The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 294

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 294 The Heat 2

[Calleb! Come over here with Belinda and Sapphire!] Torak roared through the mind link as he tried to hold Raine's body under the water without hurting her.

"No" Raine whimpered as her hand reached out to Torak, trying to touch him. "I want to touch you" She was crying now. Desperate, as Torak didn't allow her touch him.

Raine wanted to tell Torak that the spark from their skin to skin contact made her felt better, but her mind was like burning, she lost her words, didn't know where she should start to explain it to him.

"No, my love." Torak said, yet the pain in his voice was so apparent.

He knew that the spark between them could slightly elevate the pain that she was suffering now, but it would lead to something else and Torak didn't want to do it when Raine was in this state.

"What happened?!" The door slammed opened and Calleb rushed inside the bathroom with Belinda and Sapphire in tow.

The scene before the Gamma's eyes was somewhat puzzled him. It was Raine, writhing in pain as Torak held her body down, under the water, but kept her head afloat.

"She is she is in heat, isnt she? Right?" Belinda stumbled with her words.

"DO SOMETHING!" Torak roared as he glared at the Belinda and Sapphire. His beast was, once again, threatening to come out.

"Alpha this is the heat you have to" Sapphire stuttered.

"NO!" Torak rejected Sapphire's idea even though it had not yet left her lips. "I will not call you all if I have to resolve to that!"

"Torak what is this?" Raine's whimper was ringing in Torak's ears as he watched his mate was being torn apart by the heat. "It hurt it hurt"

Raine had never felt so helpless. She felt like her inside was being crushed. The heat that gnawed on her skin was akin to thousands bugs were biting her. It was agony.

The only thing that made her felt better was the touch of her mate, but Torak didn't want to hold her, he kept pushing her body under the cold water, made sure her head stayed afloat on the surface.

Raine pleaded with her eyes, as she couldn't utter a word to him, yet Torak didn't understand. No. he did understand, but he refused to do so.

But, why?!

Raine was tormented by the thing that she couldn't see. The thing that she didn't even know what it was, or how long it would last.

Now, there were three people inside the bathroom except from Torak and herself. All of them were talking to each other.

But, because of the ringing sound on Raine's ears she couldn't hear what was exactly they were talking about.

The only thing that Raine was certain; Torak was so angry to whatever Sapphire said. He kept shouting at the healer with

Why he should be angry to the healer when the thing that he could now was simply holding her?

Raine didn't understand with this situation and as she closed her eyes, her body was engulfed with the darkness, longer than she intended.


When the sun started to rise on the horizon, Raine found herself lying on the bed with blanket covering her body.

It was the spark that Raine felt from the finger that traced a circle on her left cheek that told her Torak was right beside her.

When Raine fully woke up, her entire body was numb from the painful feeling that she had endured.

"My love are you awake?" It was Torak's voice that forced Raine to open her eyes. "How are you feeling?"

The first thing that she saw the moment she opened her eyes was the blue eyes that filled with concern and worry that greeted her sight.

Her throat was so dry and hurts, which she assumed because of screamings last night.

"Do you feel better now?" Torak asked her again, this time Raine nodded weakly. "Do you want to drink some water?"

And once again Raine nodded.

Torak was quick to reach a glass of water near the bed that he had prepared and helped Raine to drink it while cradled her head so she didn't choke.

When the liquid moistened her dry throat, Raine felt better and have a little bit energy to talk to Torak. "What was that?" Her voice sounded rough just like a dessert.

Torak carefully pulled her into his arms as he kissed her forehead. "You were in heat last night." He explained curtly.

Raine wanted to ask Torak to elaborate what was that 'heat', but the aching on her head was drumming against her skull painfully.

She didn't know if she could take information about the heat even thought Torak explained it to her right now.

Thus, Raine chose to savor this moment, snuggled toward her mate and placed her head on the crook on his neck and inhaled his antalizing scent while snaking her arms arund his waist so she could snuggle even closer to him.

Not long after, someone knocked the room, though Torak didn't say anything the other person opened the door and walked inside.

"How are you feeling Raine?" Raine didn't need to turn her body to look who was the person that came into their bedroom.

It was Calleb and from the smell that came with him, Raine assumed he brought something with him.

Probably Torak mind link the Gamma to bring something for Raine to eat after what he realized she was awake.

"Fine." Raine answered with eyes still closed.

"You can go." Torak said, shut the Gamma's next line of questions. He knew Calleb was worried about Raine's condition, but it wasn't the right time for him to ask her more than this.

With knowing look, Calleb nodded and said. "Be careful, the porridge is still hot." Before he walked out of the room.

"You have to eat now, okay?" Torak caressed Raine's back before he got a nod from her.

Though the hard part had passed, but Raine felt very awful, she didn't want to go through that kind of pain again.