The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 295

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 295 It Was Adair

Because of Raine's condition, they needed to stay a bit longer inside the pack house, but of course they couldn't prolong their visit more than this because of Serefina's warning.

Raine was indeed had gained her true power, but it didn't mean she could handle it yet, therefore it was still risky for her to stay among the Lycan.

That was why, on the second day since they arrived, Torak decided to comeback to Fulbright city this afternoon.

But, before they left, Raine wanted to see the flower that she had planted with Belinda when she was here months ago.

Torak didn't have a problem with that, hence before they went to the airport, to go to Fulbright city, Calleb drove them there.

The place where Belinda and she had planted those seeds was a meadow at the back of the pack house with beautiful scenery of mountain miles away.

Belinda had been there, taking care of the plants while someone with her back was facing Raine, talking to Belinda.

On the closer look, Raine could guess who she was.

She was no other than Adair's friend that she met last night inside the kitchen, but when Raine was only a few meter away from where they stood, she could practically hear, Belinda was growling at her.

The first thought that flew on Raine's mind was; what exactly this girl was doing until Belinda looked very upset.

Belinda wasn't hot- headed person who would rebuke someone else without proper reasons.

Yet, before Raine could ask, she figured out on her own what the thing that made Belinda was furious about. After all, in one glance, it wasn't hard to guess.

Since Belinda was very fond of flower, actually she had planted most of the flower in this meadow and took good care of them, it was understandable that she was very upset when there was a plot of land, which was filled with withered sunflowers.

"Belinda, what happened with the sunflowers?" Raine approached the fuming Belinda while touching the withered sunflower that its petal fell to the ground lifelessly.

The bright yellow color on the flower had disappeared as it had turned into the color of dark brown.

The condition of the flowers was so pathethic, therefore Raine assumed this was definitely not Belinda's.

"Raine." Belinda noticed her, but the word 'upset' was written all over her face. "The flowers withered." She complained like a little child at Raine.

Meanwhile, Torak and Calleb followed Raine just a few steps away from her.

"This is the flowers that we had planted together." Belinda was angry because she wanted to show it to Raine badly since she was here. She didn't know when Raine would visit them again, but it was obvious that wouldn't happen soon.

Raine also frowned when she heard Belinda's words, she insisted to come here because she wanted to see these flowers. It meant something to her.

Belinda kept talking fastly out of her anger. "Yesterday the flowers were just fine, I personally fertilized the flower and when you said you will visit here before you return to Fulbright city, I thought I will just come here early so I could pick some flower for you, but this" Belinda spread her arms toward the withered sunflowers exasperatedly, her complicated emotions apparent on her eyes. She was truly upset right now.

"But, it wasn't me Belinda" The girl was trembling now, especially when she realized the flowers belonged to Raine, their Luna and the scariest thing was the Alpha also present.

"You watered the flower with disinfectant!" Belinda pointed her sharp nail toward the watering pot that the girl was holding.

Even Raine, as human, she could smell it from where she was standing the strong smell of disinfectant that Belinda was talking about and despite Raine was sad because the sunflowers was dead, but she wasn't as furious as Belinda, only now she knew that the witch loved flowers too much.

"Belinda I don't know my sense of smell doesn't work" The girl whimpered as she rubbed her nose.

"Nonsense!" Belinda spatted. "What kind of wolf who has trouble with his sense of smell?!"

In the other hand, Raine tugged Torak's sleeves, who seemingly didn't even bother with the scene before him, he wasn't fond of flower and was there because of Raine alone, so when they met this scene he was actually quite bored.

"Is it possible that the wolf lost their ability to smell?" Raine whispered. She found it was a weird excuse, but it was also so bold of this girl to lie about something like that.

Torak shifted his gaze from his mate toward the girl, who was crying now. "There is. She should go to sapphire and check her condition." He spoke to her with no interest whatsoever.

Raine bit her lips and looked at the withere sunflowers once again and felt a big palm rubbed on top of her head.

"Don't be sad, if you like it I will ask someone to fill our home with sunflower." Torak tried to appease his mate.

Apparently Torak didn't quite understand with this kind of feeling and wasn't sensitive enough to feel sad over flower.

In his eyes, Raine was sad because she couldn't see the sunflower, without considering the sentimental fact that it was the first flower that she had planted. This matter was very simple in his eyes.

Raine was used to this side of him and didn't take it to heart. Torak meant well, but he just lack of sensitivity.

Once again, Raine stretched out her hand and caressed the petals, which slowly flew to the ground. She blinked her eyes a couple of time as she felt her surrounding turned so quiet.

If Torak saw Raine's eyes now, he would realize they showed nothing as if her soul wasn't there.

Yet, it happened only for a few second before she gained her focus again and spoke in low voice. "It was Adair."

"What?" Belinda stopped her rumbling as she turned her head toward Raine.

"It was Adair." Raine repeated, clearer this time.