The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 282

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 282 Please Cooperate

"Give me a good reason for that!" Torak asked Serefina through his gritted teeth.

The Alpha really wanted to take her back to their own territory, but the witch kept making everything difficult for him.

And now, what would be the reason of her to keep Raine in that dangerous city? With many creatures roamed the street, waiting to take a bite of his mate.

The thought made Torak's eyes turned grim.

"Watch out. Don't lash out here do you want to cause her another harm?" Serefina pointed Raine, who was sitting across from her seat, with her chin as she spoke nonchalantly and swallowed a spoonful mash potatoes from her plate.

Everyone at the table turned stiff upon hearing Serefina's casual remark. This was a sensitive topic that they would avoid because Torak would turn gloomier with the mention of Raine's injuries and his mood became worse.

Yet, like usual, Serefina didn't even care with any of those. She just talked whatever passed her mind without even thinking twice or what the consequences would be.

Raine kissed Torak's cheek and fed the latter with a chicken b.r.e.a.s.t on her plate while saying sweetly. "Of course he will not harm me. He loves me."

Serefina rolled her eyes at Raine's gesture to try to annoy her, because she knew, Serefina was very irritated the moment both of them started to be a lovey dovey couple.

After all, the witch dislike the mate- bond between them.

"Said the one who is suffering from the forcing mark." Serefina remarked sarcastically at Raine.

"This happened because your spell is not powerful enough to restrain him even though you all have starved him for days!" Raine glared at the rest of the people at the dining table, including Calleb, Belinda and Sapphire.

Raine was still angry with the fact that they had starved Torak, despite the latter explanation that it was his order to not give him any food during that time to weaken his beast, because he had calculated it that they wouldn't be able to restrain him if he didn't do that.

Even so, the explanation only turned into a deaf- ear as Raine was still fuming mad at Belinda and Serefina, because the two of them were in charge here, while Raphael and Calleb were in the Fulbright city.

The three of them lowered their head solemnly ever since the beginning of the dinner, letting Torak, Raine and Serefina were having their own argumentation, yet why Raine attacked them all of sudden?

Serefina was totally lost it when Raine questioned her power. "Good thing you didn't turn out to hate him." She said sharply. "After all, forcing mark is a dangerous thing to do."

"How can I hate someone like my mate? You will know it since you don't even have a boyfriend." Raine countered.

Torak closed his eyes, the conversation had gone too far from their main topic and with Raine and Serefina childish behavior, this bickering would never lead them anywhere.

"Tell me why are you so adamant for her to stay in Fulbright city even though you know the situation there now, with those witches and vampires I don't think your decision now is wise." Torak cut the petty argumentation between the two as he stuffed a shrimp into Raine's mouth so she could stop grumbling.

Torak was still overly cautious whenever he was with Raine than he used to, but at least that was way better than him in the first until the fifth day since Raine woke up, during that time, Torak was so difficult to approach.

If it wasn't for Raine's initiative to get close to him, Torak wouldn't start it. So, in these past few days, it was Raine who was actively clinging onto him.

"Of course my reason is still the same." Serefina answered Torak nonchalantly. "The same reason why I wanted you to move Raine out of your territory."

"She already has what she needs, is your reason still valid?" Torak retorted.

"Do you think if I give her a knife right now, she will know how to use it to protect herself?" Serefina put down her spoon and stared at Torak straight into his eyes. "If she doesn't know how to use it, then there will be high possibility that she would use it wrongly and even hurt herself, the same logic that I will use to describe her power."

Torak stared intently at the witch.

At this point, everyone at the table had stopped to eat, the tension between the Alpha and the witch was too much for them to handle.

How they could swallow their food and relished the delicate meal in front of them if the air was so suffocating? They felt like the air had turned into smoke. This wasn't a healthy dinner.

Meanwhile, Raine, who was sitting beside Torak didn't really care to see both of them were having another round of 'discussion', she had used to this.

Raine kept stuffing her mouth with the delicacies that Torak put on her plate as her part to retort at Serefina had done.

"You can train her in my territory." Torak countered.

"And see her collapsing again like the last time?" Serefina scoffed. "Don't you understand? I want her to stay in Fulbright city and it is not only because she couldn't stay in your territory, but also because I need her to do something that she could only do there."

"What is it? What should I do?" Raine asked curiously.

"This is not the right time to know it yet." Serefina gave her final statement.

Torak was squinted his eyes at Serefina, he has known this witch for many centuries, but still couldn't figure out what was inside her mind.

"You have too many secret Serefina." Torak stated, his eyes never left Serefina's green ones. "Isn't this because the Moon Goddess had promised you something? You are here and help my mate because of her, right?"

"Right." Serefina answered readily. "And just like what you already knew, I don't like to do this, so please cooperate." She said.