The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 297

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 297 A Girl And Flowers

"So, is it what you got when you were in coma state?" Calleb rubbed his chin as he contemplated about this matter.

Raine nodded her head vigorously. "Cool, isn't it?"

"Let's go back." Torak stood up as he gazed at Raine. Serefina had told him about this matter beforehand, but they still needed to see how the development of this power and how Raine would control it.

No matter how powerful the power that one possessed, but if the receiver couldn't adapt to it, it would be a boomerang someday.

Calleb raised two thumbs for Raine. "Cool!" He exclaimed and approached Raine. "Hey, will you tell me when I will meet with my mate?"

Raine tilted her head as her expression turned into a frown.

"What? What with that look?" Calleb couldn't help, but frown as well.

"You don't have." Raine blurted out, yet before Calleb could rumble nonstop about it, she added. "Or, maybe I have not seen it yet."

"You almost give me a heart attack." Calleb rubbed his chest dramatically.

"Your heart is too fragile." Raine uttered as she hugged Torak's arm while walking back to their car. "You are overreacting. Even certain someone who was cursed mateless can find his mate now, right?" She tiptoed and gave Torak a kiss on his cheek.

Torak kissed the tip of her nose when he helped her to get into their car.

"Raine!" Belinda called her before Torak could close the door. The witch approached her while hugging a bunch of red rose in her arms. "Are you going without saying goodbye to me?" She pouted.

"Ah, I am sorry..." Raine grimaced. It was Calleb fault, actually aside to see the flower, she was going to say goodbye to Belinda, but Calleb kept talking and made her forgot. "But, you can visit me everytime."

"Oh, I will!" Belinda beamed as she shoved a bunch of flower in her arms to Raine. "The flower that we plant withered, but I still want to give you this."

The fresh red roses' scent filled the air and gave a pleasant feeling.

"Thank you." Raine smiled brightly when she received the flower.

"We have to go now." Torak gave a small polite nod to Belinda before he got on the car and Raine waved her goodbye.

"Take care all of you." Belinda said. "See you again, Raine."

After their exchanging goodbye, Calleb drove them to the airport and Belinda stood still until the car was out of her sight.

"The smell is so strong." Calleb noted as he rubbed his nose. It wasn't that he dislike the flower, it was just in this narrow space like this, the scent was so noticeable for his sensitive nose.

Calleb glanced at Torak from the rearview mirror, wanted to see what kind of expression that he made as he was quite irritated by strong scent like this.

But, for the Gamma surprised, the Alpha was staring at the Luna with adoration in his eyes. No, not adoration, he worshiped her.

In Torak's eyes, seeing Raine with a bunch of roses in her arms was a sight to behold. Her skin contrasted with the red flower as her scent lingered with it.

The smell was very sweet, intoxicated, but at the same time it made Torak smiled even more. Raine's eyes were glistened as she stared at the flower as if she was in trance. Or, maybe she was

At first, Raine was seeing the red roses in her arms, but then they gradually withered as its red petals turned into grey color.

The process was so slow, it was like Raine was watching a time lapse video, but then it wasn't the red turned into grey anymore, all of sudden it wasn't a bunch of flower, but a field filled with withered flowers.

Raine gasped by the scene that unfolded before her eyes. It was very hard to believe that it was happening.

Yet, Raine knew this was only another phase of her vision, therefore she remained calm, waiting for what would happen next.

As far as Raine's eyes could see, she only saw a withered flower garden. Looking up, Raine could see the sky had turned dark as gloomy cloud rumbled along with tundher.

But then, from afar, Raine could see a girl, in her age, staring back at her and subsequently shifted her gaze at the dark cloud as both of her hand reached to the withered flowers around her.

Her long hair flew by the wind as she closed her eyes.

And just like how Raine watched the time lapse of the fresh flower turned withered, now she watched the opposite.

Red color crept from the first flower that she touched until it reached the flowers around Raine and then covered all the field with the same bold color.

It was beautiful to see, yet mind blowing that rendered Raine speechless.

After everything was done, the girl opened her eyes and smiled at Raine. The kind of smile that made you wanted to reciprocate it.

"Your smile is beautiful."

Instinctively, Raine turned her head to the source of the voice. Torak's voice.

Raine's eyes met Torak's bedazzling smile. She blinked a couple of time before she realized she was still inside the car and wasn't in the flower field.

Moreover, the mysterious girl was nowhere to be seen.

Raine lowered her gaze and stared at the red roses in her arms, it was as fresh as the moment Belinda had given her. Beautiful and captivating.


Along the way from oriole city to Fulbright city, Raine chose to close her eyes, pretending she was asleep, but her mind kept recalling the scene that she just witnessed.

Was that something that would happen in the future?

But, who is that girl?

She saw her and smiled at her

The flower

Raine resumed her pretense to sleep until they reached the city and it was already night when they reached their house.

Torak didn't want to wake Raine up, so he just simply carried her to their bedroom and put her gently on the bed.

"You can stop pretending, my love now tell me what is it?" Torak caressed Raine's hair.