The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 287

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 287 She Is Exceptionally Calm

The border that Torak mentioned was the invisible line between them now that only could be seen by the two of them as the leader of their respective pack.

Dmitri on the other hand, glaring at the Alpha viciously before he composed himself and raised his hand to stop the movement behind him.

"Sometime I just can't control my men, Alpha." Dmitri shrugged nonchalantly as he continued. "You can see? I have thousand people and vast land to manage." He gestured to the place behind him, which was his territory.

"Thousand people? Vast land to manage?" Torak let out a low chuckled, but there was no mirth in his blue eyes. "Do you want to compare that with mine?"

Torak didn't even bother to conceal his mockery when he said that, the glint in his eyes emphasized his meaning.

How could Dmitri say he had thousand people and vast land in front of Torak? While the Alpha's territory scope 70 percent of the human realm.

"I think, I will generously show you how I managed my territory and my own people." Torak said as he gestured to his man behind him. "Watch and learn." There was no smile on his lips when he let the man did what he ordered them to do.

In no time, there was a sickly sound from something was being fractured before a vicious low growl and threatening snarl filled the air from the people behind Dmitri.

"This what I did to my people when they crossed my warning." Torak said calmly, very calm for the scene behind him.

Along with the Alpha's words, his people threw the body of the vampire across the border line. The headless body landed on the wooden bridge with a soft thud while his head was being carried and put down slowly right before Dmitri's eyes.

A murderous glint flashed in the Vampire's eyes when they watched their own people was being murdered in front of their eyes.

Inside the car, Calleb was frowning as he witnessed the Alpha's cruelty toward his enemy while trying to cover Raine's line of sight.

"I want to see, what is happening there? Hands off!" Raine tried to pull down Calleb's hand from her eyes, but the Gamma was so stubborn to comply to her demand. "What happened there?" She repeated her question.

"You better not see it." Calleb mumbled. He didn't think Raine would be able to stand the scene on the bridge, as it was too bloody for the soft hearted Luna. "It is too bloody for your taste."

Raine stopped struggling. "Is Torak hurt?"

Calleb rolled his eyes. "Is that a question?" He asked sarcastically.

"Okey, I will take that as a 'no'." Raine concluded as she leaned her back against the seat and obediently closed her eyes on her own accord.

Calleb had mentioned that the scene was bloody, so Raine believed it. She started to grow the understanding of this world that she was living, especially when her world merged with Torak's.

Torak's world was bloody and dark, but there was no point for Raine to deny and avoid it, as it was the reality of life.

Moreover, she had seen it first hand nine years ago when those creatures murdered her parents and turned her life became so miserable.

At this point, Raine didn't have objection if Torak turned feral so those creatures didn't mess with him, sometime violence was needed for certain situation.

It was just, Raine was not ready yet to see blood everywhere, thus she chose to follow Torak's warning and closed her eyes.

Seeing Raine had stopped her attempt to witness the bloody scene before her eyes, Calleb lowered his hand and leaned against the seat while watching the event unfolded on the bridge.

"Did Torak kill those vampires?" Raine asked, curios. She watched when those Lycans dragged six people out of the car trunk, so if the blood wasn't because of the fight, then it must be them.

"He just killed one. The five vampires are still alive." Then Calleb added. "For now."

"Hm" Raine nodded, talking to Calleb while closing her eyes. "Why Torak had to kill the vampire, wasn't they are here to talk about those vampires who had trespassed Torak's territory?"

"Our territory." Calleb corrected Raine. "Because Dmitri refused to admit his mistake and the Alpha didn't have patient to participate in his dumb game, so he jumped straight to the action."

Raine frowned. "Isn't that will incur the Vampire's wrath? I mean Torak had many enemies out there, he didn't need to add more."

"Vampire has been our enemy for centuries. They even took the devil's side during the war. So, whatever Torak had done or will do, that will not change the fact that we are enemy."

Raine became quiet as she processed the information and Calleb filled the silence.

"Not like the dragon people, which they pledged their loyalty toward us after their betrayal, in the other hand, the vampires are solid with their decision to stand against us."

"I see" Raine mumbled.

In another words, no matter what Torak did, the enmity between the two creatures wouldn't change anything. Not to mention the fact that; once the vampire caught news about Torak's disappearance they started to act rebellious and even dared enough to trespass the Lycan's territory, giving another excuses for Dmitri to attack Torak's pack while he wasn't around.

Such a bold move

"How about the witch?" Raine asked again.

"The witches are not like us who has our own pack with a single leader, most of the witches are individual, but there is northern coven of witch that aligned themselves with the vampire." Calleb said as he watched Torak gave another signal to the men behind him.

With that signal, another bloody scene was revealed before their eyes.

Calleb was wonder, if this was something that Torak wanted to do, why he had to bring Raine along with him? The Alpha knew it very well that his mate wouldn't be able to see this kind of action.

Yet, the Gamma glanced at Raine beside him, why Raine was so understanding and being so exceptionally calm throughout this event, knowing what was happening?