The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 298

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 298 How To Complete The Bonding?

Slowly, Raine opened her eyes, she stared at Torak guiltily as she spoke timidly. "How do you know I wasn't asleep?"

Torak flicked her head lightly. "You are too loud." He reffered to Raine's internal argumentation.

"Did you hear all of that?" Raine's eyes widened in disbelief, she thought she had successful to mask her thought.

"No, I didn't hear a single word." Torak said in matter of factly. "You masked it, but there were buzzing sound from it, like broken radio."

No word that Torak could hear, but the buzzing sound that he heard from her was a giveaway Raine was actually didn't fall asleep.

She was still learning how to mask her thought after all, so it was understandable if it wasn't perfect yet.

"What is bothering you my love?" Torak lay next to her. His arm served as Raine's pillow while his other arm smoothened the crease between her eyebrows.

"I saw a girl" Raine stared at Torak, trying to arrange her words.

"A girl?" Torak asked with frown, he didn't remember Raine met other girl except Adair. "Where?"

"In my vision" Raine decided to come clean with Torak.

"You have seen what will happen in the future?" Though it sounded peculiar to say something like this, but Torak still listened attentively to what Raine wanted to say.

"Yes" Raine bit her lips nervously.

"Just like how you saw it was Adair who had ruined your flowers?" Torak asked for confirmation.

"Am I strange?" Raine lifted her gaze to look at Torak.

Torak laughed at her question. "Something like that happens in our world, my love. You are not strange, you are gifted." He tucked her hair behind her ears. "My precious gift."

Raine a bit relaxed when she heard that and then she spent almost thirty minutes to explain to Torak about what she had seen when they were inside the car, about the girl, the flower and the gloomy sky.

"What do you think about that?" Raine asked Torak when she ended her story.

Torak turned quiet for some time before he spoke softly. "Honestly, I don't know what to say for now." He pulled the blanket to cover both of them. "I have done my research and looked into the history about the guardian angel, who controls the time, but there is not much that I can find."

"I think you got more information than I did when you traveled back to the past." Torak added.

"I just know that the guardian angel kept her power inside the pure blood witch's grimoire, because she wanted to see her lover once again." Raine contemplated.

Torak had heard this, but only now the thought flashed in his mind. "If you are the guardian angel from the past, who was looking for your lover, that didn't it mean I am the one who you are looking for?" He teased her.

Raine chuckled upon hearing his statement. "Probably." She teased him back as she kissed his chin.

"What do you mean probably?" Torak raised his eyebrows. "There was no guardian angel could control the time before you."

"So, you assumed that we have been mated since millions of years ago?" Raine mimicked Torak's expression.

"Why? You don't like it?" The Alpha pinched his mate tender cheeks.

"If that's the case, I hope we will never be separated ever again." Raine nuzzled against Torak's chest, inhaled his scent that could calm her down.

"I know that you can't live without me." Torak smugly said that earned a bit from Raine on his chest. "You have developed a bad habit." He pinched her waist, forced her to stop bitting him.

"I think I am infected by your habit through the mark." Raine retorted.

And then the sound of both of them laughter echoed through the wall of the bed room. "Let's we figure this out one step at time. We still have much time for this." Torak suggested after the laughter had died down.

"Don't you feel sleepy?" Torak brushed his finger lightly on Raine's red cheeks, she laughed so long that turned her face scarlet.

"I don't." Raine felt better after she talked with Torak. "Why don't we talk about what exactly happened with me nights before?" She suggested.

"You fell into heat." His fingers on her cheeks came to halt as he stared at Raine.

"So, what is this heat? I felt so awful" Raine complained. "I felt like I was thrown into pit of fire. My whole body was burning."

"It happens when the bonding has not yet completed after the marking." Torak explained. "You will be in heat in random time."

"Random time?" Raine frowned. That meant, she would go through something like that again and again? That would not be the last time she felt that.

The thought of it made Raine grimace. She didn't want to endure something like that again.

"Torak, when I was in heat" Raine bit her lips, hesitant apparent in her eyes, yet she continued anyway. " I felt better when you touched me, I think you know that but, why?" She didn't finish her line of question, but Torak knew it regardless.

A flash of complicated feeling on his eyes. "I know."

And then silence.

Raine was waiting for Torak next explanation, but all he said was only 'I know'.

"And then?" Raine prodded.

"It was only temporary, because all you wanted is not my touch." Torak narrowed his eyes, but an idea flashed in his mind as he grinned mischievously. "You will feel like that until the bonding is completed."

"So, why don't we complete the bonding?" Raine was puzzled, usually Torak would do everything for her to not feel any pain, but why he looked hesitate? If she could free from that pain, she was more than willing to complete the bonding. "How we complete the bonding?"

Torak has been waiting for this question. "Open your mind, I will show you."

The blue eyes stared intently at Raine's black one, as they turned bright when Torak watched a red color covered his mate skin until her cute ears.

"Torak!" Raine was beyond mortified as she covered her face inside the blanket while Torak was laughing boisterously.