The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 283

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 283 She Forgot Totally Forgot

"What the deal that you had made with the moon goddess, Serefina?" Torak leaned over as he asked the witch.

"It is the deal between me and her, so you don't have to know about it." Serefina said sternly and rested her elbow on the arm rest as she intertwined her fingers together. "If you don't believe what I am saying, go ahead and bring her to your territory, the second time she got relapse because her spirit couldn't take it, I don't know whether she will be able to recover or not."

It was a warning, a threat, but Torak knew there was the truth in Serefina's words and the Alpha was upset because he didn't have a choice except to follow the witch's advise, again.

Seeing her mate was almost burst into anger, Raine put her hand on his clenching fist as she smiled at him. "Let's go home to the Fulbright city, I still have classes to attend to."

Torak stared intently at his mate as he tried to compose himself before he nodded and spoke curtly. "Alright."

Torak reached out his hand as he gathered a wisp of Raine's hair that nearly fell into a bowl of soup and swept it behind her ear while Raine kept eating happily.

His blue eyes glued on the spot where his mark started to form on Raine's neck, the bruises began to fade and there was an intricate knots and complex curves like a celtic tattoo on the surface of her skin, it had not yet form into something, but from the look of it, it was something beautiful.

Absentmindedly, Torak caressed the surface of his mark with his thumb and that startled Raine a bit. "Is it still painful?" He asked as he withdrew his hand from the mark.

"No it's just" Raine stuttered as she didn't know how to describe the feeling when Torak touched the mark.

It felt like her stomach was knotted with strange sensation and this made her face blushed brightly.

Torak tilted his head and he watched his mate's face turned scarlet as she was pretending that she felt nothing.

Long time ago, Torak had ever heard one or two things about mark, one of it was; the spot where the mark appeared would be more sensitive to the touch especially when your mate who touched you.

Apparently that was true.

Torak was enjoying listening to the voices that Raine made inside her head, forgot that Torak could hear them as well.

[Alpha] Suddenly Calleb mind- linked Torak that made the latter to turn his head toward him with frown. [Don't you want to teach Luna how to mask her thought?]

The Gamma asked helplessly as his face also turned red.

This question earned him a vicious glare from Torak that automatically made Calleb to shut the mind- link.

Calleb shouldn't need to ask and just cut it out, now he would get trouble from listening something that he shouldn't.

"Before we will go to the Fulbright City, I want us to go to the oriole city first." Torak announced. "I assumed she will be fine for two or three days, right?" He eyed at Serefina as he asked.

"Three days is fine." Serefina replied without lifting her head from the dessert that she was eating.

"I want you to inform Dmitri that I want to see him two days from now at the border of our territory." Torak informed Calleb. "I want to hear what his explanation for their impertinent attitude."


Raine was looking at her reflection on the surface of the mirror inside the bathroom, tilting her head so she could get a better view of her neck.

The area where Torak had bitten her where still swollen, but the blue and red bruises had faded, leaving a silver line of intricate line and curves that form like a tattoo, but with silver ink.

Raine didn't know how describe it, she had never fond of tattoo and had never thought to have one if she could, yet she was smitten by this mark on her neck.

So, this how the mark looked like? Silver color, just like how Torak's Lycan fur color.

She had been spending almost thirty minutes, thinking about how she loved the mark on her neck, dazing off without realizing that a certain someone had been listening to her inner thought shamelessly.

Torak was leaning his body against the wall beside the bathroom door, so Raine wouldn't realize since when he had been there.

And when the moment Raine had finished brushing her teeth and took a glance once again at her mark, she walked out of the bathroom only to be hugged by Torak.

Apparently Torak was in good mood and even almost turned to his old self as he buried his nose on the nook of Raine's shoulder. Inhaled his mate intoxicating scent.

"How long had you been standing there?" Raine was being carried in princess style by Torak and was put on their bed gently.

"Since the moment you thought the mark is so cool until you thought yourself as a white Lycan too." Torak witnessed his mate's eyes widened in shocked, but he didn't stop as he added. "And the thought in between was kind of interesting too hmm, what is it? Did you really want to bite me too? And leaving your mark?"

"Torak!!!" Raine shrieked in horror.

She forgot! Totally forgot that Torak could hear her inner thought.

And then, the next second, Raine recalled everything that she had been thinking when she was in the bathroom.

But, this was the same thing like she was humiliating herself twice, by recalling all of those embarrassing thought, yet in the other hand, how she could stop it?

Was there anyone who didn't think at all??

Raine rolled her body as she wrapped herself like a sandwich with a blanket.

Torak chuckled when he watched how bashful his mate became and then reached out to pull the blanket from her head, so while Raine's body was coiled with the blanket, it was only hear head that poking out of it, glaring at him.

Ignoring his mate angry eyes, Torak leaned over and captured her lips as he murmured. "Hm I like it too."