The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 285

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 285 Village Of Angel

Torak's eyes became gentle the moment Raine's sleeping face fell in his line of sight. "Hm, I will bring her along."

"Wouldn't that be very dangerous for her? We will meet other creatures that is, literally, blood thirst." Calleb frowned, concern was written all over his face.

"Then make sure everything is fine for tomorrow." Torak said curtly and closed the door right before Calleb's face, leaving the Gamma dumbfounded behind the closed door.

'Ugh! Torak is being unreasonable day by day' he grumbled inwardly.

Inside the room, after having a short conversation with Calleb, Torak strode toward the bed and stroke Raine's head gently.

Actually, he was very reluctant to bring Raine along with him.

It was the vampire that he would meet after all, their behavior could be unpredictable and just like what Calleb had said, it would be dangerous for her as a drop of blood from her would drive those creatures crazy.

But, he had promised her to not hide anything from her and Raine was so adamant to do everything together, including this meeting.

In different side this was a good thing because one day she would become the Luna of the pack, Torak could count this as training.

But, in the other side, he was very worried for the possible danger that would be exposed to her.

Torak knew he could protect her if the aggression where happened, but it was against his overprotective nature.

Raine was breathing evenly as her lips slightly ajar. The mark on her neck had started to form into something beautiful that she always called this as a tattoo.

Torak loved it when he watched how her mate's eyes sparkled whenever she thought and caught a sight of the mark. This made him proud.

Torak lightly traced his finger on the surface of his mark on her neck and this made Raine shuddered a little.

"My lovely mate" Torak whispered as a smile formed on his lips.


"Wake up"

There was Raine's favorite voice sounded from a far along with the spark that spread on her cheek by the touch of his finger.

"Wake up or you will be late for breakfast."

Raine grumbled something incoherent as she pulled the blanket to cover her face, but Torak snatched it away.

"You have slept for almost twelve hours now" Torak chuckled when Raine snuggled against his chest. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, just like an octopus.

"I am sleepy" Raine mumbled with frown etched on her face. She was tired easily recently, probably that was the side effect of what had happened and the mark.

"But you have to wake up now because we have to go to the border line to meet my old friend." Despite Torak told her to wake up, he was caressing Raine's soft hair prompted the latter to fall into asleep again.

"Who is your old friend?" Raine let out stifled yawn.

"Dmitri, the Vampire." Torak replied.

"A vampire?" Raine lifted her head, peering through her hair.

"Hm." Torak nodded.

"Don't vampire bite people?" Raine frowned, her lips pursed.

"So do I." Torak glanced at the mark on her neck and that made Raine hid her face against his chest again.

"I don't mind if it's you" Raine replied meekly.

Torak was laughing upon hearing his mate words. Oh, how easy to be happy whenever he has his mate in his arms.

The Alpha's smile was more radiant than the sun out there when he tousled Raine's hair and rested his chin on top of her head. "They do bite people, but I will slit their throat before they could touch a single hair of my mate."


After a few more minutes of cuddling, Raine finally got up from bed and took a quick bath before she followed Torak down to the restaurant at the ninth floor.

The sunlight fell on Raine's eyes the moment she stepped out from the elevator. The restaurant was an open area where every table has a big umbrella on the top of it.

Torak held Raine's hand as he led her to one of the table near the railing steel at the furthest part of this restaurant where was less of people.

Like a gentleman he was, Torak pulled a seat for her and let her to sit down before he pushed it forward, made sure Raine was comfortable.

After they made an order, it didn't take a long time for their food to be served. They ate their breakfast while teasing each other.

Today started with a good vibe and Torak hoped it would last until they met with Dmitri.

It had been a very long time since the last time he saw him before they created their own territory in the north.

After they finished their breakfast, both of them entered the elevator, which brought them to the lobby, where their car had been waiting for them with Calleb already inside.

"Good morning Calleb!" Raine greeted him brightly.

"Hi, morning morning" Calleb replied carelessly as he arranged the rearview mirror. "Morning Torak."


Calleb and Raphael had developed a habit to call Torak by his name in informal occasion like this or in this calm situation and Torak didn't mind it.

Both of them were the most closest people for him.

The drive to Torak's border territory took a four and half hour and by the time they arrived there, the sun was still high on the horizon.

Raine thought the so called border of territory was in deep forest with lushes trees that canopied the sky, but Raine would have never thought that it was actually in a beautiful village.

The car stopped at the side of a river.

"The other side of this river is the vampire's territory." Torak leaned in as he informed Raine. He wanted for her to learn everything that she needed in order to be the Luna of the pack.

Raine nodded her head. "This place is beautiful. What's the name of this place?"

"This is village of angel." Torak replied.