The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 29

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 29 Firebird

Raine abruptly dropped her hands and covered her ears. Torak's roar shattered the tense atmosphere in the empty room, shook the ground beneath them and sent chill to her spine.

The last thing Raine saw was, Torak pounced onto her, her eyes open wide before she abruptly close them, fear to see the impact that would happen once a creature with weight twenty times heavier than hers, smashed her body.

However, all she felt was the wolf soft fur brushed against her arm as ferocious roar ruptured his throat. Raine cowered away from the source of the sound with eyes still closed.

She crawled down the bed and hobbled away, didn't really know the direction that she went. She stumbled as she was trying to stand up and looked at her surroundings frantically.

At that time, she heard another deafening growls coming from the direction of the other side as the door flew from its hinges, tore and hit against the wall with frightening sound.

Inadvertently, Raine caught a sight of Torak's wolf and countless big wolves in different color came into her line of sight.

The view terrified her as her heart pounding painfully. With sweaty palms, Raine reach the handle of the wardrobe and squeezed her trembling body inside. With both hands that almost lost their strength, she closed the door.

Raine buried her head between her knees as she closed her ears, trying hard to put her attention elsewhere except the growling and bone- crushing sounds behind the door. But, she didn't have much choice as the only thing prominent around her was the darkness.

Outside, battle between the werewolves and five kanimas has ended. All of the Kanimas had been died even before the backup busted down the door.

Torak killed those shape- shifters in no time, his eyes were glistening with fury in the color of blood.

While those creatures had been shredded into hundred pieces under the white wolf's fangs. Blood trickled down his sharp claws and left traces over his white fur.

He looked more feral than ever, mythical creature that had been walking the earth since centuries ago.

After everything was over, he shifted back into his human form, but his eyes still bloodshot red, while the rest followed, shifting into their human form one by one.

Torak's clothes stained with blood, the color was radiant added with his livid expression, no one dare to talk as they lowered their neck in submissive, too afraid to draw attention of the beast to themselves, including Raphael and Calleb.

Meanwhile, Torak tore his clothes and threw it aside as he was sniffing the air, he looked the direction where his mate stayed during the fight. He didn't want Raine to see this side of him, but he couldn't help when he saw five kanimas were suddenly standing behind his mate with canines elongated, ready to pounce onto her.

The thought made him shuddered with fear and incensed at the same time. Feeling the anger of their alpha, all of the lycans backed off a few steps away from him.

Torak raised his left hand as thought he was calling someone, or something.

A little while later, a burning flame appeared on the tips of his fingers as its landed softly and form a bird as big as a falcon with majestic plumage that grew brightly like a bonfire. This small creature was the famed firebird.

The mystical bird was flying from Torak finger tips and flew above the carcasses on the floor, as the bird floated in the air it was as if the small bird left dust of fire and burnt the remaining of the kanimas' bodies into ashes.

"So cruel."

A grating voice sounded from the back of the small group of lycans. In unison, more than ten heads, directed their alerted eyes toward the source of the voice.

It appeared, there was a young man with golden eyes and long curled hair that reached his shoulder had been standing in front of the large wardrobe behind them. However no one realized his presence until he talked.

They tried to sniff the air, but their sense picked nothing. This man has no scent.

Torak stepped forward and growled deeper as his claws extended, he walked without hesitation toward him.

"You better stay right where you are." He drawled, his eyes were glimmered brightly. "Or" He reached out the handle of the wardrobe and was about to open the door when the mystical bird swooped in his direction very fast.

Despite the incredible speed of the bird, he dodged it easily. However, in the next second, Torak had wrapped his slender fingers on his neck.