The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 302

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 302 Kai's Solution

Raine slapped Sunny's hand when she heard her comment. "Of course he is." She was a little bit annoyed.

"I am sorry, I just slightly confused because he had not yet touched you even thought you have been sleeping together for months." Sunny rubbed her hand where Raine had slapped her.

"You are not married yet, but you already live together and even slept together." Cassey contemplated. "It is unacceptable, actually, but who would dare enough to criticize Mr. Donovan, right?"

"But, you will marry him eventually, right? He is not just playing with you, right?" Sunny was very energetic for this kind of gossip.

"Of course Mr. Donovan will, don't you see how he has been treating her?" Kai chimmed in. "She is the only woman that Mr. Donovan had acknowledged."

"But, there is Jenedieth." Cassey retorted. "Before there was a rumor about both of them."

"Yes," Sunny nodded. "And do you remember the girl that we met at the mask dance? Alice Harper?" She asked Raine.

Alice Harper was the girl from oriole city, her family company was the rival of Donovan company and she claimed herself to know Torak quite well.

Alice even could attest that Torak and Jenedieth had had relationship when they were still working together.

"Torak said he didn't have any romantic relationship with Jenedieth." Raine frowned. She didn't like when they talked about Jenedieth and Torak were being together. Torak had said that he didn't have mutual feeling, so that was what Raine believed.

"Every man will say something like that about their ex." Jammie shrugged her shoulder, rubbing salt on Raine's jealousy.

"If that was the case, why Mr. Donovan didn't admit it? He didn't need to lie to Raine, he got nothing from it." Kai was still adamant to take Torak's side.

"I don't know," Jammie glared at Kai. "That is only my opinion. Maybe the reason he didn't touch you because he is still thinking about his ex."

Raine knew, she didn't suppose to take this conversation to heart. Torak belonged to her and they were mate, not only that, there were a lot of things that Raine couldn't tell them about this mate things and the world that she lived in, thus it only made her frustrated.

Yet, Raine had been asking the same questions. Why Torak had not yet touched her? Even after he saw those images, he didn't make any attempts to make it happened.

It didn't mean Raine wanted to do it, it just well she wasn't a little girl, right? In the eyes of law, she was a full grown woman.

"But, he kissed you, right?" Cassey asked Raine hesitatedly, afraid to hear the answer would be something that she didn't expect.

"Of course he did." Kai threw a napkin on her face. "Don't you see, he kissed her on her eighteenth birthday party?"

"I didn't watch it, okay!" Cassey threw back the napkin at Kai.

"The question is, why he had not yet touched you?" Kai rubbed his clean chin. "If I were to sleep with him, I would have devoured him every night."

"You make me cringe." Jammie threw a disgusting look at Kai.

"Why? I slept with someone that I love, not only for one or two nights, but every night." Kai glared at Jammie and then shifted his eyes at Raine. "Has he never been aroused even during the time he slept with you? Even once?"

Raine's face turned scarlet and the color covered her ears and her neck as she started fidgeting on her seat. She regretted to meet them today if only she knew the topic of the day was about her and Torak, she wouldn't have come.

"It isn't a big deal okey." Raine tried to dismiss the topic as she became uncomfortable. "We are good and in healthy relationship now."

Ignoring Raine's silence plea, Kai continued. "What kind of dress that you are wearing for sleep?"

Raine frowned when she heard Kai's question, but she answered it anyway. "Pajamas."

"That's why!" Kai slammed his hand on the table that made the other jumped from their seat out of shock.

"Don't do that!" Jammie slapped Kai's arm, but the latter ignored that.

"You should wear something s.e.xy you know!" Kai exclaimed as if he had found a secret formula to live for eternity.

"Sssttt!!!" Sunny and Cassey put their forefinger in front of their lips, gesturing for Kai to lower his volume as Jammie gave him another slap while Raine was dumbfounded, the blush had covered all over her body now, she was quite sure that ther body temperature now had reached more than 38 degrees.

Just like before, Kai ignored them all as he leaned over. "I have a solution for you."


Today was Saturday and Torak had been in his study since this morning.

Actually, today was like any normal day for Raine, not really she actually had promised to go out with Kai and Sunny to the mall near their university.

Raine just needed to ask Torak's permission and then she was good to go.

But, for some reason she became nervous. Her hand raised and fell in her attempt to knock the door until Calleb's voice traveled to her ears.

"Will you go in or not? Because I have to meet the Alpha now and you block my way." Calleb was carrying a stack of doc.u.ment in his arms.

"Oh, right" Raine was about to knock the door when Calleb interrupted her.

"You don't need to knock, Torak must have smelled your scent by now. Furthermore, why you should knock to enter his study? You just need to walk inside." Calleb tilted his head, didn't understand Raine's strange behavior.

"Oh, okay." Raine opened the door and walked inside only to find Torak was leaning his back against his seat as he waved his hand, calling for her.

Obediently Raine strode across the room and stood beside Torak, yet the latter had another idea as he pulled her abruptly and made her sat on his laps instead.

"Your mind keeps buzzing." Torak gripped her chin lightly, asked her to look at him.