The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 290

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 290 Sullen


Raine was surprised when Torak portrayed her that way. Before this, the word 'fierce' wasn't a suitable word to describe her.

But, Raine also started to realize her swing moods lately. Why she felt this way?

"I I" Raine stuttered, trying to explain herself.

"What is it?" Torak cupped her face with both of his hand while looking at his mate's confused eyes with gentleness. "She is nothing for me and you know that."

Yes, Raine knew but, she didn't know why she was overwhelmed by irritation when she watched Adair acted spoil in front of Torak.

'It was only her who allowed to act that way toward Torak.'

That thought surprised Raine, since when she was being overpossessive like this? She didn't even know that she has this trait in her.

"Of course, it is only you who is allowed to act spoiled in front of me." Torak nudged her nose with his as his warm breath fanned Raine's face.

Raine abruptly raised her head and looked at Torak beyond mortified. "You read my mind!" She exclaimed. How embarrassing is this?!

"What is so embarrassing about that?" Torak laughed as he pecked her lips. "I love it."

Raine pouted when she heard Torak's words. "Will you always pry into my mind? I thought I have succeeded to block my thought."

"As your mate, I have privileged to hear your thought even when you masked it, easier than anyone else." Torak lightheartedly replied. Laughing at Raine's attempt to look intimidating. "But if you don't like it. I wouldn't dare to do it again."

"I am sorry" Raine suddenly leaned forward and hugged Torak tightly as she nuzzled his chest. "I don't know why I snapped at her earlier, it's just like my mood is not stable lately."

"Maybe it's the side effect of the mark. I heard it will affect your mood in the beginning of it." Torak swept Raine's hair aside as he caressed the mark on her neck that made her shivered. The intricate knots and complex curves in silver color on Raine's delicate neck, was so beautiful to say the least. "How do you feel? Does the bite still hurt?"

"I am fine now" Raine reassured Torak when she watched concern filling his eyes. "Should I go to apologize to Adair for my rude behavior earlier?"

Raine was unsure if she had to do that, but she didn't want to give a wrong idea about herself to the other woman.

"You don't have to." Torak carried her to the bed and put her gently. "But, if by doing so could make you feel better, you are free to do whatever you want." Torak caressed her cheeks as he added. "You are the Luna after all."


There were no many people that aware about Torak and Raine's visit as the former had asked people around him to not talk about it.

Torak wanted to let the outsider thought that he was still missing while waiting what they would do in his absence, especially those Alphas, who very itched to take the opportunity of this to boast themselves.

As they thought they could overthrown him from his throne.

Really, that was so far- fetched ambition.

Meanwhile, during their free time until dinner, Torak and Raine stayed at their bedroom, talking about trivial thing about this and that.

Torak just realized now, such happiness could come very simple in the form of his little mate. Looking how she pouted her lips and how she giggled upon what he said was a blissful feeling.

"Stop laughing." Torak pinched Raine's cheeks helplessly, trying to stop her from her silly giggled.

"I would never have thought that you had done something like that with your other brothers when you were little." Raine wiped a tear that escaped from the corner of her eyes.

"We were just pup at that time." Torak helped Raine to sit down as he tidied up her crumpled clothes. "Let's get down and have a dinner."

"A big pup!" Raine kissed Torak's cheeks as she got down from her bed.

Both of them went downstairs hand in hand by using the stairs this time.

And when they reached the second floor, Raine abruptly stopped in her track as she stared at a wall across from her with unfathomable emotions.

Not only happy memories, but this place also brought a terrified memory when she received the first assault from a drunk Lycan.

That time also was the moment when Raine witnessed how fierce and feral Torak's beast when he killed the other Lycan without batting an eye right in front of her, brutally.

Torak could feel the tension from Raine's body and knew what she was thinking right now. He tightened his hand on her waist as he said softly. "Let's go?"

Raine lifted her head to meet Torak's beautiful blue eyes that seemingly could charm its way to her mind as the fear that rose because of those past memories, dissipated.

"Hm." Raine nodded and let Torak to lead the way to the dining room.

They went down another stairs to reach the dining room in silence before Raine asked him in slightly anxious tone.

"Mm, Torak how many people will eat with us?" Raine remembered the last time they were eating together, there were at least dozen people inside and for now she didn't think that she wanted to face many people that she didn't familiar with.

"I had told them to not bother me in this visit, so I think there will be only Calleb and Belinda there." Torak reassured Raine as he felt she was being uncomfortable.

"Oh." Raine mumbled, but felt relief with Torak's answer.

When they entered the dining room, apparently they came too fast because Belinda was still bringing many plates filled with delicacies from kitchen to the dining room

"Ah, you are already here. Sit down, the diner is almost ready." Belinda said in cheerful tone.

"I will help Belinda." Raine said happily and without waiting for Torak's reply, she followed the middle age witch to the kitchen.

Since the kitchen and the dining room was only a door away, Raine pushed it open and asked. "What can I help?"

But, Belinda was nowhere to be seen and instead of her, Raine met with Adair sullen face.