The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 291

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 291 How Could He Call Someone Else As His Baby Girl?

Raine didn't expect she would meet with Adair inside the kitchen and aside from her, there were another two women beside her.

In an instant the situation turned awkward.

"Hm. There is something that I can help here?" Raine cleared her throat and asked, feeling the two women stared at her timidly.

"Is it really her, the rumor Alpha's mate that couldn't talk?" Instead of answer Raine's question, Adair sneered at her and turned the atmosphere became more uncomfortable.

"Adair." A woman on her left tugged her sleeve, warning her about her behavior.

"What?" Adair looked at her friend sullenly. "Am I wrong?"

"She is our Luna." Another woman whispered at her as she looked at Raine worriedly.

They didn't scare at Raine, but they definitely didn't want to test the Alpha's wrath from bullying his Mate. They had seen in by themselves how the Alpha dotted on her so much.

Raine frowned when she received Adair's confrontation. The guilty feeling that she felt earlier because she had behaved rude and childishly toward Adair, suddenly vanished into thin air.

"I am." Raine said as she held Adair's intense glare. "Do you have a problem with that?"

Raine wasn't really sure where she got this attitude and why she acted this way, but the only thing that she knew for certain was; Adair's existence irritated her, especially now when she openly showed her dislike toward Raine without any scrupulous.

"But you talk now." Adair sneered. "Too much."

The two women beside Adair started to nudge her frantically, warning her to not go overbroad with her attitude.

They knew the Alpha was far more patient when he faced Adair, because it was the Alpha himself who had nurtured Adair since she lost her parents in rouge and vampire attack, yet it didn't mean the Alpha had ever showed his interest toward her.

Meanwhile Raine, who has a mood swing and sometime would act out of her habit lately, began to feel more irritated when Adair started to provoke her.

"Both of you can go now." Raine sensed the uncomfortable feeling from the two women and she didn't want to implicate them when this conversation turned into something else.

Well, Raine had faced the devil, the shadow warrior, almost died more than twice, was bitten by the beast, she had even killed a hunter, not to mention all the dreadful experience that she had gone through before she met Torak, thus... a jealous werewolf girl wouldn't be able to intimidate her, not in her current mood at least.

The two women shifted their gaze between Raine and Adair, back and forth, still didn't know what to do.

"Don't make me to say it for the third time. Get out from here!" This time Raine's voice sounded more stern, which startled both women.

If Raine always failed to intimidate Torak as he was in whole another level, at least this time she got it right and managed to scare those women away.

Now Raine realized, practicing with her mate gained a satisfying result in the end.

"What do you want to say now?" Raine asked after there were only the two of them, looking straight at Adair when she spoke. "I can feel your dislike toward me."

Upon hearing Raine's statement, Adair scoffed in revulsion. "I am glad you know it." She crossed her arms in front of her chest defiantly. "Just because you are his mate and then you think you can do whatever you want in this pack."

"I can't?" Raine asked innocently. "I am his mate and the Luna of this pack."

"Do you think you can convince everyone else to give their respect for you just because you are their Luna?" Adair took a step closer. She was slightly taller than Raine, but at this point, Raine didn't even budge when she was listening to her hateful words. "Respect is something that you earn, not something that Torak could give you and you not earned mine."

After saying that, Adair smirked devilishly and looked at Raine from head to toe in disgust.

In the other hand, Raine was unfazed as she spoke in very calm tone. Her expression was placid.

"Your respect?" Raine reiterated. "Don't overestimate yourself, because I don't need it."

And before Adair could cut Raine from her sentences, she continued to talk.

"I will earn the pact respect in one way or another, but you" Raine mimicked the way Adair looked at her. "You will never be Torak's mate or the Luna of the pack even if you work you're a** off. So, my word of advice is, know where are you standing before I put you in your place."

"Are you threatening me?" Adair narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"No." Raine shook her head. "This is a warning." A beautiful smile blossomed on her lips when she said her last words.

"Don't you know that the Alpha like me the most? I am his baby girl. He said it by himself." Adair blurted out.

Adair was lost her parents since she was only six years old and since then Torak would attend to her and was very patient when he had to deal with her, but since she had grown up, the Alpha gradually put distance between them and this made Adair puzzled.

At first, she thought the Alpha treated her that way because of Jenedieth, but when she heard Jenedieth was exiled as result of her attempt to hurt Torak's mate, Adair didn't believe that.

Torak didn't suppose to have a mate because of the curse from the moon goddess, therefore, she really wanted to see Raine by herself.

In the other hand, there was slightly change of emotion in Raine's eyes when she heard that, but she composed herself before Adair could notice it.

"Oh, really? Baby girl huh?" Raine scoffed, she tried to be less sarcastic to cover her annoyance. Whether Adair was telling the truth or not, she would ask Torak about this.

How could he call someone else as his baby girl?!