The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 292

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 292 A Little Girl

"Why? You don't believe it?" Adair looked at Raine triumphantly. "Why don't you ask around about it? You will know it is true."

Unexpectedly, Raine was laughing after she heard what Adair suggestion was. She laughed heartily and this turned Adair's smug smile into a scowl as she lashed out at her. "Stop laughing! What are you laughing at?! If you don't believe me, you can ask other people here!"

In the end of her laugh, Raine wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes. "I don't need to, why do you assume I will ask around about that trivial thing?" Mirth was dancing in her eyes when she added. "I will not waste my time for something like that."

"Why? Do you scare to find out the truth?" Adair mocked her, she started to running out of her patient now.

"Why should I?" Raine looked at her provokingly as she swept her hair from her shoulder, showing the most prominent thing that solidified the bond between Torak and her. His mark. "Baby girl, huh?" She used the same tone to mock Adair.

"You!" Adair's face was so red as her anger coursed in her vein.

Before Adair could lash out, someone opened the other door of the kitchen room as Belinda trudged inside with a big pot of soup in her hands.

The middle age witch's eyes fell on Raine. "Raine, what are you doing here? Do you need something honey?"

The contempt in Raine's expression for Adair, disappeared in an instant when she turned around to face Belinda. "I came to ask if there is something that I could help." She said sweetly.

"Oh, you don't need to. You supposed to be with the Alpha." Belinda shook her head as she giggled and then spoke to Adair. "Bring the last plate of chicken b.r.e.a.s.t, Raine like it."

"Yes, I like it." Raine looked at Adair meaningfully. "I guess I have to go back to Torak."

"Yes, go ahead dear." Belinda said with smile plastered on her face.

With that, Raine sashayed away from the kitchen while caressing her neck with gentle expression and looked at Adair for the last time before she closed the door.

Adair's face was unsightly when she had to see Raine's smug expression as she showed off her mark.

In the dining room, Raine found Torak was talking with Calleb, walking toward him, she abruptly sat down on his laps.

This action earned another helpless sighed from the Gamma, who was shaking his head in disbelief. Why he had to witness scenes like this every now and then?

Torak was also surprised by his mate action, but instinctively wrapped his arms around her slender waist to secure her position.

"What is it?" Torak nudged Raine's head with his nose as he looked at his mate with sparkling eyes.

Raine didn't answer him, but her lips pursed into a thin line, indicating that she wasn't in good mood. Torak wanted to pry to her mind, but was afraid if she wouldn't like it.

"Tell me" He coaxed her.

Raine kept her expression until she watched Belinda and Adair came while bringing the last side dishes, only then she opened her mouth.

"She said, you call her your baby girl." Raine's voice wasn't so loud, but it was enough for the rest three people there to hear it.

"Baby girl?" Torak stared at Raine with his brows creased. "Who?"

"Adair." Raine pointed her finger at the girl.

She wasn't being childish because of this matter, she just didn't like it when she heard Torak had called another woman as his baby girl and wanted to find out the truth by confronting the two people, so no one would lie to her.

Alright, she was being slightly childish she was only eighteenth, a teenager after all. Raine tried to find a good reason to justify her nonsensical behavior.

"No. I have never called her that way." Torak fixed his eyes on Raine, didn't even spare Adair a glance.

"But, she said it" Raine was still adamant with her words.

"Alpha, you called me that way when I was little." Adair's voice was trembling slightly, just like a child who was wronged.

At that time, it was Calleb who suddenly made a sound. "Ah! That one" His voice trailed off as he shifted his gaze from Torak, Raine and Adair. And then back to Torak again. "That one"

"What!?" Raine snapped again because Calleb didn't finish his words and left them hanging.

"I am sorry but, I think you got it wrong Adair" Calleb looked at Adair cautiously. "You didn't take my word at that time seriously, did you?"

Adair, who was standing beside Calleb stared down at the Gamma, who was sitting in dreadful expression. "You said it yourself that Torak, was calling me baby girl! That I am his baby girl!" She lashed out at Calleb.

How could she forget about it? He would never forge that.

It happened when she was twelve. She was crying when she graduated from Primary School. When she watched every children were being fetched by their parents and they were being hugged happily by them.

The little Adair was sad because she didn't have her parents to celebrate that day with her and then it was Calleb who came with Torak to pick her up.

Inside the car, in order to persuade the little girl from crying tirelessly, Calleb said it, the Gamma said; she didn't need to be sad because she was the Alpha's baby girl.

And then, that was where the thought came from.

It wasn't only one or twice, but everytime Adair was crying because of something she would run toward Calleb and the Gamma would say the same thing again.

"Don't get me wrong" Calleb grimaced. "I am sorry for that, but I never would have thought that you would take it seriously."

Adair's face turned ashen as drop by drop of tears started to fall from her eyes before she bawled and ran out of the dining room, just like any movies where the side characters would run out of the scene with teary face.

Raine thought it was so comical.

"Don't you want to chase after your baby girl?" Raine stared at Calleb. "After all, it was you who had made her crying."

Calleb shrugged. "What little girl? She is forty two years, in human world, she is considered as an old woman."