The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 303

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 303 She Is Well Protected

Raine bit her lips as her heart was thumping wildly against her chest, she felt her lips went dry because of it and suddenly didn't know what to say.

She just needed to ask permission from Torak if she was allowed to go to the mall with Kai and Sunny, but why this was so difficult?

Maybe because of the reason behind it, why she agreed to Kai's wild idea. Even now, Raine thought it was so stupid for her to actually agree to his idea, but somewhere, in her heart, she couldn't deny that she was waiting for this moment too.

It was a complicated feeling and she felt nerveous just to think of it.

"So, what is it?" Torak asked softly, seeing Calleb scurried away from the room.

"I" Raine bit her lips, glancing at Torak from now and then, but Torak was very patient to wait for Raine. "I want to go to mall with Kai and Sunny, can I?" In the end, Raine said it in one go.

"You want to go to mall?" Torak raised his eyebrows.

Raine nodded. "You know I don't have friends before so"

"You don't need to explain it." Torak kissed her forehead. "Why are you so nervous when this only trivial matter like this, hm?"

"I am not" Raine buried her head on the crook of Torak's shoulder.

"You thought I will not allow you to go with your friends?" Torak guessed.

"Partly." Raine responded.

Torak chuckled upon hearing her answer. "Of course you can go, but not alone."

Raine lifted her head. "With those guards?" Raine asked, slightly feeling uncomfortable. "But, it will be awkward if I walked with them"

"I am sorry my love," Torak caressed her cheeks gently with his thumb. "I can't risk your safety, but at the same time I don't want to take this kind of experience from you too."

Raine sighed, she wanted to refuse, but she was also aware about the possible dangers around her and she didn't want to be kidnapped again.

Neither, she wanted to see Aeon Torak didn't like him and Raine didn't want to antagonize the Alpha. She had experienced enough heartache when she had to be separated from Torak.

"Alright" Raine pouted, but she nodded regardless. "Hmm, Torak how about Mark's condition? Is he alright now?"

Raine still had not yet said thanks to him for saving her life.

"He just discharged from hospital three days ago, but not yet assigned for another duty as he is still recovering." Torak explained it to her.

"Can I go and see him?" Raine asked. "He had saved my life and at the very least I have to say thank you to him."

"Of course. Let's go there when you returned, how about that?" He suggested.

"Okay." Raine smiled brightly until her eyes turned crescent.

Torak kissed her cheeks and then took something from the drawer near him. "Take this with you." Torak placed a black card on her hand.

Raine thought it was only the same card like the other one that Torak had given her. "But, I have my card from you"

"Just use this one." Torak didn't elaborate further as he helped Raine to stand.

Raine shrugged her shoulder and tiptoed to kiss his lips. "Okay." She said.

With that the black card in his hand, Raine walked out of Torak's study room.

Once it was only Torak alone inside the room, he mind- linked Jack, his hunter to come inside the office.

It didn't take long time before a knocking sound echoed inside the room. After Torak allowed him to come, the hunter nodded slightly at Torak. "Alpha." He greeted him.

"How about the background check that I asked you?" Torak leaned forward as he glanced at Jack intently.

"Here, Alpha." Jack opened his tablet and showed his investigation to Torak.


Raine was wearing her favorite jeans and white shoes as she chose to wear a black sweater on top of her shirt because she felt slightly cold.

After she was done, she tied her hair into a bun.

Everytime Raine went with Torak, she almost never tied her hair since he would pull it and played with her hair instead.

Raine didn't mind, actually she liked it, but now she was going out with her friends, so it would look quite messy if she didn't tie her hair.

Before Raine left, she wanted to meet Torak for awhile, but found out he was in serious conversation with Calleb and Raphael.

Raine was slightly hesitated to approach them because she clearly could see their brows knitted in stress as the atmosphere was slightly depressing.

However, when Raine decided to just walk away and didn't distutb them, Torak called her.

"Do you need something my love?" The layers of ice on Torak's expression earlier, seemingly had melted by the sight of his mate.

"No, I just want to say that I will go now, but you are in middle of discussion, so I don't want to disturb you. I will take my leave now." Raine was about to close the door when Torak spoke.

"Don't you want to give me a kiss before you go?" Torak asked her lightly, but mirth was apparent in his eyes when he teased his mate.

Raine blushed and looked at Calleb and Raphael awkwardly.

While Raphael seemed didn't hear anything, Calleb was rolling his eyes desperately as if saying; spare my life please.

"There is no kiss?" Torak asked shamelessly.

Timidly, Raine strode over him and leaned over to kiss his cheeks. "I will go now." She said.

"Don't walk alone and don't go out of the guards' sight, alright?" Torak reminded her again. "I don't want anything happen to you."

"I got it." Raine said and walked hastily out of the study room.

When Raine had closed the door and the sound of her stepped couldn't be heard anymore, Raphael tilted his head and looked at Torak curiously. "You actually let her go like that?"

"What do you mean like that?" Torak frowned. "She is well protected."