The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 296

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 296 You Will Remember Me

"It was Adair." Raine repeated, clearer this time.

"Adair?" Calleb and Belinda asked simultaneously.

Raine looked at both of them as she nodded slowly. It was Adair and Raine was certain with her words.

"But, how you could say it was Adair?" Calleb narrowed his eyes at Raine. This girl did nothing and suddenly accused Adair for this crime toward the flowers. The thought Raine was still upset because of last night. "Raine, you can't accuse someone just because you don't like her."

Calleb stared at Torak, assessing his reaction.

"Why did you say it was her?" Torak's brows furrowed despite his soft gaze on his mate.

There was a cheeky smile curled on Raine's lips when she spoke. "You will know when you called her here."

At this point, the girl had stopped sobbing and looked Raine in confusion. She had the same thought as Calleb. Probably the Luna still held grudge toward Adair, that was why she accused her.

Despite was being upset because she was accused to do something that she didn't do by Belinda and she even didn't believe her when she said she lost her olfactory senses, but the girl could consider as Adair's best friend, thus she was a bit peeved at Raine's random guessing.

"There was no way Adair would do all this." The girl lowered her head, no matter what the Alpha was there and she didn't want to be caught glaring at his mate as she refused the idea that her best friend put her in this situation.

"Torak" Raine didn't want to argue with this girl, despite the fact she was telling them the true and saved the girl from Belinda's wrath, the girl was still doubted her and Raine didn't want to waste her energy to convince her.

"Call Adair." Torak looked at Calleb beside him, who immediately fished out his phone to call someone.

Currently, they were in the middle of a meadow, so it was too far for Calleb to mind- link someone from the pack house.

While waiting for Adair to come, Torak took Raine to sit down on the nearest bench while Belinda sullenly pulled the withered sunflowers from the ground with the help of that girl, she needed to plant another seeds there.

"I will ask someone to fill the back yard house with sunflowers since you like it." Torak put his arm on her waist while Raine rested her head on his shoulder.

"No, I don't really like sunflower. Actually I don't really like any flower." Raine confessed.

"Hm? I thought you like it." Torak was surprised. "You look sad because of the flower."

Raine sighed and sit straight, she faced her mate and held his curious gaze on her. "I am sad not because of the flower, but the memory behind it." She spoke slowly.

"What memory? It just flower, you can find it anywhere and it will always look the same." He wasn't a sensitive person, he would calculate the pros and cons, and wouldn't involve his feeling on his judgment and decision. No, he couldn't afford to be overly sensitive for something insignificant. This was his way to rule his pack and because of this trait he was feared and respected.

Or at least before he met Raine he was the cold- blooded Alpha after all. In the other hand, Raine was very aware about that fact.

"True, if you put it that way. But," Raine halted and cupped his face in both of her small palms. "I can't agree with you for that matter."

Torak raised his eyebrows, asking for Raine to elaborate her theory, though their ideas would be differ, but Torak loved to hear her point of view rather than to read them without her permission.

"Even though they look similar, but there were always stories behind everything." Raine gaze softened. "I know when Serefina burned my mother's diary and I was so depressed, you were confused why I felt so fond of an inanimate object."

Raine put down her hands from Torak's face and then rested her head on his shoulder again before she continued.

"It wasn't the object that I fond of, but the memories behind it. The fact that it was only that book that kept reminding me of my late mother." Raine looked at the distance. "I was too young and the event when I lost my parents was traumatized me, so I gradually couldn't remember their faces."

There was silence that ensued.

"Honestly, I don't really understand with this sentimental story and I don't think I will." Torak uttered. "I have been living too long to cherish a certain memory or maybe I just don't want to remember them all."

Raine chuckled. "But, I guess you will remember me when I become part of your memories, no?"

"You are not a memory." Torak retorted.

"Time is a mystery, even immortal beings will not be able to go against time." Raine said placidly.

Torak's face contorted when he heard Raine's statement, he wanted to ask what she meant with that when Belinda's voice interrupted him.

Torak didn't realize since when Adair was there, but apparently Belinda discovered something about the mystery of her withered sunflowers and ready to lash out to her the moment Adair was close enough.

"How did you know that?" Calleb approached them with bewildered look on his face. "How did you know that it was Adair who put disinfectant and did something to Kiara so she couldn't smell it?"

"Belinda knew it was her?" Torak asked Calleb.

"Yes, there is a faint smell of disinfectant from her hand." Calleb reported. "But, how Raine knew about it?"

Raine looked at the Gamma and Torak, who stared at her with the same confusion and then giggled.

"Did you forget what Serefina had told us?" Raine mused and when the two of them were only staring at her she spoke again. "I am the guardian angel who controls the time."

"Do you want to tell me that you can forsee the future?" Calleb asked enthusiastically, excitement was apparent in his eyes.

Raine shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly. "Sort of."