The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 284

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 284 Will You Bring Her?

Because of Raine constant complained about Torak had invaded her privacy and blushed every now and then, she kept demanding for Torak to teach her how to mask her own thought.

Despite being a little bit reluctance to teach Raine about it as Torak was still enjoying to hear his mate thought about him, in the end, he still taught her nonetheless.

It was a good thing too because Torak didn't want anyone in his pack would be able to read Raine's mind since they would head toward the oriole city as per schedule.

There, there would be dozens of Lycanthropes that were waiting for them.

Along the way, Raine was so engrossed remembering every detail that Torak had told her to hide her mind.

"Don't stress yourself, it will come naturally, no need to be forced. You will get used to it." Torak smoothened Raine's wrinkle eyebrows with his thumb. Torak was worried that Raine would exert herself, her body was still recover from the last event.

"No, I am fine." Raine's small face frown as she kept her mind focus. "Can you hear my thought now?" She lifted her head as she asked Torak beside her eagerly.

Both of them were sitting on the back seat of a white expensive car with Calleb was driving while Belinda and Sapphire in another car, both of them would go straight to the raven village.

And for Serefina, no one had seen her since the morning, so they assumed she had disappeared again. at this point it has become a normal thing to see Serefina come and go as she wish, so it didn't bother them anymore.

"Almost." Torak smiled as he fixed he shawl around Raine's neck, the bruises still leaving red and blue mark, but it had started to form his mark.

Actually Raine objected to hide it as she thought it was so cool to have a tattoo.

A tattoo, the sacred mark of the Lycanthropes was akin to a tattoo for her, it didn't mean Torak mind it, in reality, he thought it was cute of her to think that way.

Everything about his mate was cute.

However, because of the weather that slightly cold, Torak didn't want Raine to get sick just because she wanted to show off her 'tattoo', especially not in her current condition.

It took half a day before they entered Oriole city and the moment when they arrived at hotel, which Calleb had booked for them, the sky has turned dark and Raine was asleep.

Torak carried Raine in his arms as they walked in the Lobby, this hotel originally belonged to the dragon shifter, Reynold Magnus, Stephan's older brother.

But because the agreement between them, this hotel belonged to Torak now, in spite of the owner of this hotel had changed, Reynold still managed this place.

Ever since the ownership of this hotel had changed, Torak had never showed up even once, thus with him being here tonight in short notice shocked the upper management as they came to greet him at the lobby.

There were ten people as the representative of their department, who were waiting for Torak in the lobby and a few senior staff to serve Torak's small group.

However, all of the people's jaw dropped when Torak entered the lobby with sleeping Raine in his arms.

Not only that, he gave them vicious glare the moment they wanted to approach and greet him. The message was clear; he didn't want them to make a noisy sound and woke up the little girl in his arms.

Of course, with one intense look from Torak managed to make them stop on their track from getting closer to him.

They had heard about Torak's woman, she was actually a little girl who just enrolled at a university in Fulbright city.

They also caught a rumor about how this cold- blood CEO from Donovan Company, pampered this little girl so much.

Though they couldn't see clearly the face of the girl in Torak's arms because half of her face was hiding on the nook of Torak's shoulder as her hair scattered around her face, they were sure, she was a beautiful girl. Moreover, the eighteenth birthday party of this girl was aired in the television and shocked many people.

Because the girl was so young, they didn't think that Torak Donovan would have a stable relationship with this one as the rumor has it that he was previously in relationship with Jenedieth, one of his trusted people.

At first they was unsure until what extent Torak would spoil his woman, yet after seeing this, they were convinced to not look down and treated their future lady boss with the most care.

In the end the grand greeting that those people had prepared for their new CEO in short time was pour down the drain as they didn't allow to voice a single word toward him.

Torak walked straight to the elevator that had prepared for them and went straight to their room at the eighth floor while they could only stare at his back.

Calleb opened the door for Torak and let the latter to step inside the extravagant room that would only be the privilege of the owner of this hotel.

This place screamed elegance and money, from the white carpet to the crystals hanging from the ceiling. The whole room was dazzling. At one side, instead of wall, it was a glass with a view of the backyard of the hotel, lushes trees and flower garden in various colors.

Torak walked to the master room and placed Raine carefully on the magnificent bed in white cover.

Apparently, Raine's physical strength had not yet returned fully, she was still exhausted easily and didn't even wake up when Torak put her down.

Leaned over, Torak kissed her forehead and tucked her inside the blanket afterward, he walked toward he door and opened it.

Torak didn't step out from the room, instead, he was having conversation with Calleb in the doorway, so he could still see his mate from his spot.

"It had finalized. We will meet Dmitri at the agreement point." Calleb informed Torak and sneaked a peek at Raine. "Will you bring her along?"