The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 293

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 293 The Heat

"Forty two?" Raine raised her eyebrows in disbelief, she turned her head to look at Torak, who was playing with her hair, didn't even care about Adair crying scene earlier.

His mate hair was more interesting than some random woman crying over something that he didn't understand.

"I tend to her before I became the Gamma of the pack." Calleb explained. "She was just a little girl back then and I had many spare time, so I befriend with her." He shrugged while looking at the dishes on the table, eager to eat, yet he couldn't do that as Torak had not yet started the dinner.

It would be rude for Calleb to eat now, but he was hungry...

"So, why everyone in this pack said Torak dotted on her." Actually that wasn't the exact word that Adair told Raine.

"Well, she was a little girl back then and didn't have anyone, so I don't think even though she offended the Alpha, Torak would be so petty to make a fuss over a child." Belinda chimed in. "I remembered Adair was always following Torak everywhere, at that time, her act was so cute."

Raine pouted when she imagined the little Adair was running around Torak with her sweet smile.

"Shall we eat?" Torak smoothened the creased between Raine's eyebrows with his thumb.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Calleb nodded his head vigorously, the voices in his stomach had been running rampant since he caught a whiff of the delicious smell in front of him.

"Oh, you are so helpless!" Belinda slapped the back of Calleb head when he acted that way.

"Why did you slap me? Why both Raphael and you loved to bully me?" He whined as he rubbed his head.

"Don't be silly. If that caress could hurt you, what is the use for your muscle?" Belinda retorted at Calleb exaggerated reaction.


After dinner, Raine didn't see Adair anymore, but it didn't mean she was looking for her, of course not. Why would she?

Raine snuggled into Torak's arms when she had changed her clothes into her yellow pajamas.

Like usual, she wrapped her arms around Torak body as she rested her head on his chest. She brought his hand on her head asked him silently to stroke her hair. It was becoming a habit for her.

Torak gladly complied as he hummed when his skin touched her silky soft hair.

"Are you still mad at me?" He asked softly.

Raine didn't answer.

"You are" Torak smiled indulgently at her.

"I am not." Raine finally said as she raised her head. "Torak what if" She was hesitated to finish her words.

"What if?" Torak prodded, stared at her eyes.

"What if you don't find me? Will you take her as your mate?" Raine asked carefully, afraid that this question would offend Torak in some way.

"Who is 'her' are you talking about?" There was no change in Torak's expression, his face still looked serene as he played with Raine's hair, which sprawled on his chest.

"Do you have many candidates?" Raine frowned that earned a chuckle from her mate. "How many women did you consider?"

"I don't know, never think abou that." Torak still answered Raine calmly, seemingly didn't even bother with their topic.

"But, you have someone in your mind right?" Raine narrowed her eyes at Torak, scrutinized him.

"Jenedieth ouch! Why did you bite me?" Torak was surprised the moment Jenedieth's name left his lips, Raine already bit his neck, it was painful enough to make Torak pinched her waist to remind her.

"See?! You were in relationship with Jenedieth!" Raine lashed out as she spare Torak's neck.

"Are you jealous?" For some reason, seeing Raine was bad mood because of this matter, made Torak was very happy. "You are jealous, right?" He nudged her cheeks.

"I am not!" Raine was adamant, yet her expression was telling Torak otherwise.

But, of course Torak didn't believe it as he kept laughing at Raine's sullen expression. Her lips pouted to the max as her brows furrowed unsightly.

"I am not! I am not! I am not!" Raine tried to bite Torak again, but the latter dodged her this time as he held her with both of his hands while laughing.

"Why do you have to bite me?" Torak asked in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Of course because you had bitten me, it is only right if I bite you too!" Raine was struggling to make Torak to let go of her face.

However, he was too strong, while his grip didn't hurt Raine, it was absolutely annoyed her.

"Let me go! I will bite you, so you will have my mark too!" Raine yelled furiously, yet the Alpha only laughed at his little mate fuming expression.


Raine didn't know when it start, but she was awaken when the room felt so hot.

At first she thought it was because the blanket and Torak's body was too hot and the temperature inside the room had increased.

But, as Raine kicked the blanket away she didn't find any relief. In short time, she felt like her entire body was trapped in a fire.

When the heat started to become suffocating, Raine screamed and began to thrash around the blanket tat tangled on her legs, trying to release herself.

"Raine!" Torak's voice was so stern and laced with distress when he called out her name.

Torak quickly picked his mate up and placed her on his lap as he ripped the blanket from her legs. Yet, Raine still thrashed in his firm grip.

Raine felt awful. Her ears were ringing painfully as she started to sob because of the unbearable feeling.

Raine couldn't point out what she actually felt right now, every emotions seemed running rampant inside her body.

And when Torak carried her into the bathroom hurriedly, the sparks danced across her skin from the skin to skin contact and this made Raine felt slightly better.

Raine clung her body onto Torak as it felt so good to touch him.

But, Torak decided to throw Raine to the bathup as he ran the water from the faucet. Losing the spark between them made Raine whimpered miserably.

"No no" She wanted to touch him desperately.