward him. "Promise me that you will never hide anything from me."

"I promise." Torak replied instantly. "But what was that?" He looked at Raine with mirth in his eyes when she leaned over to kiss him again, but he evaded it.

"Seal it with a kiss." Raine said sullenly, because of her slow movement, she missed it.

"I don't know if you so eager to kiss me again and again, my love" Torak bemused. Raine had been very active to close the distance between them ever since she just woke up.

"Because it was usually you, who always did this kind of things, but now you are avoiding me, so I just try to reciprocate the effort." Raine grinned from ear to ear.

Torak narrowed his eyes upon hearing Raine's answer. "Is it possible that you have changed your personality as well when you traveled back to the past and gained your true strength?"

Raine's eyes widened in surprise when she heard him. "How did you know about this?"

"I heard the conversation between you and Serefina." Torak said, his voice laced with smile, as he felt proud of her because she managed to accomplish the task by her own.

His little mate had grown stronger than the first time Torak met her.

"You was eavesdropping our conversation." Raine accused.

"No." Torak shook his head. "I was sitting four meters away from the door, so how could you accuse me from eavesdropping?"

Raine frowned, but then she realized that Torak had that kind of thing like a super hearing power.

'Annoying.' Raine muttered inwardly.

"Do you think so?" Torak raised his eyebrows in amus.e.m.e.nt.

Apparently his mood slightly better after their bickering about this and that, aside the fact that he still reluctance to touch Raine, but he didn't reject Raine's advance too.

"What?" Raine didn't understand what Torak was talking about.

"I am annoying?" Torak asked with mirth flashed on his blue eyes.

It took Raine a long time to understand. Her eyes widened in horror.

'Impossible! The word didn't leave my lips, did it?' She thought, trying to recall whether she had said it out loud or not. But, no! She didn't, that was a frivolous thought in spur moment.

"No, it didn't. But, I heard it nonetheless." Torak chuckled when he watched Raine's shock expression. "It is one of the perks of bearing my mark after all."