The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 307

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 307 Vision 3

Raine rubbed her eyes to get rid the remaining sleepiness from them as she supported herself with her elbow and tilted her head at Torak.

"Are you worried because what I told you?" Raine asked.

Torak didn't answer her, instead he mindlessly tidied her nest like hair and stared deeply into her eyes. He didn't have a good night sleep, and that was all because of her.

Raine raised her hand and ran her fingers along his jawline, brushed his lips lightly as his eyes turned soften.

At this time, Raine thought how silly she was to feel insecure upon his love for her. He loved her dearly. It wasn't even a question. He was worried for her.

"Alright." Raine agreed. "I will not come to campus."

Regardless she had been absent for more than a week and she has a lot of homeworks and assignment to be finished, but all of that could wait.

Everything could wait as long as she could make her mate calmed. Raine didn't want for Torak to worry about her.

There were too many things that he had to handle and Raine didn't want to add his headache by worrying her.

Moreover, since they still couldn't figure out what was the image that Raine had seen, it was better if she stayed safe near Torak.

To be able to see him twenty four hours wasn't a bad idea also

"Thank you." He said softly as he leaned forward and touched Raine's forehead with his. "Serefina is here."

"Hm?" Torak suddenly changed the topic, so Raine was slightly confused, not to mention she just woke up and part of her brain was still not functioning propertly. "Serefina is here?"

"She just came." Torak informed Raine.

"Oh, okay" Raine replied.

"Three days from now, I will go to another city." Out of the blue, Torak told her his plan.

Raine was slightly traumatized with the last event when they were separated, thus when she heard what Torak said, she lifted her head and stared at him in silence.

She wanted to tell him that she wanted to come along, but hesitated.

Will she become his burden if she followed him? That was the first thought that was running inside her head when she heard him.

However, before Raine could decide whether she would ask him to bring her as well, Torak had asked her.

"You will come with me." Torak stated. It wasn't a request, he just said it that he would bring her along with hhim.

"Of course!" Raine kissed Torak happily before she realized, she just woke up and not yet brushed her teeth.

With self- consciousness, Raine drew herself from him timidly.

"Where will you go?" Torak swiftly pulled her back by holding her ankles. "Come here."

"I haven't brushed my teeth yet!" Raine squealed when Torak grabbed her by her waist. "What are you doing?"

"Get back my morning kiss." Torak trapped her between his strong arms as he pried her hand away from her lips.

There were laughter and giggles that filled the room and echoed throughout the wall until the sun shone.


At 7 am, the couple went down to have their breakfast while teasing each other.

Apparently, this morning everyone woke up earlier than usual, because the moment Torak and Raine entered the dining room, there were Serefina, Calleb and Raphael as well, even Jack, the hunter also joined them.

All of those people who were sitting on the table while enjoying their breakfast, mumbled their 'good morning' toward their Alpha and Luna, with the exception of Serefina.

The witch looked haggar and she has eye bags under her eyes.

Raine wondered, why she looked so exhausted? It wasn't like her to appear so clumsy like this. Serefina was wearing a white t- shirt and jeans while her short red hair was a little bit messy.

The witch even didn't open her eyes when Torak and Raine entered the room, she rested her elbow on the table while her hand propped her chin.

Did she go somewhere and encountered danger?

However, in the end Raine kept her opinion and question for herself as she sat down beside Calleb with Torak at her other side.

A woman in her late forty came to attend to Torak and her as she put their plate on the table. She was human, that was why there were no one talked carelessly at the dining table.

After the woman left and no one there were no one there, except them, Serefina opened her lime green eyes, they look dull.

"Are you all right, Serefina?" Raine couldn't help but asked the witch. She didn't like Serefina in her current state. She looked weak.

"Fine." Serefina replied curtly as she sipped her coffee and looked at Torak impassively. "I heard you will speed up your plan." She started.

Serefina was sitting opposite Torak, thus when she threw the Alpha that look, Raine instinctively tilted her head to look at Torak's reaction.

But nothing, Torak didn't show any emotion on his placid expression, he was pouring a milk from a jar into a glass in front of Raine, diligently.

Serefina's statement was only met with silence as she stared at Torak intently.

After Torak had done, he lifted his head and reciprocated the witch's gaze as he calmly said. "Yes, I need it faster."

"There is possibility that you will ruin the plan." Serefina reminded Torak, but the latter was determined to execute the plan according to his order.

The atmosphere turned intense in just a matter of second.

A few minutes ago, Torak was still laughing with her, however now, he was very serious as if he was determined to do something that Serefina didn't approve.

Well, this wasn't the first time they were not on the same page.

"Since you are here, I need you to talk to her." Torak sipped his coffee as he glanced at Raine, who was eating obediently.

"Why?" Serefina crossed her legs while leaning her back against the backrest. "What the thing that I need to talk to her?"

Raine raised her head and looked at Torak. "What?"

Both of them confused, if Raine could choose, she was very reluctant to talk to the witch if there was nothing important to be discussed and the feeling was mutual.

Sensing the reluctance from both of them, Torak reached out his hand and stroke Raine's head. "I want you to talk about your vision to her." Torak gestured at Serefina.

"What vision? Did you see something again?" Serefina leaned forward to see Raine's reaction.

She clearly remembered that because of this power of her, she managed to figure out what happened with Torak. So, did she see something peculiar again?

"Let's discuss this after breakfast." Torak said, after that he shifted his gaze on Jack. "What you got?"

"Alpha." Jack gave Torak small nodded before he proceeded with his report. "The attack on Luna on the other day by those reporters is still under investigation. But, we believe this involves the witches from northern coven. For now, those reporters were still under arrest for further investigation in police station. I have informed our people there too, to pay attention on them."

Torak's perfect brows furrowed. "How those witches status?"

"The witches arrived in this city around two weeks ago, but until now they still didn't make any significant move." Jack said.

Even though the breakfast was so tasty and Raine was slightly hungry, but with the tension in the air, she found herself was having hard time to enjoy it.

"Pay close attention into it." Torak said gruffly.

"Yes, Alpha." The hunter nodded his head.

"Torak, I think Belphegor will make his move on you soon, he has been involving himself with those shareholders, since you never appear in any of the broad meeting, those people began to get anxious. It is only a matter of time before they make a petition to overthrow you from your current position."

"Hmm." Torak scramble egg from his plate to Raine's as he knew she liked it a lot. "Let them do whatever they want."

"Torak, seriously. Tell me if you already have a plan for this, right?" Serefina stared at Torak with confusion dancing in her lime green eyes. "You don't do it out of your impulsiveness right?"

"Impulsiveness?" Torak lifted his eyes to stare at Serefina after he poured another milk for Raine. "It's indeed my own impulsiveness, but it didn't mean I don't have a plan for this."


"So, tell me now what have you seen?" Serefina crossed her arms in front of her chest while staring at Raine in front of her.

Currently, they were inside the greenhouse. They were sitting on the bench with a small rectangular table between them.

Raine was holding her bunny, running her fingers on its soft white fur that reminded her of Torak's beast.

Outside of the greenhouse, there were four human bodyguards, who were standing beside the door while a few Lycans in their beast form were patroling that area.

Apparently Torak became more paranoid because of what Raine had told him.

The event when Raine was being lured and kidnapped by the devil and the shadow guard, even when she was inside their house made Torak tensed. He didn't loosen the guard even when they were at home.

Raine couldn't complain about this as she knew this was the only way to make Torak felt slightly relax and his way to show her how much he loved her.

"Blood on my hands." Raine answered, her eyes on her bunny. "But I don't know whose blood it is."

"Did you see someone else around you?" Serefina frowned.

Raine shook her head and shifted her attention toward the witch. "I didn't see anyone there. This image this time is slightly different from the other images that I had seen before." Confusion was written all over Raine's face.

"What do you mean?" Serefina leaned over to listen to her.

"The images that I saw before were like a moving storie I can tell you every detail of the event that would happen. After all that's how I found out what happened to Torak before. However now" Raine contemplated, trying to find the right words to describe it. "The image that I saw when I touched Sunny was different. It was like I am looking into a picture that shows blood on my hand. That's it. No other detail."

"Sunny" Serefina reiterated the name.

"But, why it's related to her? When I didn't even see her in the picture." Raine's frown deepened as this matter was very confusing.

"Do you know who she is?" Serefina drumming her fingers on the armrest of the bench.

"She is a daughter of Andoori Corporation. I don't know, but I think her family company is facing difficult problem." Raine recalled what Alice and Stephan had told her.

"Difficult problem in the company" Serefina reiterated, as if she was collecting scattered clues in Raine's words.

"But, why it's related to them?" For Raine it was totally irrelevant to each other. "Should I ask Torak to find out what happened with her company?" She suggested.

"I am sure Torak had done your friend background check now." Serefina rolled her eyes, as if saying; do you even needed to remind him about this? "Knowing him, by now he must have gathered every single detail about her.

Raine blinked her eyes as the understanding dawn on her. "I think so" Well, sometime she forgot how overprotective her mate could be.

Both of them turned silence, as they were busy with the things that ran around their mind before Raine broke the serene.

"Before this, I saw another vision too." She said, staring at Serefina.

Serefina crossed her legs and leaned her back, her eyes stared intently at Raine. She was thinking hard about what else this girl had seen? Her power was like a broken dam and apparently she couldn't control it as she kept seeing things.

"I saw a girl, in the middle of a field that filled with whitered flowers. The sky was so dark, thunder and gloomy sky. But, she was there in the middle of the field." Raine's eyes turned hazy as if she was talking about a distance memory.

"What she did?" Serefina urged her to talk more.

"Nothing." Raine stopped running her fingers on the bunny as her brows furrowed. "She just standing there and touched those dead flower, next those flowers come back alive." She shifted her eyes at Serefina while asking. "Does that make sense?"

"Do you think what you have seen is make sense?" Serefina answered her with another question. "Nothing makes sense in this world Raine, you should have learned that."

Serefina got the point that Raine often to forget it.

"Do you know who she is?" Raine asked Serefina because she didn't look surprise by this. Maybe she had known something.

"Another guardian angel." Serefina replied shortly and didn't elaborate further. "She, who comes with nature."

Realizing that Serefina only gave her that brief information, Raine prompted her to talk more. "How many guardian angel? Does they have different ability from me?"

"Yes, they are." Serefina nodded.

"They are? How many are they?" Raine had only seen one, does Serefina's word indicated there were many of them?

"There are another two like you." Serefina contemplated.

"Where are they? Can I see them?" Raine was very excited to see someone like her. She was thrilled to know she was not alone. She wasn't the only one from her kind.

"It's not the time yet." Serefina shook her head. "You will meet them when the time is right."

Raine was slumped her shoulder in disappointment. "How do you know about them?"

"Because I know." Serefina's answer didn't help Raine at all to understand her.

When Raine wanted to ask more about it, at least Serefina could tell her more about another guardian angel, someone tousled her hair, from the spark that erupted from their contact with each other, she knew it was Torak.

"So, you have met with my younger brother?" Torak stood right behind Raine.

"Hmm." Serefina nodded. She knew Torak was nearby and he must have heard what she was saying to Raine, yet she didn't have intention to hide it anyway. "I have met him."

Torak narrowed his eyes. "'You have met him' or 'You have been with him' all this time?"

Raine turned her head to see Torak's stiff expression and Serefina's, whose face devoid from any emotions.

"I have been with him all this time." Serefina answered truthfully. She was rude with her words and often blurted out the things that she shouldn't have said, but she wouldn't lie. She was someone who would choose to say nothing instead of telling lies.

Upon hearing Serefina's words, something clicked in Raine's mind. She remembered her conversation with Calleb weeks ago, about why Serefina hated the mate- bond between the Lycan and the reason why she disappeared from their realm for years before she came on her own to help Raine.

Was it true that Serefina eloped with Torak's brother? Raine wanted to ask that, but she felt reluctance to voice it out loud.

No matter what, Serefina has her own reason for that.

But, how about Torak? The two people who were in complicated relationship with Serefina was his younger and older brother.

Raine tilted her head to see Torak's reaction. From her position, she could see it clearly that Torak was clenching his jaw tightly as he rested his hands on Raine's shoulders.

Was he angry?

"Where is he?" Torak's voice was laced with impatient. It was his younger brother that they were talking about after all.

"Don't worry, he is fine." Serefina waved her hand nonchalantly, like usual, she brushed away the fact that she was the object of the Alpha's irk. "If this make you feel better, I will tell you that your younger brother has met with his mate, just like your older brother did."

Torak narrowed his eyes. "How about you?"

"What about me?" Serefina asked defiantly, her eyes filled with amus.e.m.e.nt. "Do you really think I left Jedrek because of Kace?"

Torak didn't answer Serefina, but the way he looked the witch, he indeed thought that way.

"Think again Torak, I am not that shallow." Serefina chuckled. "I will not entangle myself with your kind, just to know I will be dumped in the end for a silly reason such as mate- bond. Like I told you before, I deserved better."

Yet for some reason, Raine could feel the sorrow in her dry laugh, the amus.e.m.e.nt in her eyes dimmed when she said her last word.

What exactly happened between Serefina and Torak's brothers?

"You had created chaos when you left." Torak stated.

"It was Jedrek, who made a scene, why are you blaming me for that?" Serefina pouted her lips as if she was being wronged by Torak.