The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 30

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 30 I Will Not Let Anyone Hurt You Not Even Myself

"Belphegor." Torak called him. "Don't you dare to come near her." Torak's voice was deep and deadly calm, but it laced with threat and warning.

Despite being threatened and the fact Torak Squeezed his neck in tight gripped, a taunting smile grace his lips. "It was only natural for moth to approach the fire." He said with traced of ridicule before Torak strangled him.

His eyes rolled back on his socket before his body burst into ashes.

Every lycans in the room were holding their breath as the identity of the man threw in the open.

Belphegor. The prince from hell. The seven deadly sins.

Among the crowd Calleb couldn't help but whispered to Raphael beside him. "Is he died?"

"No." Raphael shook his head and gestured to the warrior to clean up the mess. "He is not even alive to begin."

The mystical bird flew above Torak's head and disappeared like a smoke while the owner was looking at the wardrobe where his mate hid herself with troubled expression. His eyebrows locked together.

When he felt the movement behind him deceased and everyone presence had gone, Torak reached out the handle of the wardrobe and opened it slowly, he didn't want to scare his mate than she already was.

Inside, Raine curled her body, she hugged her legs tightly and buried her head between her knees. She shivered in fear and this made the furrowed between Torak's brows deeper.

"My love " He called her softly and reached out his hand to touch her, however when Torak caressed her head, Raine jerked away.

Ten minutes ago she looked happy to see his wolf and that made him happy, no, he was ecstatic to know Raine wasn't afraid of his wolf. She even touched and smiled at him.

Everything seemed right at that moment, even though it was only a slight changed, but she was starting to warm up with him.

However, those filthy creatures had ruined their moment.


[Yes, Alpha.]

[We leave tonight.]

Torak didn't wait for his Beta to answer before he cut the link. He had the most important things to do right now.

Gritted his teeth, he reached out his hands, grabbed her body and pulled Raine into his arms. Hugged her tightly, but not tight enough to hurt her. As expected, his mate struggled to get free from him, her arms were flailing helplessly as she tried to kick him. Her breathing escalated as she was panic.

However, Torak kept hugging her while caressing her back in soothing motion.

"It's me, my love" He whispered into her ear. "It's fine now no one will hurt you I am here" He kept repeating that words again and again until Raine's attempts to hit him ceased down and she just trembling in his arms.

"It's alright" He chanted the words while rocking her back and forth.

Eventually Raine felt the familiar feeling and scent surrounded her, the spark that erupted all over her body has stronger effect than sedative that would have been injected onto her the moment she lost her sane like this years ago.

After minutes passed in coaxing and whispering, finally all left from Raine was sniffle and choke breathing. In the other hand, Torak didn't let her go yet before he was sure that his mate could sense his presence and totally fine.

Raine raised her head and peered at Torak through her wet lashes.

Torak couldn't help but kissed away her tears. "You are safe, my love. I will not let anyone, not even myself, to hurt you." It was hurt him to see her like this. "Do you trust me my love?"

Raine stared into Torak's eyes and it took his breath away by looking into those beautiful eyes, he wanted to stare at her forever.

Unexpectedly, Raine wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face on the curve of his shoulder, she was nodding faintly.

"Are you alright? Can we go now?" Torak smoothed her disheveled hair and picked her up by holding her tight while Raine latched onto him as if she was an oversize koala.

Raine didn't know where Torak would bring her, the only thing that she knew now was; this stranger made her feel safe and, as strange as it sound, she trust him. Thus, once again she nodded.

Torak snatched a black jacket and brown sweater before he put Raine down on the sofa. He wore the brown sweater with remarkable speed and helped Raine to put the black jacket on. The big sized jacket drawn her small body and with baseball cap on top of her head, no one would recognize her.

When Raine lifted her head to look at him, his figure blurred, but in the next second he was crouching down in front of her while lifting her feet to put her shoes on.

Feeling uneasy with what he was doing, Raine leaned forward with intention to tie her own shoes, but Torak had caught her hands before she could touch her feet and kissed them softly. "Let me do it." He said indulgently and lifted the other feet.

After he was done to take care of her shoes, Torak buttoned up the black jacket and pulled out her hair while saying. "We will go home."

However, when Torak was holding Raine's hand while walking toward the door, suddenly Raphael mind- linked him. [Torak we can't leave now.]

[What is it?]