The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 300

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 300 Betrayal

After the first class ended, Stephan gave her a flash disk, it sparkled under the sunlight that went through the window beside Raine's table.

"What is it?" Raine picked up the red flash disk and looked at Stephan curiously.

"You should thank me for summarizing all the lessons that you had skipped." Stephan said proudly. "Free lunch will do."

Raine chuckled. "Sure, but I don't want you to be in the same table with sunny and the other." She remembered the dispute last time and she thought it would be wise to not provoke Sunny further. After all she and the other people there were Raine's first friend.

"I am sorry sweety, but your mate will beat my a** if I leave you out of my sight." Stephan shook his head dramatically. "You know how protective your mate could be."

"I am thanking you for this." Raine showed the flash disk in her hand, but then she waved her hand. "But, no. I don't want you to make a ruckus like last time. I will talk to Torak about this."

At the same time, before Stephan could answer her, his phone rang, indicating he had received a message.

Stephan skimmed briefly the message and shrugged his shoulder. "I think you get what you want."

Raine turned around and looked at him. "What is that?"

"I have an emergency call, so I will take my leave first." Stephan leisurely walked past her as he waved his hand.

"You will not come with me for lunch?" Raine asked in confusion. What the emergency that he got? Usually, whatever it was, he would never let her go off.

"I am sorry sweety, but this time even if you were begging me, I can't accompany you for lunch." He said with laugh.

"Go away!" Raine shouted at him.

"Don't worry I will comeback for the second class." Stephan laughed at her reaction.

"Don't come back!"


Stephan walked toward the exit door and turned left. From afar he could see the parking lot where not many people where there.

He didn't need to look for the right car for long time as he approached the black sport car, which was parked under a lush tree instead of the parking lot.

Without checking first, Stephan opened the front seat and sat down quickly.

The moment he closed the door, he could feel the oppressive atmosphere inside the car. It was so suffocating until Stephan was having a second thought to go out from this narrow space, but of course his mind knew better to not do that.

"How are you Alpha?" Stephan greeted him timidly. This was the first time he met Torak after such long time.

Actually he had a hunch that Torak had comeback, when he saw Raine returned after long time being absent.

Torak, who was sitting at the back seat didn't answer Stephan's lousy greeting, instead he spoke straight to the matter that he wanted to ask him. "Did you tell Lucifer about Raine's mark?"

"Ah, yes" Stephan nodded his head. "Just like what you had predicted. He looked for me once he caught a wind about you were being missing and asked about the mark."

Silence ensued inside the car and made Stephan fidgeted in his seat. He gulped hard and turned his body to look at Torak, but he couldn't look him in the eyes, intead he stared at his shoulder.

"Alpha how about our female?" He asked gingerly.

"When Lucifer will let Reynold meet with his mate?" Torak asked. He knew it all. He had arranged it all. This was part of his plans after all.

"The devil said he would let them meet two months from now." Stephan said unsure, the promise of the devil was something that one should worry. "My brother had been so agitated about this."

Torak didn't talk again as he calculated something in his mind.

"Alpha" Stephan called Torak because he didn't get any reply from him. "You know that I don't have guts to defy you, but I don't think I can play this role for long time the Devil will know about this sooner or later."

"So?" Torak crossed his legs as he stared at the timid dragon shifter. This dragon shifter had been indulging himself in human world so much until his nature was corroded.

Without the influence of his brother, he would be nothing.

The scene when Torak cut off his brother's arm truly engraved in his mind and it made him feared the Alpha until the point his breath was so shallow everytime he was near Torak.

Though, behind Torak's back he could still defy his order, such as let his presence was being known by Raine at the very first day they met, disregarding Calleb's warning, but when he had to face Torak directly, he was nothing but a timid little boy.

"I am afraid they would do something to our female and " Stephan gulped hard. "Well, you know how important she is for us."

But, at least there was still a little bit conscience, which left from him, to actually think about the sustainability of his kind.

"We will take her." Torak said. That was one of his plans to solidify the loyalty of those dragon shifters.

"Oh," Stephan was surprised by Torak's statement, but relief at the same time. "Thank you Alpha. I pledged my loyalty to you. I will never betray you." At this time Stephan tried to boot lick the Alpha, probably the later could be less scary if he did that.

"Betray me?" Torak bemused. "Do you even have a choice?"

Upon hearing that, Stephan gulped hard and shrunk in his seat.

"You can go now." Torak said coldly.

With that remark, Stephan hastily clawed the car door and was about to go out before he remembered something.

"Alpha, I don't think your mate's friends have a good intention toward her." He reported it.

Torak didn't answer him immediately, but a few second later he spoke in the same chilly tone. "You can go now." Yet, after Stephan was no longer there, Torak added. "Look into her friends' background."

"Yes, Alpha." Jack answered politely.