The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 306

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 306 Vision 2

Raine looked at the notification message in horror, her jaw dropped, as she couldn't find right excuses to give it to Torak.

No. Torak must have known about this since the beginning. This was his way to tease her like usual.

At this moment Raine really wanted to dig a whole for herself or just disappeared into particles of dust, but nothing she could do now except cried in shame.

Abruptly, Raine stuffed the red lingerie in her hand into her pocket and leaned over to hug Torak as she buried her head against his chest, hiding her crimson color face.

Meanwhile, Torak mercilessly laughed at her action, her chest rumbled as he guffawed while hugging Raine.

"So, is it really you?" Torak asked between his laugh. Raine really wanted to close his mouth and made him stopped laughing, but she even couldn't lift her head. She didn't want to see him.

"This is not my idea!" Raine's voice muffled on his chest as she denied. "This is kai's, not me" She whimpered as she felt wronged.

"It's alright" Torak tousled her hair. "There is no need to be shy."

Mark's house was still in the same place and it only took five minutes to reach there by car. Once the car stopped, Torak told the driver to go out first and let the couple alone inside the car.

Raine was still burying her face against Torak's chest and refused to lift her head, no matter what Torak said.

In the end, Torak was patiently waiting for her to calm down.

"I feel awful" Raine grumbled. "You shouldn't tease me like this!" She nuzzled her face, wiping her tears harshly until her face and eyes turned red.

"I am sorry, I shouldn't have teased you." Torak rested his chin on top of her head as he caressed her back lovingly. He admitted his mistake, though there was still a smile curled on his lips. "But, may I know why did you buy that?"

Torak could feel Raine's body became stiff when he asked that, but he let her to take her time to adjust with her feeling.

"We have been sleeping together since the first time we met each other, but" Raine's voice muffled on Torak's chest. "But, we" Her voice trailed off until she stopped to talk.

"But why we don't have a s.e.x?" Torak blurted out.

Now Raine became even more mortified when Torak said it out loud. How he could just say something like that casually?!

"Is that what you want to ask?" Torak kissed the top of her head again as he pulled Raine closer. He repositioned her and now she was straddling him while wrapping her arms around his neck and buried her face on the nook of his shoulder.

Raine nodded timidly. "I feel like immoral girl." She said softly.

But Torak frowned when he heard that, his frown deepened when an understanding hit him. "No. You are not!" He growled deeply.

Torak didn't like to hear that word from his mate, especially when Raine thought she was the one. The sound of it didn't settle well with Torak.

"My love, you are just eighteenth. This is the age when you have curiosity for all the aspect in your life, including s.e.x. This is a normal thing, my love." Torak's voice soothed Raine's tension slightly.

"The dreadful experiences that you had been through formed insecurities in you, not to mention that you have to face the reality that very differ with all the people around you." Torak was aware with the insecurities that Raine suffered. She practically felt insecure for everything.

"Talking about s.e.x with your friend, hang out with them, do a silly thing like buying this kind of thing all of that is normal. You are a teenager, my love. Teenager does stuff like that." Torak tousled Raine's head.

"We don't have s.e.x, doesn't mean I don't like you. It doesn't equate with you are not attractive in my eyes, because you are, my love. You are my universe." Torak talked very slow, pronounced every word carefully, so Raine could hear it clearly, Because he wanted for her to realize this. "You are all I need. To see you live happily that's all I care about."

Raine shifted her head as she wiped her tears.

"I can't control what those people say to you." Torak heard about what the heiress from the Harper company had told Raine from the Lycan that he assigned to protect her. "But, I can only say, I don't even want to think about what life would be like without you. I cherish you above everything else in my life."

Raine slowly lifted her head and stared at Torak timidly with her teary eyes. "Really?"

"You know that I am saying the truth." Torak wiped another tears that fell from his mate's beautiful eyes. "We don't have a s.e.x yet, not because you are not attractive enough for me. You are the only person who is able to make me fall in love with you all over again only by witnessing the smile appear on your lips."

Raine let out a soft chuckle upon hearing Torak's cheesy words, yet she liked it nonetheless.

"We don't have s.e.x yet because, this is not what you want. You think you want this because the fact that we have been sleeping next to each other every night, but it is only your insecurities that makes you think that you want this." Torak gathered a wisp of Raine's hair and swept it behind her ear.

Raine sniffled, staring at Torak, she said in very soft voice. "Why do you think I don't want this?"

"Because you are not ready yet." Torak answered with certainty.

Raine bit her lips as she sniffled again. "How, if I said that I want it?" She gulped hard when she finished her words.

How she could so bold?!

Torak's face darkened, there was something dangerous flashed in his ocean blue eyes. "Are you sure?" His voice slightly hoarser than usual.

"Yes," Raine nodded. She felt her throat went dry. Was she really sure about this? She didn't know the answer.

Torak's eyes shifted at the mark on her left neck, it peeked from the hem of her sweater. Raine's body shivered when his thumb caressed the spot.

Even from here, Torak could hear the beating of Raine's heart. He pursed his lips as he moved his hand down, caressed her cleaveage and down

When his palm went down to her chest, out of instinct, Raine slapped his hand away. She wasn't use to someone touched her there it was so intimate

Raine widened her eyes as she met Torak's. She couldn't help, but questioning herself, why she reacted like that? Wasn't she said, she was ready?

Would Torak angry with her? Because she wasn't consistent with her own words?

"Because you are not ready, my love. No, I am not angry with you. Because you didn't know what you really wanted." Torak answered all of Raine unspokable questions. "Yes, I read your mind and I am sorry for that."

Raine leaned over again and buried her head on his neck.

"It is your insecurities that keep telling you that you need this, yet in actual fact, you don't need it at all." Torak said it softly.

There was silence that ensued after that and Torak let her to arrange her own feeling, though Raine was better than months ago when he met her for the first time, but of course all of the things that she had suffered still leaving traces of scar and her insecurities was one of it.

Raine nuzzled her head on his neck and then slowly she lifted her head. She felt slightly better now that Torak had said all of those things.

However, this question suddenly hit her. "But, how about the heat? You said it will come in random time" Raine frowned when she remembered the pain from that even. She didn't want to experience it again. "You said I will be in pain for as long as we don't complete the bonding." Blush crept on her face to her ears and neck when she talked about this.

"It will not happen until three months from now, the interval from the first heat and the second heat is three months." Torak could sense his mate distress regarding this matter. "We will figure out what we will do about it later, alright?"

"Hmm." Raine hummed as she nodded. She would be good for the next three months.

"Let's go?" Torak helped Raine to tidy her hair.

Raine moved to sit down next to Torak as she looked at her reflection on the rearview mirror. "I look terrible"

"You are terribly beautiful." Torak added that earned a chuckle from Raine as she slapped his arm playfully.

"What are you doing?" Raine frowned, suddenly became defensive when she watced Torak casually picked up the lingerie and scrutinized it.

"Did you pick this model?" Torak asked, hanging the soft fabric on the tip of his forefingers, teasing Raine again.

"It was Kai." Raine snatched it from him and stuffed it ruthlessly into the paper bag.

"Good, I don't like that model." Torak rubbed his palm on her head. "Next time I will something more s.e.xy than that if you really want to wear it." He winked at her.

"Torak!" Her mate was really capable to make her felt like she was riding a jet coaster!


"Thank you for your visit Luna." Mark looked in good shape as if he had never experienced such bad event.

"I should be the one who thanks you. If it's not because of you, I will not be here." Raine could feel Torak became stiff when she mentioned that.

"That's my duty to protect you." Well, if something happened to Raine, Mark wouldn't be here either. But the last thought, he kept it for himself.

But, Mark was surprised because Raine actually took the initiative to visit him, usually, as the Luna of the pack, losing one person was a common thing in order to protect her. Moreover, they didn't know each other for long time neither he was someone significant to be remembered.

Yet, Raine spare her time to look and see him personally. Called him idiot, but he felt warm by her kind gesture.

After that short visit to see Mark, Torak and Raine didn't stay for long time. Both of them returned to the main house to have dinner together.

"I don't want Stephan to follow me everywhere." Raine stated when they had finished their dinner and was about to go to bed. "I mean, he can't go along with my other friend"

"Okay, I will talk to him." Torak pulled Raine closer to him as he patted her back, lulled her to sleep. "But, in return, I don't want you to go to weird place that's out of my people sight."

"Okay." Raine knew the danger that lurked from the shadow, thus she complied with his suggestion.

"Good. Now sleep." Torak turned off the table lamp and pulled the blanket and covered both of them.

"Mmh, Torak" Raine called her between her sleepy yawn. "Where did you put the lingerie?" He said he didn't like the model and since the lingerie wasn't something that Raine like it too, she wondered where he put it as the item suddenly disappeared when they reached home.

"I give it to Calleb." He said nonchalantly.


The next day, the first thing that Sunny and Kai asked was how Torak's reaction when he saw the lingerie.

"He said he didn't like the model." Raine munched on her lunch meal. She deliberately didn't elaborate in detail as they still assumed Raine was wearing that when she saw it to Torak.

"He didn't like it!?" Kai was surprised. "It means, he doesn't like my taste?" He looked so miserable to know that.

"And then what happened after that?" Sunny asked eagerly while Cassey looked at Raine in the same way.

Raine contemplated for a while before she answered. "He said he will buy me something s.e.xier."


And with that the noisy sound erupted at their table as Sunny and Kai squalled while covering their mouth.

"How about the lingerie that Kai had chosen for you?" Cassey asked in the end of her laugh.

Raine grinned when she heard this question and answered the way Torak had told her when she asked the same thing. "He gave it to Calleb."

"Calleb? Mr. Watson? The man who was rumored to be your cheating partner?" Sunny asked.

"He is one of Torak's most trusted subordinate." Raine answered honestly.

Afterward, days passed in a blink of an eye, it was already one week since Raine visited Mark and thankfully nothing happened during that period of time.

However, the fact that Torak still didn't appear in any of important meeting with both human and Lycan. It created quite a chaos.

From outside world, Torak had been missing for more than a month already, even Sunny and the other started to question Raine about Torak's whereabouts as the news on line started to go crazy over the missing tycoon.

Raine answered them vaguely and didn't have intention to clear the confusion until at some point, they were tired to ask anything to her and just like other people, throwing random guess about Torak Donovan's disappearance.

During this time also, Raine has been trying to figure out what kind of image that she had seen previously the moment she touched Sunny, but no matter how many times she touched her, the image didn't appear again.

All she remembered and saw was blood on her hand, but what exactly it was? And how it could somehow related to Sunny?

It didn't make any senses at all for her now.

"I saw blood on my hand." Raine said abruptly when they were watching a movie before they went to bed.

Currently, Raine was cuddling with Torak on the sofa inside a home theatre that the former didn't even realized that this house has it.

Torak turned the volume of the movie, so it wouldn't distract the thing that Raine wanted to say.

"Whose blood?" Torak's turned grimed.

"I don't know this image is not like the other images that I had seen." Raine shrugged, talking to Torak but her eyes fixed on the giant screen in front of her, though not a single sentence from the actress that she could discern.

"Tell me in detail." Torak said in flat tone, seemingly he was suppressing his emotions.

Raine didn't hesitate to tell him about the image that she had seen, but there was no detail, because the image was as plain as Raine had told him.

Blood on her hand. That's it.

No background image or anything around her.

In that case, the blood should belong to her, right?

"Did you feel any pain when you watched the scene?" Torak's body turned stiff. He has same thought as Raine.

If there was no one there, then the blood must belong to her, right?

Yet, the weird thing was, Raine didn't feel that way. "No."

Torak rested his chin on top of Raine's head as he contemplated, there were many possibilities that roamed around in his head and he didn't like any of it.

They stayed in silence until the credit of the movie appeared and Raine had fallen asleep.

Carefully, Torak carried his sleeping mate to their room and put her down on the bed gently before he tucked her inside the warm blanket.

Torak then walked out to the balcony, relishing the crisp night as the sound of the wind that rustled the branches of the trees accompanied him.

[Raph.] Torak mind- linked his Beta, who currently was sitting at the backyard.

[Do you need something Torak?] Raphael stared at the balcony, where Torak was staring back at him.

[I want you to speed up the plan.] Torak said gloomily.

[In that case, we need more pressure.] Raphael replied. Something must have happened in Torak's end that made him sounded this way. His voice was laced with anxiety and annoyance.

[Do, whatever it needs.] Torak then cut the mind- link as he returned inside the room.

In the backyard, Calleb lifted his head when he watched the communication between Raphael and Torak had ended, leaving the former with a furrow.

"What is it?" Calleb asked, frowning as well. He threw the remaining carrot to the bunny's cage. Aside from baby sit Raine, apparently he took an extra job to baby sit her pet as well.

"Torak need us to speed up the plan." Raphael stuffed his hand inside his pocket.

"Something comes up?" Calleb asked in concern.

The Beta shrugged as he lifted his head and looked at the full moon above of him. "I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this."


The next morning.

Raine was awoken by Torak's soft touch on her cheeks. He drew circle on her skin mindlessly while inciting the spark between them.

"Good morning sunshine." Torak's hoarse voice greeted Raine when her eyelashes fluttered.

Raine let out a stifled yawn while moving closer toward Tora and hugged his waist, still didn't want to wake up.

The sunlight had not yet appeared from the huge window near the balcony, so it would be too early to wake up.

"Why did you wake up so early?" Raine rubbed her eyes to see the clock on the table beside Torak, it was only five in the morning,

Actually Torak couldn't fall asleep since last night, his heart was filled with anxiety, yet it didn't appear on his face or his voice when he answered Raine's question.

"So I can stare at you longer" Torak replied softly.

His answer earned a chuckle from Raine as she forced her eyes to open and looked at her mate with her sleepy eyes. "You sound like pervert."

"Is it?" Torak raised his eyebrows as he tousled her hair lovingly. "My love can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" Raine asked with her eyes shut, but she was awake enough to have a conversation with him.

"Don't go to Campus for the rest of the week." Torak blurted out.

Upon hearing that, Raine opened her eyes and stared at him. "You surprised me in this early morning by your request." More or less Raine could understand why he asked such request to her.