The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 288

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 288 Visiting The Pack House

Torak stared coldly at the pool of dark blood under his feet. The bodies of those vampires were lying lifelessly on the wooden bridge.

The Alpha stared at the Vampire in front of him, his expression was devoid from any emotion as if everything that happened around him was something insignificant in his eyes.

"This how I managed my people." Torak said very slowly to make sure his opponent could comprehend his every words that he uttered. "So, next time I see any of your wretch kind in my land, consider you will never see them again."

With that last warning, Torak gestured to his people to go from that dreadful scene, leaving those vampires fumed in anger as they watched their own people dead bodies.

In this world, it was only right to kill those creatures that dared enough to trespass other creatures territory.

Just because Torak had been missing for more than two weeks, didn't mean they could do everything that they wished in his land. They should know better to not provoke this Alpha.

But, like usual, the cold blood vampires were too haughty to realize this and took this matter seriously as they crossed the Alpha's bottom line.

Every Lycanthropes were very territorial creatures and possessive on top of that, so they wouldn't have a second thought to destroy everything that threatened their possession, family and pack.

Torak strode toward the car and opened the front seat as he watched in amus.e.m.e.nt that his mate still closed her eyes.

"Torak, is that you?" Raine asked while keeping her eyes shut.

Torak leaned over, scooped her in his arms and moved her to the back seat. "It is me." He said in her ears as he closed the car door and signaled for Calleb to get them out from there.

"Can I open my eyes now?" Raine asked as she found a comfortable position in Torak's embrace.

"Yes, you can." Torak replied gently.

The first thing that Raine saw when she opened her eyes was Torak's bright smile and his giggle.

"You are so obedient." Torak ruffled her hair as he pulled her closer to him. "Do you want to visit the pack house for a while?"

Since they were already here, the pack house was only one hour away.

"Yes," Raine said, smilling. "I want to see the seed that I planted when I came here for the first time."


They entered the forest, where row and row pine trees completely surrounded them. The exact scene that Raine remembered from months ago, until now she was still curios how those Lycanthropes were able to find the right direction.

After one hour of driving, it didn't take long time before Raine could see the village at the end of the pine trees.

The same road and bakery shop, coffee shops, school and many more, they drove passed them to reach the pack house.

"Do you like comeback here?" Torak smiled when he watched a big grin on his mate's lips.

Raine nodded. "Yes. Though I don't have much memories of this place, but this is the first place that I can consider as a home."

Raine remembered how the feeling when she just arrived here. She was in fear and confusion, but this man beside her convinced her again and again that everything would be all right.

Even though there were many things that happened afterward and she was still exposed to danger, but there would be always this man who would come to save her no matter what.

"No, actually. Everywhere with you is a home for me." Raine leaned over to peck Torak's lips as she grinned.

"Why do I have the same thought?" Torak reciprocated her grin and kiss.

[Oh, please can you do that after we reached the pack house please? It is just less than three minutes. I can make it one if you want.] Calleb complained at Raine through the mind link.

Mind link was one of the privileges of being Luna and because now Torak had marked Raine, she, as the Luna would be able to do the same.

Upon hearing a sudden voice in her head, Raine startled a bit, as she had not yet gotten used to this. She glared at Calleb because he had soiled the atmosphere.

[Why are you glaring at me?] Calleb met Raine's eyes through the rearview mirror.

From the other side, Torak frowned when he watched Raine was throwing a dagger look at Calleb. His brows furrowed. "What"

Yet, before Torak could finish his sentence, Raine had turned around and kissed him deeply. She bit his lips clumsily as she shut her mind from any intruder thought that didn't belong to her.

Torak didn't know why Raine acted that way, but gladly kissed her back. His mate became bolder day by day and he wouldn't complain about it.

Meanwhile, Calleb could only sigh helplessly. He missed the timid Raine when the first time they came here, she looked cuter that way in his eyes.

"We are here!" Calleb deliberately increased his voice to separate the love birds that started to irritate him.

How they could just kiss each other like he was invincible?

Raine pulled herself from Torak and eagerly looked at the front door of the pack house. The house was just like the last time she remembered it.

It was a mansion with nine floors and as Raine remembered it, their room was on the top floor. She loved it as the whole floor only belonged to Torak.

This time, they didn't take the elevator and came from the front door where Belinda has been waiting for them.

The moment, Raine came out from the car, she was regarded by a big hug from her.

"We just saw each other two days ago." Raine hugged her back and giggled.

"I know." Belinda grinned as she released Raine's body. "How long you will be here?"

Raine was about to answer her when a girl ran from inside the house and greeted Torak cheerfully.

"Alpha you have returned!" She said excitedly.