The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 286

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 286 Close Your Eyes My Love

Torak answered made Raine turned her head toward him too fast that it strained her neck as she grimaced while rubbing it. "Village of angel?" She reiterated.

Yet, Torak didn't have interest to answer Raine as he frowned while helping his mate to ease the pain. "Don't move so sudden, your neck is still swollen." He nagged.

"This is village of angel?" Raine insisted to get confirmation from Torak, ignoring the pain in her neck.

"Yes, it is" Torak finally replied without averted his eyes from Raine's neck. "Is it still hurt?" He asked with concern.

"No, it is not" Raine said as she turned her gaze and stared at the river through the opened window car. "I think I know that river."

"Apricity River." Torak mentioned. "The river that had never been frozen."

"But I think I saw it froze once in the past." Raine contemplated.

"Yes, the river froze the day when the Lycanthropes destroyed the village of angel." There was no trace of warm in his voice. "That is why this place is called Red River city."

Raine shifted her gaze from the river to Torak's complicated expression. "Why?"

At the same time there were around ten more cars that came to halt around Torak's. Raine didn't need to guess, they must be the Lycanthropes from Torak's pack.

"Because after the river froze and then thaw again, the color changed into red." Torak stroke Raine's head as he explained.

"But, it is not red" Raine leaned closer toward the window, the river was the color of blue and sparkled under the reflection of the sunlight.

"Yes, it just last for seven years before it changed into its original color." Torak said.

After he said that, Torak's eyes turned rigid as his nose picked unpleasant smell in the air.

"My love, I want you to stay inside the car with Calleb, alright?" Torak concealed the bloodl.u.s.t in his eyes as he kissed his mate.

Raine could come and see this meeting, but Torak still held back a little to not exposed her too much, it wasn't the time yet.

"Alright." Raine nodded obediently.

After Torak gave another kiss on her forehead, he stepped out from the car and gestured for Calleb to enter and accompanied Raine.

There were total of forty Lycanthropes in his human form, coming out from the cars as half of them followed after Torak and the rest stayed around the car where Raine was sitting curiously with Calleb inside.

Raine hopped to the front seat beside Calleb to have a better view about what was happening a few meter from them where Torak was standing tall, waiting.

"Is the vampire already here?" Raine tilted her head at Calleb as she asked because she couldn't see anyone there.

"There." Calleb pointed his finger and from the other side of the river, walking confidently on the bridge, there were someone wearing all black approached Torak's small group slowly.

Behind that man, there were around thirty more people in various colors of clothes, men and women.

"That is Dmitri." Calleb pointed at the man in black clothes that covered almost all his body, he has straight black hair that was combed to the back of his head and tied into a man bun. His skin was so pale that almost looked sickly.

"Dmitri" Raine tried to remember that name, her first impression of the man wasn't really good.

"Hm. Currently he is the leader of the vampire." Calleb explained.

"Can people see them?" Raine asked because when the shape shifter shifted into their beast form, human wouldn't be able to see them, thus how about the vampire?

"Yes, vampire is not a shifter, they don't have another form." Calleb said.

In front of them, Torak walked toward the bridge as well with his men in tow five steps away from him, the same thing that Dmitri and his men did.

Finally both of them met at the center of the bridge and stood tall with imposing manner. Dmitri was slightly shorter and skinnier than Torak.

"Alpha Torak." Dmitri greeted Torak with smirk curled on his lips. "What a pleasant surprise to get an invitation to meet you here in short notice. I thought you are in some kind of vacation."

The vampire hinted the moment of Torak's absence and quite surprised when he received Torak's demand through his Gamma to meet in this place.

The sarcasm in his tone wasn't left unheard by Torak as the later didn't even bother to reciprocate his greet or smile and talked straight to the business.

"What are your plans by letting your wretch kind trespass my territory?" Torak asked with expression that devoid from any emotions.

"I don't understand your question Alpha." Dmitri maintained the smirk on his face, or he thought it was a smile.

Torak didn't have time and patient to follow Dmitri's way to handle this conversation, thus he mind linked his men to bring those people to him.

There were six people around Raine's car that moved toward their own car and dragged out one man from each car trunk.

Six Lycanthropes with six pale men, they dragged them to the bridge and stopped right behind Torak as they forced those sickly people to kneel.

Upon seeing Dmitri, those six people started to wail and cry, asking their leader to save them, their eyes were bloodshot red as their thirst for blood was akin to a hot iron stroke down their throat.

They suffered and agitated because of the lack of blood, but also very weak to retaliate against the lycanthropes.

"Do you understand my question now?" Torak asked Dmitri while the latter gritted his sharp teeth as his eyes locked on his own people.

He had heard about them were being captured and was about to plan for their rescue when suddenly Torak's demand for this meeting arrived.

"Give me back my people." Dmitri hissed, his canines elongated, along with the other men behind him.

"Once you crossed the border, I will kill them all." Torak didn't budge.

In the car, suddenly Riane could hear Torak's voice inside her mind. [Close your eyes, my love.]