The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 301

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 301 He Is Normal Right?

"Raine!" Sunny's loud voice greeted Raine the moment she entered her line of sight while the three other people turned their head and waved at her too.

Seemingly Connor had not joined them yet.

Raine's smile widened when she watched they seemed to welcome her, at first she was a bit nervous that Sunny and the other would distance themselves because of Stephan, yet seeing this, seemingly that wouldn't be the case.

"Where have you been?" Sunny pulled Raine to sit next to her and hugged the girl. "We are worried about you." She pouted her lips.

"There was something that I have to do." Raine said.

"I heard Mr. Donovan went missing, were you with him?" Kai or Kelly asked her while staring at his well trimmed nails. "You skipped many classes just to be with him?"

Raine was unsure if she could answer this question, after all Torak still didn't let other people know that he had returned, but her friends have nothing to do with the devils, Lycan and werewolf from his pack or those people from business circle, right?

Regardless, Raine didn't want to take a risk and only smiled at them.

But, Sunny didn't see her reluctance and kept asking. "So, you were really with him? Together? What is it, like honeymoon?" She asked enthusiastically.

"What honeymoon? We are not married yet." Raine refuted.

"But, you have been living together, right? Since he brought you from the Orphan." Sunny nudged Raine with her elbow while giving her a provocative smile.

"Right!" Kai slammed his hand on the table that startled other people there. "Did you meet him before? Because your love story is like those romance movies."

"What romance movie?" Jammie snorted as she rolled her eyes at Kai.

"You know, they have met before when they were little, make a promise that when they grew up, Mr. Donovan will look for her." Kai used both his hands to give dramatic effect. "Love at first sight."

"Love at first sight my a**." Jammie murmured, shaking her head as she continued to drink her coffee.

"But, think this way!" Kai ignored the disgust in Jammie's voice as he continued with his theory. "How Mr. Donovan could suddenly adopt Raine? She is not a baby, she is a big girl!" He waved his hand at Raine. "And then why Mr. Donovan dates a girl who he adopted? It didn't make sense ever since he decided to adopt her! There must be a story behind it!" Kai said noisily.

"Hm I think that makes senses" Cassey contemplated and voiced out her concern. "I read something like this on line too."

"Right? Right?" Kai became more energetic when Cassey supported his theory. "Tell us, tell us, what is it?"

Raine was confused why this conversation escalated to this, she even not yet sat down for more than five minutes.

"Maybe you don't know this Raine, but a week ago, you became headline news again." Sunny chimmed in. "But three days later, all the news about you had been taken down, I think the PR did it."

"What news?" Raine was confused.

"You don't know?" Cassey asked, she was surprised.

"Where exactly did you two go? Antartic?" Kai asked sarcastically.

"No." Raine refuted softly, but didn't elaborate further about it. "What news?"

Since the news about her made headline when she celebrated her eighteenth birthday, Raine had never skimmed news on line again, or watched any news on television.

Therefore, she was practically clueless about what was happening outside or the news about her and Torak that circulated on line.

"Well, it is a bit stupid I guess" Sunny contemplated and gave a curious gaze at Raine. "Do you cheat behind Mr. Donovan's back?"

"I told you it was only a nasty rumor." Kai intercepted. "Look at her, how do you think a girl like her could cheat behind his back? Moreover, why she should cheat on Mr. Donovan? That hot CEO has everything!"

"Wait, wait what cheating?" Raine was totally confused about what they were talking about. She had just gone for less than two weeks, but why suddenly she was reported cheating? "With who?"

"Never mind about that rumor." Kai waved his hand nonchalantly.

"It was with one of Mr. Donovan's man. Mr. Lockwood." Cassey answered Raine.

"Don't worry, we don't believe those nasty rumor, why would you have to cheat on Mr. Donovan." Sunny crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Calleb?" Raine furrowed even more, why she would be in news with Calleb?

"Yeah, the gossip about it was; both of you were caught talking in private during Mr. Donovan went missing, it even reported that you were crying on Mr. Lockwood's shoulder." Cassey opened his phone. "Look, I screen shoot some news about your scandal."

"Scandal?" Raine confused, why she involved in scandal with Calleb?

The news that Cassey showed her didn't include with picture, it was only an article that contain point of view from the witness, who had seen the scene themself.

Then, something clicked in Raine's mind when she read the article. It was the scene when she was crying inside the small room when she got her vision about Torak was being sackled, of course she was crying like there was no tomorrow at that time while Calleb was trying to calm her down.

"Raine, I want to ask you something." Sunny suddenly turned serious. "Did you leave together with Mr. Donovan?"

"How do you know?" Raine asked.

Sunny rolled her eyes. "It was in the headline news before it was taken down."

Raine nodded without thinking, lying wasn't her forte after all. "Yes."

"Did you sleep together?" Sunny continued.

"Ah what?" She was surprised by Sunny's question and couldn't help but blush, especially when Kai, Cassey and Jammie looked at her intently. "I"

"She did." Jammie sipped her coffee elegantly.

"No." Raine waved her hands frantically. Why this conversation turned out to be like this? "I sleep with him, but I didn't sleep we didn't do it." She stuttered, hoping they didn't misunderstand her.

"He didn't touch you? You had not done the deed with him?" Cassey leaned over and looked Raine incredulously. "You have been months in relationship with him and have been sleeping together!"

"Really? He is normal, right?" Sunny added.