The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 3 Between Two Worlds

Between two planes I still exist.

Between two dimensions, I drift.

Beneath two skies I watch and wait.

Between two worlds I roam and waste.

-Between Two Worlds, By: Enrico Orbita-


The door swung open with a harsh tone from Uncle James. "What the hell is that!?"

Raine slumped on the ground when the open door revealed Uncle James in his boxer with a baseball bat on his right hand.

"Raine?" James looked down at his friend's daughter. "What happened to you?" He crouched down to scoop her in his arms while his eyes wandered around his yard to look for any possibility of threat. But, none, there was nothing there, except darkness.

"Honey, what happened?" He stroked her back, trying to calm her. "Tell me what happened?" Bad feeling crept in when James saw blood on the little girl body and Raine kept pointing out toward her house.

James looked at the house across the street with narrowed eyes. "Ann, bring her inside and call the police." He instructed his wife who was crouching down beside him.

James passed Raine to Ann and he stood up to approach his friend house with baseball bat on his grip.

"Be careful" She warned him worriedly and brought Raine into the house before she called police station.


Three hours later, Raine's house had surrounded by many people who was curious to know what had happened to Tatum's family. Police line could be seen, restraint the onlookers to step closer at a crime scene.

Sirens from the ambulance car were so loud and deafening as the silent night turned to be a chaos.

Inside James house Raine buried her face on Ann embrace. In front of her there were two police officers who were trying to get information from her.

"We will come back tomorrow" One of the police officers sighed deeply after failed to retrieve information from the little girl.

"My condolences, little Raine." The older police officers walked toward her and stroked her head with sympathy. "We will find the perpetrator."

Afterward both of them were looking for James again to ask another detail, for the fact he was the first person who had approached the house before the police came.

Probably he had missed something that could lead their investigation to the murderer. The criminal scene was devastated if one could say, especially inside Raine's bedroom, as though bunch of actors from WWF had performed there, except from that, there was nothing.

Remembering the scene, not even a single drop of blood was there.

Moreover, there wasn't a single fingerprint in there! That was nearly impossible. Not a single fingerprint could be found in the entire house!

James had repeated his statement, that he also didn't see a single person when he approached the house.

It was strange

The only person who knew the truth was only Raine Tatum, the only daughter of Tatum's family, but she wasn't in a good state for interrogation.

"I didn't see anyone when I came." James repeated.


8 years later.

"Did I make myself clear?" Torak deep voice boomed inside the room that consisting of six people of his Board of Directors.

While his gaze swept throughout the room, all of them didn't dare to look at him in the eyes as they hummed in tone of agreement.

"All of you can leave, except Mr. Ronan." Torak's ocean blue eyes fell on the middle age man who was sitting on his right side.

"Yes Sir," All of them answered in unison and hurriedly collecting their scatter papers on the table as though the next second they stay, their CEO would make their live more miserable than this.

Everyone except Ronan left the room.

The five of them were throwing their sympathy look on him, their common guessed was Ronan, as one of the shareholder, had done something that unacceptable that caused Torak Donovan needed to talk to him face to face.

Since the beginning of the meeting, they had felt Torak wasn't in his right mood. He looked more cold and sharp than before. It didn't mean that usually he was cordial and warm with other people, but something must be gone very wrong if they could notice the irritated in his demeanor during the meeting.

However, the thing that they didn't know about their discussion was beyond their imagination.

After everyone left, a young man in his late twenty came inside the room and Ronan stood up from his seat, bent his body slightly in respect. "Beta Supreme Raphael." He greeted Raphael, Toraks's assistant.

Raphael nodded his head in acknowledgement as he sauntered across the room and put a stack of doc.u.ment on the table in front of Torak. "Alpha Supreme Torak, you need to take a look at this." Raphael pushed an important doc.u.ment that needed Torak's attention the most.

Torak Donovan, the legendary name from Donovan's sibling who was famous in both human world and supernatural world.

He was the famous CEO from Donovan Enterprises Holding, Inc. in human world, not every soul were fortunate enough to see him. He ran the company behind the scene and only held an important meeting with important person while the rest would be handled by his Beta or Gama.

Not all of his staff was human most of them were supernatural creatures, like Ronan. He was initially an alpha of the Crescent Moon pack, the pack that located in one of Torak's businesses. Automatically, most of the member of the pack would work for him under his company.

He was the sovereign in Human world for their kind, while Jedrek Donovan, his brother, ruled the supernatural world alongside with Kace. However, Kace had gone missing for almost a hundred year by now. No one knew where he was.