The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 304

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 304 Mortified

"What happened, Raine?" Sunny looked at Raine questioningly. "Why are you sighing since the first time we entered the mall?"

"It must be because those guards, right?" Kai swept his eyes briefly at seven people who were following them.

Seven of them were wearing casual attire, so their appearance didn't draw unnecessary attention on them.

"It's okay Raine, it is better to safe than sorry, moreover they don't wear their suit. Now they just like ordinary people, no one will know that they are bodyguard." Sunny comforted Raine.

However, that wasn't the case, because the most disturbing fact was something that the two of them couldn't see.

If only they could see it, they would have screamed on the top of their lungs.

Now, there were around ten Lycans in their beast form, walked around them while countless Lycans could be seen in every corner of the stores.

Torak must be kidding.

Raine wanted to shout out loud. THIS IS TOO MUCH!

"Raine, it's okay, it is only seven of them" Sunny comforted Raine again while patting her shoulder. "Just focus on our mission!" She cheered her up.

"Yeah, I will make Mr. Donovan turn crazy the moment he sees you." Kai said determinedly.

Ah, forget it! He is already crazy!

Raine's mood had vanished into thin air. She didn't know what she supposed to feel right now.

"Come on! Don't spill the mood!" Kai strolled ahead and entered casually entered a lingerie store.

If those seven people who followed Raine were shocked, they didn't show it on their faces as they stared ahead.

One of them followed Raine inside the store while the rest casually strolled around.

Since Raine didn't wear any expensive clothes and her casual style suited her age as teenager, no one would have thought that she was the very same person who made a headline on the internet a few days ago.

Because the only image of Raine that circulated online was when she wore an dazzling and beautiful gown in her birthday party, no one would think this timid girl in sweater and jeans was one and the same person.

"Why are you standing there? Come one!" Sunny dragged Raine inside the store because the latter was only standing at the front door, mortified.

"Don't worry, they are well trained bodyguards, they must have experienced this." Kai said beside Raine.

What Kai meant, those bodyguards must have accompanied their lady boss to lingerie store like this, so there was no need to feel shy.

However, that was not what made Raine stand transfixed on the floor before, it was because there were about twenty pairs of beasts' eyes that stared at her in disbelief!

How Raine supposed to feel that?!

Even Raine could see some of them snickered at her! Why they should make that kind of expression?!

"I think let's just buy pajamas" Raine tried to bring the two of them out of the store, but Kai and Sunny ignored her completely as both of them were so busy to pick something weird for Raine.

"What pajamas?" Kai frowned but his eyes fixed on lingerie in his hand. Raine felt she was almost fainted when Kai casually hung the lingerie next to her waist as he mumbled. "This color doesn't complement your skin."

"Can we just go out now?" Raine could feel her head was aching.

"Why we should go now? We don't get anything yet, we should buy something that could turn Mr. Donovan into a beast the moment he sees you."

HE IS! He is a beast!

Raine screamed inwardly, she literally could hear those Lycans snickered as their tails wagging like happy dogs.

Raine felt the longer they were there, the more she would lose her dignity. As if her pride was stripped off from her.

"Why don't you try this?" Sunny handed red lingerie to her. This kind of thing was something that Raine didn't even understand how to wear it.

Once again Raine glanced at the brown Lycan near her, apparently that Lycan looked to the other side when his eyes fell on the glaring red thing in Raine's hand, averting his eyes.

Oh. At least this one has some dignity left.

Raine wanted to cry when Kai gave her another lingerie, for now there were two sales person who attended to Kai and Sunny, without knowing that the person who would wear it was the girl who timidly followed the two of them in silent, focusing her eyes on her white sneakers.

I would have cry if it could reduce her mortification, unfortunately, if she did that it would only add to her misery.

[Can all of you go?] Raine asked with stern voice through the mind link.

[I am sorry Luna, but we can't leave you alone.] One of the Lycan answered her. Raine thought it must be the brown Lycan, she didn't know but her gut said that, so she looked at the brown Lycan while talking again.

[I am not alone, there are many people here.] She tried to argue.

[This is direct order from the Alpha and we can't disobey him.] From the sound of his voice, apparently he was quite uncomfortable too, but like he said, he couldn't deny his Alpha's order.

[But, you will not tell this to Torak, right?] This was Raine's concern now.

However to her horror, the Lycans didn't answer her, it was either he would tell Torak about this or he just couldn't bring himself to let Raine know that it was the part of their duty; to inform every detail of the situation right now to Torak.

Raine really wanted to cry now.

But, it didn't end there, it was like the universe was punishing her, another trouble came to her way when she heard a woman voice, talking to Sunny.

"Ah, Ms. Andoori, right? We met at the mask party."

Raine didn't familiar with her voice, but when their eyes met, she immediately remembered who was this woman.

Though she was talking to Sunny, but her eyes were directed at Raine as she walked confidently toward her, disregarding Kai in the process.

"Long time no see." She stood there with her mocking smile. "I don't know how to call you or should I just call you Mrs. Donovan?"