The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 289

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 289 Adair

"I will just stay for tonight" Raine mumbled her answer as she narrowed her eyes on the girl, who happily greeted Torak.

Why she approached Torak so casually? Raine inwardly frowned. In an instant, she realized that she didn't like this girl.

"Oh good! I will cook something nice for you. What do you want to eat for dinner." Belinda asked enthusiastically, but then she realized the weird gaze that Raine gave to the girl behind her. "Oh, this is Adair."

Raine smiled at Adair out of politeness, but the latter only gave her a curt smile, if you could call that as a smile when all she did was only pulling her lips upward.

Seeing the girl behind her was being rude toward Raine, Belinda cleared her throat as she spoke. "She is the Alpha's mate. Our Luna."

"Ah, Adair" It was calleb, who greeted the girl as he approached her with his usual bright smile on his face and his easy- going attitude.

The Gamma hugged the girl named Adair and ruffled her head as the girl let out a sweet giggling sound that irritated Raine's ears.

Frowning, Raine felt someone put his arm around her waist and when he lifted her head, she found it was Torak, smiling at her and bring her inside the house.

"Alpha" There was this crisp voice from behind them that made Torak halted his track as he glanced at Adair from the top of Raine's head. "I just came from Oriole city because I heard that you went missing."

The sound of Adair's voice was laced with worry and concern.

Raine didn't say anything as she turned around and stared at the girl, who was around her age, yet Raine was unsure because the age between human and werewolf was very different.

"Where have you been?" Adair walked closer, approaching Torak, but she stopped when she received a glare from a certain girl in Torak's arm.

"He has been with me." Raine was surprised that she actually answered Adair's question on behalf of Torak, but the more surprising thing was her tone sounded fiercer than she intended to.

Finally Adair gave Raine her attention as she frowned. "But, I didn't ask you." She pouted sullenly.

Adair bold words made Calleb and Belinda almost jumped out of shock. They didn't remember that Adair has this kind of attitude, as the girl was always sweet and timid all this time.

"And my MATE didn't want to answer you." Since Raine had snapped at her, then she would continue with that attitude. She deliberately emphasized the word 'mate' and spoke slowly so Adair could discern her every words before she tilted her and asked Torak. "Right?"

Once again, Calleb and Belinda's jaw almost dropped when they heard the way Raine answered Adair. It was very clear that the air had polluted with jealousy.

Raine was slightly nervous because she had never acted like this in front of Torak, she knew she was being childish, yet she couldn't suppress the feeling of irritation when she heard Adair's voice, talking with Torak while pouting her lips.

In the other hand, Torak was as surprised as the other people there, but when he watched Raine started to curl her lips into a scowl because he didn't give her the reaction that she wanted, abruptly Torak's face brightened as he leaned in and peck her pursed lips.

"Of course." He said lightly, didn't even spare Adair a glance from the moment they arrived at the pack house.

Torak ruffled Raine's hair and clasped their hand together. Both of them walked away toward their room on the eighth floor.

From the moment Raine and Torak entered the elevator, the former didn't say anything and kept her lips shut while the latter would glance at her every now and then.

The moment they reached their floor and entered their room, Raine closed the door and leaned her small body against it.

Upon hearing the door was closing with a loud noisy sound, Torak turned around only to meet his fierce mate.

Crossing her arms as she glared at Torak, she attempted to look intimidating in front of the Alpha, yet like her previous effort, it was only a waste of time.

"Who is that girl!?" Raine hissed through gritted teeth.

It took a while for the Alpha to understand that his little mate was throwing tantrum at him now before he inched closer at her with smile on his lips.

"My love" Torak stretched out his hand, wanted to pinch her cheek, but Raine had swatted his hand away.

"Don't 'my love' me." Raine glared at him.

Torak chuckled upon seeing how fierce his mate could be when she was pissed.

"Don't laugh." Raine pressed her lips into a thin line. "Why she is very comfortable to talk to you in that way?" Raine asked sullenly.

"In what way?" Torak raised his eyebrows, deliberately playing dumb with Raine's question.

"She ran after you like a little girl and seems" Raine was lost for word, she tried to find the right word to describe Adair in her vocabulary. "She looks like she has a close relationship with you."

Normally, those women would fear Torak, but since Adair dared enough to call Torak sweetly and openly showed off her concern, it must be because Torak had let her to act this way.

"She is an orphan, her parents died when vampire and rouge attacked this pack, she was badly injured at that time, so I took her with me and treated her like a little sister." Torak's eyes softened. "She is a student at a university in the city of Oriole. I don't know why she returned around this time."

"She returned because she heard that you were missing. She said it before." Raine reminded Torak.

"My love, are you jealous at her" Torak's lips curled into a smile, he took a step forward, so now there was no gap between them.

"No." Raine replied with straight face.

Torak beamed as mirth danced in his eyes. He leaned in to kiss her forehead as he said. "Or maybe you are on your period since you are so fierce now"