The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 308

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 308 Vision 4

Torak didn't give much reaction on Serefina's attempt to act innocent as he asked the most things that concern him the most. "Is he all right?"

The 'he' that Torak reffered to was his younger brother, after all Kace had been missing for years, almost at the same time as Serefina.

Of course this fact alone would lead everyone's assumption that they were runaway together.

In all honesty, Torak didn't care about that. He had thousand of Lycans under him that needed his attention and now he has his mate with him.

A messy love story like what Serefina has between his brothers didn't interest him at all.

However, no matter what it was, Kace and Jedrek were still his brothers. He just needed to know if they were doing well.

Jedrek did, but Kace had been missing for years now.

"He is doing great. You know him." Serefina shrugged nonchalantly. "What do you expect from your younger brother?"

"Good." Torak replied curtly, didn't go into detail about Kace as he sat down beside Raine and put her on his laps abruptly. He scared the little bunny away in the process. "So, what you get? Do you know why her hands will cover with blood?"

Torak wouldn't be so antsy if the thing that covered Raine's hand was flower or something else, not blood. It gave a bad vibe for him.

He disliked the thought that his mate was in possible danger. Even a single thought of that could make his heart skip a beat.

"No, nothing." Serefina shook her head. "I don't know. But, what I am certain is, that will happen soon and it's related to her friend named Sunny."

"Hm." Torak rested his chin on Raine's shoulder, his eyes dimmed as he tightened his hand around her small body, unwilling to let her go. "She will not meet her again."

Raine frowned. She couldn't meet her friend again? How about her study?

"So, the other vision that she had seen about the girl in flower field, is another guardian angel?" Torak looked at Serefina, he looked calmer and less hostile everytime he has his mate in his arms.

"Yes. That is the only thing that makes sense to explain her ability." Serefina replied.

"Whose?" Torak asked.

"Jedrek." Serefina had seen with Kace's mate, but the description that Raine told her didn't suit the guardian angel, whom with Kace, thus it must be Jedrek's mate.

"So, they had met their destined mate." Torak concluded as he mumbled, relishing his mate scent. He had been on edge ever since Raine told her about her vision.

"You will bring her along with you?" Serefina nodded at Raine.

"Yes." Torak wouldn't leave his mate again. "We will leave three days from now."

"In that case, I will start tomorrow with her."

"Starting what?" Raine was confused as she looked at Torak and Serefina.

"To train you, my love. I want you to be ready when we leave." Torak kissed her mark that made Raine shivered.

"Where we will go?" Raine felt goosebumps because of Torak's action, yet she didn't complain. "I am still not allowed to be near your territory, right?"

"Yes, you are" Torak nodded. "We will not go to our territory, because we are not sure yet if you can take it." He explained.

"So, where we will go then?" Raine frowned, now she realized it, she knew nothing about Torak's plan or what he would do, neither she knew why Torak kept pretending that he was still missing.

"We will go to meet other Alphas from our pack." Torak's eyes dimmed when he said that, as if he was hiding something dangerous behind those beautiful blue eyes.

"Torak, you know it will be dangerous for her." Serefina was still adamant to disagree with Torak's plan.

"I will not leave her out of my sight." Torak was resolute with his decision. He wouldn't leave her alone.

No matter where she was, Raine was always in danger, his last encountered with the devil and the shadow warrior proved it. Thus, by being with him, at least Torak knew she was fine.

Serefina let out a heavy sigh, most of the time she couldn't talk with Torak properly what was more, to persuade him, so she just let him to do whatever he thought the best for this situation.

"Alright! I am done." Serefina stood up. "We will meet again here 7 am sharp in the morning tomorrow."

Serefina said her last piece before she walked out of the greenhouse.

"Torak, tell me." Raine shifted her body and now she was straddling him, so she could see his face. "What is your plan?"

Torak secured Raine's body by holding her waist so she wouldn't fall.

"You have been pretending that you are missing for more than a month now," Raine counted with her finger. "You speed up your plan that makes Serefina, Raphael, Calleb and Jack worried."

Torak raised his eyebrows.

"Oh, I know they don't agree with your judgment. It was clear as day when you saw their expression when we were having our breakfast this morning." Raine dismissed Torak's questioning look.

Afterward, Raine raised three of her fingers as she frowned. "You let those people do what they want." And she crossed her arms in front of her chest. "What exactly your plan is?"

Torak let out boisterous laugh when he watched how his mate acted now.

"You almost sound like Serefina." Torak kissed her cheeks as he explained. "I do have my own plan. I will not go to war without preparation, that would be suicide. I don't have plan for that."

"So, what you will do then?" Raine didn't understand Torak at this moment.

"Do you really want to know?" Torak asked with smile on his face.

"Of course I want." Is that even a question? She has been asking this thing, right?

"Give me something, then I will tell you what my plan." He looked at his mate suggestively.

Raine tilted her head, confused, but Torak's expression made it easy to understand his underlying meaning.

Leaning over, Raine kissed his lips.

"Only one?" Torak didn't satisfy at all.

Raine giggled when she heard Torak's sullen voice. "Two then."