The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 305

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 305 Vision

Raine looked at the woman impassively, meeting her only added Raine's depression about this whole situation.

And as if sensing their Luna uneasiness, those Lycan's walked closer toward her imposingly, now Raine was literally surrounded by the beast.

"You can just call me Raine." Raine said, mustered every courage that she could gather. One thing for sure, she didn't like this girl.

"Raine" The woman repeated her name as she smiled cynically. "I didn't expect that we will meet here."

"I don't expect something like this too." Raine smiled shortly before she walked toward Kai and gave the lingerie in her hand to the salesperson beside him. "I will take this."

Raine was trying to calm down and didn't let that woman to see her uneasiness.

Just like the last time they met with each other, this time that woman also tried to provoke Raine, even though she had walked away from her.

"Wait, why don't we shop together?" Alice followed Raine's steps when she was about to reach the cashier and paid for the lingerie that she didn't even know it was on her size or not.

Raine only concern for now was to leave this place and this woman.

"Why are you in a hurry, we are not done talking yet." Alice protested.

"I am sorry Miss, but I don't think there si something that we need to talk. I don't even remember your name." Raine countered, swatted her hand away from her.

This scene earned a chuckled from Kai, who was being totally ignored by Alice earlier, even the latter didn't even spare her attention on Sunny anymore as she found her target.

"How about we start talking about how you had humiliated me in the mask party?" Alice talked casually as if she was asking about weather, but her voice that lack of warm was very disturbing.

"How can I humiliate you while I don't even know who you are." Raine was consistence with her faade to not remember her at all, she hoped by being treated poorly, she could leave her alone.

But, the reality told different thing.

"So, just now I know that you came from an orphanage" Alice mumbled, a little bit too loud for Raine to be able to hear that clearly.

"You are so rude Ms. Harper." Kai reprimanded the young miss because of her attitude. "You shouldn't say something like that."

Alice's eyes scrutinized Kai from head to toe as she let out a sinister chuckled. "And you are? I don't even know you."

Kai's frown even deepened when he heard that.

"Miss Harper, I think we should go separate ways." Sunny chimmed in as she gestured to the salesperson to give them the bill for the lingerie that they had picked.

"Ms. Andoori, how is your family business? I don't think they did well." Alice crossed her arm in front of her chest as she tilted her head to look at Sunny, whose face had turned red. "I heard the Andoori has been looking for capital loan. Is that the reason why do you befriend with Torak's woman?"

Alice Harper was always been a haughty and imperious woman, though she was only twenty one years old, but her father had let her managed some of their subsidiary company.

And as the sole heiress from Harper Company she was pampered by her parents whatsoever.

Also because of the rivalry between her family company and Torak, she was growing up by listening how successful the latter, thus it made her grown up very competitive and hated all the things that regarding Torak Donovan.

"Are you done talking?" Raine frowned. "You are very idle to be here and spouting nonsense."

This wasn't the first time Raine heard something like that about Sunny, because before Alice, Stephan had warned her first about Sunny's true intention by being friend with her, yet Raine just brushed his words off.

She didn't believe it.

However, Raine felt unease when she had to hear this again from different person.

In the other hand, upon hearing Raine's counterattack, Kai and Sunny giggled.

"Let see two weeks from now." Alice didn't bother at all about her was being mocked by them, even her smile didn't falter at all. "Whether you still laugh or not when your father announced the bankruptcy."

"Ms. Harper is very thoughtful. But, it would be better if you just mind your own business." Sunny remarked sharply.

"Oh, what? What did I say?" Alice feigned innocent as she covered her mouth while her eyes opened wide.

This action only made Sunny livid, she was about to lash out, but Raine grabbed her hand and dragged her away from Alice, pulled her closer to her.

Raine shook her head as if saying; don't be provoked by her.

[Can't you just bite her head off? She is so annoying.] Raine mind- linked the previous Lycan who was talking at her. Inside her mind she could hear amus.e.m.e.nt in that Lycan's voice when he replied.

[I am sorry Luna, but we don't harm human if it's not necessary.] The Lycan answered.

[I knew it] Raine then cut the mind- link.

And at the same time, the salesperson from earlier returned with Raine's lingerie, which had been put inside a red color paper bag.

"How do you want to do your paymane miss?" The salesperson asked politely as she listed the discount and benefit that Raine could get if she wanted to be a member here.

But, Raine shook her head vigorously. "No, thank you for your kind offer." She just couldn't imagine that she would visit this store again. This would be the first and the last!

Raine then gave a card that Torak had given to her to the salesperson, upon seeing that card she was surprised and looked at Raine for the second time, assessing her style secretively.

It was known that the black card from the Central Bank was only limitless to a few people, an immense wealth alone, one wouldn't be able to be the holder as this card was only produced for four people who represented their respective fields of work.

Military, politician, influencer and the las one was businessman, Torak Donovan was known as the holder for the last categories.

Every famous brand like this store would have educated their salesperson about this legendary black card.

Actually, because Raine didn't appear shopisticated, so the salesperson didn't count her as a client and therefore they didn't even attend to her and only approached Kai and Sunny.

Who would have known that she would give the black card to her?

The salesperson was trying to remember, who this girl before her eyes. She didn't look like someone who came from military family while the holder of the card from politician didn't have a daughter.

And for the influencer, because she was often appear on line, the salesperson remembered her face. So, the las person would be

"Mrs. Donovan?" Somewhere, in her distance memories, she remembered a beautiful girl clad in exquisite white dress in a spectacular birthday party that the news of it made headline for the rest of the week.

Despite the clothes and style that she was wearing totally different, but the girl's face, who was giving the salesperson black card, has many resemblances from that lucky girl.

"I am not married to him yet." Raine replied bashfully when she called her as 'Mrs. Donovan'.

However, the shock didn't come from the salesperson alone, even Kai and Sunny were flabbergasted by the presence of the black card.

"Mr. Donovan pampers you without holding back, you know?" Sunny mumbled, his eyes still glued on the black card. It was the first time he saw it in real form.

"I will proceedyour payment Miss, please wait for awhile" The salesperson said in very polite manner, she even bowed her body deeply, it was also as apologize for lack of service from their store.

"I feel so stupid to even suggest this idea." Kai plopped his body on the sofa near them.

"Why? What with that card?" Raine was aware by their change of expression when they saw that card.

Because of the appearance of the black card, Alice's existence was slightly forgotten. Regardless her face didn't show her surprised, but she was extremely annoyed why a girl like Raine could use that card without even know what it was.

Since her family wasn't chose as the holder of the card, this was also the first time for Alice to see it by her own eyes. Of course this fact irritated her even further.

"You don't even know what card that is?!" Sunny and Kai asked Raine simultaneously.

At first they thought Raine only made a joke, but from her impassive expression, they knew that this girl was totally clueless about what kind of card that she possessed.

"Did you just get that card from Mr. Donovan's wallet?" Sunny plopped her body next to Kai as she stared intently at Raine in disbelief. "If my father was the holder of that card, he would make me stay away from it at least ten feet." She muttered while sighing dramatically.

"Of course not, he just gave it to me when I said I want to go shopping with you." Raine replied.

And then, Kai generously explained what was that card, from the benefit until benefit. In short, the holder of that card was someone extremely important and has a big influence in their field of work.

[It is expected from the Alpha, Luna.] The brown Lycan talked through the mind- link there was a smile in his tone.

Raine glanced at the brown Lycan as she smiled back at him. She felt her heart warm from the way Sunny and Kai looked at the black card with jealousy, it meant, Torak only gave the best to her.

Meanwhile, seeing she was being ignored through and through, Alice fumed. She gritted her teeth. How could they forget about her?! She was standing there like a clown while listening Sunny and Kai expressed their jealousy by the way Torak had been treating Raine.

"I feel really stupid to suggest this idea" Kai sighed, he thought Torak didn't want to touch Raine because she wasn't appealing enough, as it turned out, apparently Torak extremely valued her until he couldn't carelessly touch her. "I think you don't need all of this."

"I have been telling you that I don't need it." Raine hastily agreed with Kai's statement. "I know he loves me." She felt butterflies fluttered their wings in her stomach.

"You are indeed so stupid, Kai." Sunny punched Kai's arm. "You shouldn't doubt Mr. Donovan's love for her, you know."

"Oh, so you bought lingerie for him?" Alice found an opportunity to mock Raine, of course she wouldn't let it go. "Do you want to bed him so bad, huh?"

Raine stared at Alice, annoyance in her eyes.

[You are not allowed to harm her, but it doesn't mean you can't do something else to her, right?] Raine mind- linked the brown Lycan as she changed her mind to hate this way of communication. Now, she liked it a lot!

"You really are on different level from Ms. Jenedieth." Alice brought Jenedieth's name again to irritate Raine. She was very sure that Torak Donovan has a secret relationship with Jenedieth in the past, despite the fact he chose to go public with this girl.

A glint of anger flashed in Raine's eyes, but her lips curled into a beautiful innocent smile when she walked closer to Alice and spoke to her in low voice. "Just for your information, we are already in bed" She paused to let the word sunk in her mind. "Stop bring Jenedieth's name in front of me, it is not her name that annoyed me, but the fact that you are too noisy to care about my love life that I couldn't understand."

Raine took a step back to see the change of Alice's expression.

At that time a salesperson carried a tray with four glasses of juice for them, she thought Alice was part of Raine's friend as well. This was one of the privileges, which the card holder would receive after all

The salesperson gave the first glass to Raine politely before she gave it to Kai and Sunny, yet when she was about to give the last glass to Alice, Raine stopped her.

"Why did you give her also?" Raine creased her brows questioningly that made the young girl confused.

"Ah, this because I thought she is Mrs. Donovan's friend too." Despite Raine had said she wasn't married to Torak yet, they still addressed her that way.

This time, Raine didn't even mind to correct her as she sat down on the sofa with Kai and Sunny on her left and right side.

"Friend?" Raine raised her eyebrows. "I don't even know her." She said with straight face.

Kai and Sunny laughed out loud, didn't even care to hide their merriment for Raine's counterattack. At the same time, Raine could also hear those Lycan chortled in their boisterous voice in her mind.

Oh, Raine liked this moment!

The salesperson was in awkward position, whether to give the glass or not to Alice.

"She is not a VIP right? Why do you want to give that juice to her?" Kai interrupted, seeing the salesperson was in tight position, he decided for her. "Don't worry, she is rich enough, she could buy something else to drink outside."

"You can go." Another sales person, who received the black card came with a bill for Raine to sign, was quick to understand the situation that their VIP didn't like this girl. "Mrs. Donovan, you can sign it over here." She spoke to Raine sweetly with endless smile.

Not like Torak, Alice was too young to make a name for herself, Maybe in oriole city some people would know her as the heiress of the Harper company, but here was Fulbright City and Harper family didn't have a strong hold in this city, thus no one knew about her except a handful people, but it was obvious those sales people were not part of it.

"There is anything else?" Raine signed the bill while staring at Alice innocently as if she had not done anything to her.

Fuming mad, Alice stomped her feet while pointing her sharp nail at Raine's face. "You! Argh!" She shouted at Raine, but the moment her feet touched the ground she felt something that made her lost her balance and fell on her back unceremoniously.

Alice didn't even realize what was happening until she heard a loud laughter from people around her, only then she was aware of her not- so- graceful position.

Kai was the one who laughed very loud, until the vein on her neck popped out and his face turned red while Sunny covered her face with both of her palms as she couldn't see Alice's position right now, it was too hilarious, she felt she would die from laughing.

In the other hand, Raine glanced at the brown Lycan as the latter winked at her while showing his sharp cannines, Raine assumed he was grinning at her.

Out of politeness, the salesperson helped Alice to stand up while trying to make her expression as professional as she could, she clenched her jaw to stop herself from joining the trio.

"Are you alright, Miss?" The salesperson asked very soft, afraid she would laugh instead.

Alice was wearing yellow bodycon dress that accentuated her curves, actually Alice has a nice body that made Raine jealous, but the way she felt ungracefully, made Raine think otherwise.

No matter how good looking you were, once you showed your panties in the public, it wouldn't be good anymore.

Raine felt bad for being happy for Alice's unfortunate event, but she just couldn't help it.

"Your store is wretch!!!" Alice swatted the hand of the salesperson, who had helped her to stand up, once she got her balance.

After saying that, Alice left. The thing that happened truly enraged her! She couldn't stand the humiliation any longer and stormed out of the store.

"What a coincidence!" Kai was breathing heavily in th end of his laugh. "How she could fall like that?"

"That is what you called Karma!" Sunny chimmed in happily. She rubbed her face as her cheeks were hurt because of laughing too much.

"Let's go from here." Raine stood up from the sofa and gestured for the two of them to get out from the store also.

The salesperson returned the black card to Raine and thanked her for her visit, also didn't forget to invite her to comeback again.

Raine only smiled when she heard that, as she didn't think she wanted to comeback.

"I don't think I will need this" Raine looked at the red paper bag in her hand as they walked out of the store. "I feel so stupid to actually consider your idea." She frowned at Kai.

Raine shouldn't doubt Torak's love for her, but at some point, she just needed to prove it again and again.

Kai let out a nervous laugh as he received Raine's bad mood.

Afterward, the trio decided to eat something from nearby restaurant and ended it ahead of time because Sunny was called by her father to return.

On the way back to their car, Raine got a call from Torak, who check on her, thus she walked slightly slower as she pointed to her phone to Kai and Sunny.

And with knowing look, they walked ahead.

"Torak, are you crazy?" Raine hissed without even said 'hello' to him.

From the other line, Raine could hear Torak's boisterous laugh because of her sudden outburst. How he could laugh like that when Raine was really annoyed by his action.

"I am literally surrounded by Lycans, you know?" Raine said grumpily, but when her eyes fell on the red paper bag in her hand, her face turned scarlet instead.

She was too impulsive to actually buy this kind of thing, now she pitied herself and her insecurities.

"That's for your safety, my love." Torak's voice was so gentle. "I can't accompany you because there is so much thing that I need to handle and also, I don't think your friends will be comfortable with me around."

Raine than imagine how Kai and Sunny's reaction would be when they met Torak in person. "Hm, I think they will have a hard time to even speak a single word." She said exaggeratedly.

"Have you done? Should I come and pick you up?" Torak asked.

"Yes, I am done" Raine nodded. "You don't need to pick me up, I will be home less than an hour. After that we can visit Mark."

There was silence that followed after Raine said that, Before Torak said in soft voice like a gentle breeze. "Thank you."

Raine frowned. "What that 'thank you' for?"

"Thank you for thinking about the people in our pack." Torak elaborated. "I am so grateful that you show your concern toward the people in our pack."

Torak kept saying 'our pack' instead of 'his pack' and this made Raine's heart warm. It made Raine thought that she was belonged to something, she was part of it, the pack that you could call as family.

"I should be the one who thanks Mark. If it is not for him, I would have burned into ash at that time." Raine kicked a pebble near her feet playfully.

There was another silence that ensued. Raine almost could imagined Torak's face darkened when she mentioned the possibility she would die. He must be gritting his teeth now.

"What did you buy?" Torak changed the topic, because he didn't like to think something harmful happened on his mate.

Raine closed her eyes and bit her lips as she grimaced. "Nothing." She said briefly.

Because of her nervousness, she failed to realize the amus.e.m.e.nt in Torak's voice. "I will wait for you at home, be careful alright?" Torak didn't ask about it further.

Raine chuckled. "I have seven body guards and dozens of Lycans that surrounded me. What are you worried about?"

"My heart can't calm if you are out of my sight" Torak spoke in his lazy tone, yet Raine could feel his love for her.

"Stop being so cheesy, it doesn't suit you." Rain scolded him lightly. "I will hang up the phone now."

"I love you my little angel." Torak said heartily, totally ignoring Raine's complain.

"So do I" Raine replied timidly, eyeing the Lycans around her that seemingly could hear their conversations as they lowered their head with their ears flopped down.

Who told you to eavesdrop!?

And with that, Raine hung up the phone and walked toward Kai and Sunny, who had been waiting for her.

"Okay, I think we will have a shopping time for real later." Sunny said when Raine was close enough to hear her voice.

"So, tell me, what you will do with that?" Kai glanced at the paper bag in Raine's hand suggestively as his lips moved upward into a smirk.

"Stop your dirty thought!" Raine glared at Kai. "I will not wear this. Do you want this?" She asked Sunny instead.

"No, I don't wear something like that too." Sunny chuckled. "Why don't you give it to Kai?"

Kai glared at the two women when they laughed at him.

"Oh, I bought this out of impulsiveness and Kai's silly idea." Raine whined, looked at the lingerie's bag regretfully. She didn't want to wear it, but didn't want to throw it either.

The price for these small pieces of fabric was extremely expensive! She shouldn't waste Torak's money for this

Now, she could only keep it, at least this could be her reminder of how immature she was.

"Don't worry too much you will need it in the future." Sunny winked her eyes at her and pulled her into a hug.

And it happened like a flash of light when someone took your picture, but actually Raine felt it happened longer than that.

This time, it didn't happen like before. It wasn't like a time lapse video or slow motion movie. Raine just witnessed one image.

She just watched blood in her hand


Raine was extremely quiet on her way back to her house. She even forgot to bring the red paper bag when she exited the car and entered the house absentmindedly.

"Do you want to take a rest first or we will go directly to visit Mark?" Torak's voice woke her up from her stupor.

"Hm? Oh, let's go now" Raine was slightly confused. But, she gave him her smile like usual.

In the other hand, Torak could sense there was something that bothered Raine, but he kept it for himself, he would ask about it when the time was right.

"Let's go then." Torak grabbed her hand and led her out of the house again as Raine followed him absentmindedly.

Torak and Raine entered the same car that Raine used to go to the mall, they sat on the back seat and let the driver drove them to Mark's house.

In her muddleheaded state of mind, Raine rested her head on Torak's shoulder as her eyes gazed at the trees outside with blank stare, didn't realize when Torak's eyes caught a sight of the red paper bag.

What was that image? Blood in her hands? Her blood? Or someone else blood? Someone would be hurt? But, when and why? The blood was too much for just being cut accidentally by knife. It was too much blood

Raine was still not aware about what happened even when Torak started to tear open the paper bag and found a naughty red lingery inside.

"My love" Torak called Raine in his hoarse voice.

"Hm?" Raine humed, but her eyes still on the street.

"What did you buy?" Torak asked the same question again.

"Nothing" Raine answered absentmindedly.

"Nothing?" Torak reiterated.

"Nothing." Raine nodded slightly, to empashize her answer. "Nothing."

"Then, what about this? What is this?" Torak brought the s.e.xy lingerie into Raine's line of sight.

Raine didn't give immediate reaction, she just blinked, once, twice until the image before her eyes registered into her mind.

The red lingerie was hanging helplessly on the tip of Torak's finger, fluttered in fluid motion when Torak shook it lightly.

"If you didn't buy this then whose this s.e.xy- tiny- piece- of fabric belong to?" Torak's eyes were glowing with mischievous as his lips curled upward.

"Argh!" Raine snatched the shameful lingerie from Torak's hand and hid it behind her back in futile attempt. Torak had seen it anyway. "This is not mine!" She denied it immediately. "This is not mine!"

"Than who?" Torak tilted his head, enjoying his fl.u.s.tered little mate.

"This this belongs to Sunny." Raine bit her lips as her heart thumping wildly against her chest.

"Oh," Torak then pulled out his phone and scrolled something on its screen. "By any chance, did you buy it for Sunny?"

Torak turned the screen of his phone so it facing Raine, so she could read the notification from detail transaction of the card.