The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 299

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 299 Blushing

Ever since Torak talked about the way how to complete the bonding, Raine would be blushing if she was near him.

Honestly speaking, that kind of thought, indeed, ever came to her mind, after all Raine wasn't a little girl anymore and they had been sleeping together since day one they met with each other.

It was strange enough that Torak had never touched her with l.u.s.t in his eyes.

He is normal, right? Raine peered at Torak beside her.

Currently they were having breakfast together. It has been awhile since the last time Raine attended her classes, so she was very sure she needed work very hard to catch up with the latest lesson.

Her absence wouldn't be good for this semester, yet all she could think now was Torak's words last night.

No, it wasn't exactly words as he didn't say anything, he preferred to show it to her through the mind- link and the images kept Raine wide awake the whole night.

How he could boldly show her images like that?!

Raine wanted to be upset, but she the fact that she didn't, annoyed her even more and at the same time, everytime she remembered it, she felt giddy.

This mind- link things, Raine didn't know whether she like it or not.

"Your mind kept buzzing." Torak flicked Raine's head that instantly pulled her out of her wild imagination. "What are you thinking?"

Torak even dared enough to wink at Raine, teased her even more.

"Nothing." Raine finally averted her gaze from him and focused on her breakfast instead, though it was hard, but she managed to ignore Torak's secretive laugh.

When Raine finally finished her toast, while Torak was only having his morning coffee, the latter picked Raine's bag and led her to the garage.

"Are you not going to work?" Because Raine's mind was occupied with inconsequential thought, she failed to realize that Torak had not yet changed into his business attire.

Torak was still in his hommy style, t- shirt and jeans. He didn't look like that cold CEO that everyone portrayed about him. In Raine's eyes now, he looked free and young, like boy next door.

"No. I still resume the news about me being missing." Torak opened the back seat and put Raine' bag there before he opened the front seat and let Raine entered the car. He put his hand on top of Raine's head, just in case she bumped into the car.

"Why you should do that?" Raine asked after Torak sat down behind the wheel, apparently, he would drive her to University.

"So, those people who have tendency to stab my back could step forward." Torak started the car. "With this, I could safe my energy to lure them out."

Since the devil had started with their moved, Torak should ensure that people around him was those who loyal to him. He didn't need backstabber inside his own people.

"Oh," Raine nodded. "Be careful." She added with concer.

Mirth danced in Torak's eyes as he glanced at his little mate. "I will."


It took Raine twenty minutes slower than usual to arrive at the university with the way Torak drive the car.

He really made it obvious to only spare a few minutes for Raine to run inside her class.

"You deliberately make me late!" Raine punched Torak's upperarms in annoyed. How he could do that? Now Raine had to run to her class.

From afar, she could see Stephan had been waiting for her at the gates like usual. His expression was boring and was about to lash out if Raine didn't approach him any time soon.

"Your bag." Torak laughed as he stretched out his hand to reach Raine's bag at the back seat. "Have a good day." He said while giving her bag.

Sullenly Raine received it and was about to get out of the car when she realized the door was locked. She turned her head and looked at Torak questioningly.

"The door is locked." She stated the obvious.

"I know." Torak replied.

Though his smile almost made Raine became dizzy, she still has the right mind to think about her classes.

"Open it." Raine tried to mimick Torak's cold expression, but her face turned scarlet instead under Torak's intense gaze.

"You forget something, my love." Torak sulked. This kind of act supposed to not suit him, yet Raine stared at him like she was being charmed.

"What is it?" Raine bit her lips while roaming her eyes inside the car. She didn't drop anything, right?

"My morning kiss." With that was being said, Torak leaned over and kissed Raine's lips abruptly. "Stop blushing." The Alpha said in his husky tone after the morning kiss.

"I am not." Raine lied with straight face, but of course the blush wouldn't suddenly disappear just because she said so.

"Liar." Torak chuckled and pecked her lips once again. "Stop blushing because you are very attractive now and I don't want to kill those people who stared at my mate."

"Nice joke." Raine blurted out.

"You know I am not joking my love." Torak caressed his hand on her cheeks. "You had been blushing ever since I answer your question about the bonding last night."

Raine was speechless, she didn't know what to say to cover up her embarrassed feeling at this moment as she half- yelled at Torak. "Open the door, you pervert!"

Torak laughed out loud at Raine's reaction, but he spared her by open the car door and let her go.

The little girl bolted out from the car immediately.

"I will pick you up later." Torak said before Riane closed the door and ran toward the entrance gates where Stephan had been waiting for her.

"What took you so long?" Stephan grumbled once Raine was close enough to hear him whining. "I have been waiting for you since thirty minutes ago! And why did you not show up for almost two weeks straight?"

Raine stopped walking and faced him. "You are so noisy." She glared at him and continued to walk.