The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 281

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 281 This Is Unfair

"No way" Raine was dumbfounded as her mind turned blank, but then the rushed of feeling flooded and she didn't know how to stop it.

Now, she couldn't possibly think about Torak without the latter knew it, but to stop it how she could possibly stop what she was thinking? She had been thinking out loud inside her mind safely for these eighteen years of her life, and now it was so embarrassing because Torak would know every bit of her thought.

"Yes way." Torak smirked, his mood really got better upon seeing his mate fluttered expression.

"This is so embarrassing" Raine bit her lips while looking at Torak in horror. She was always thinking about Torak even when they were so close like this and made a mental note about his habit, but now she couldn't do that.

Raine has to admit that some of her thought wasn't appropriate.

Like; how handsome he was, how beautiful those eyes and how she liked it when he kissed her ups!

"I don't need to read into your mind to know that." Torak laughed, his eyes sparkle under the lamp light.

Raine was, once again, smitten by the way he laughed and how she loved to hear his voice, but then she couldn't think about that! She needed to stop from thinking about him.

But, how???

How she could hide from her own mind?

Raine covered her face in frustration, but more because she was in shame of her own thought.

"Hey," Torak then ever so carefully lifted his hand and caressed her head gently. "Don't be shy, I love to hear your thought."

"No!" Raine rejected the idea sullenly, she put down her hands and looked at Torak. "You are invading my privacy!"

"Isn't this what you want? I heard this from Calleb." Torak retaliated.

"That" Raine was at lost for words, she indeed wanted to be able to use mind- link like those Lycan could do. "But it is not like this"

"It is like this." Torak teased her.

How could Torak stand to ignore her for long time? When the moment they were having a conversation like this was the moment he cherished the most.

He had never been so happy like what he felt right now, and the silly fact was; with only a small gesture from his mate, he could smile like a fool.

He was selfish and he had to admit it. Regardless the fact that he had harmed her and his decision to keep a distance between them, Torak still couldn't push her away.

His determination to stay away from Raine was wavered by only a simple hug and smile.

He was so selfish for being happy right now when he teased her, despite the fact she was still suffering the injuries caused by him.

"Alright, alright" Torak yielded when he watched Raine was on the verge of crying. Her face was so bright red, even the bruises on her neck became a few shades darker. "I will teach you how to mask your thought, is it fair enough for you?"

"Okey" Raine mumbled while pouting. "But, why I can't hear your thought?"

"Do you want to hear it?" Torak raised his eyebrows.

"Of course." Raine stared at him intently as seemingly both of them had forgotten the reason why they were sitting on the bathroom floor and conversing harmoniously.

Torak smiled at his little mate and let his own thought flooded her mind with a single sentence.

'I love you'.


Days passed uneventfully for Raine, but not for Torak, he had been receiving many reports about the activities of the vampires and the witches near their border territory.

Some of them were got caught, but some of them were only walking a step away from their border line, causing they didn't have the right to catch them.

But, Torak most concern was the Fulbright city.

He had just received a report from Raphael that a bunch of witches and vampires had resided there and even mingled with human.

It was odd, as witches usually didn't interact with human, just like many other creatures. They despised them. Thus, there was no reason for those witches to be in the middle of the city that was filled with human.

While vampires, they had their own territory, so why they went out of there and resided in Fulbright city?

Those were the questions that Torak had tasked Jack to figure out along with his group of hunter.

Whatever the reason would be, it wouldn't be a good thing in the end.

And because the Fulbright city wasn't his territory, he couldn't be possibly to chase those creatures away from there. This was another concern of Torak.

And for the same reason too, Torak had been asking Serefina if it was possible for Raine to be moved to the Oriole City, the heart of Torak's territory. She would be safer there.

Since Raine had gained her true strength, it wouldn't be an issue again for her to be surrounded by Lycanthropes, right?

Yet, once again Serefina objected the idea.

Today was the fifteenth days since Raine had arrived there and also almost a month for Torak had disappeared from the Fulbright city.

Most of the Alphas had started to show their claw to climb Torak's throne as the supreme Alpha, but then Torak was still calm and did nothing about it.

He wanted to see those people who would easily sway and turned their back against him the moment he lost from their sight.

Torak would strike when the time was right and eliminated all those greedy Lycans out of his land, or most likely out of this world.

However now, his concern was

"What do you mean she can't come to my territory when she has gained her strength?!" Torak yelled at Serefina while he put another chicken b.r.e.a.s.t on Raine's plate.

This was another argumentation between Serefina and Torak, there would be no peace when the two creatures were put in the same table.

Any topic of discussion could be turned into a fiery dispute, moreover if this was about Raine.

"Give me a good reason for that."