The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 309

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 309 Stop Hurting Me

Next day, at 7 a.m sharp, Raine had been waiting for Serefina inside the Greenhouse, however it was almost 8 a.m and the latter not yet showed up.

Raine was very bored waiting for the witch, while waiting she had fed her bunny, plucked some flowers and even did nothing but staring out to the distance spot, trying to see if she could awaken her own power.

But, nothing.

Seemingly, she didn't have control when or where she could use her ability. This wasn't like a flashlight that she could turn off and on as whenever she wanted.

Raine would be thrilled if she could foresee how Torak and she in the future. Unfortunately she couldn't do that.

Once again, she looked at the time again on her phone. It was ten past eight.

What happened with this witch? Raine had never had appointment with her before as Serefina would come and go as she wished.

When Raine stood up and was about to leave the greenhouse, tired from waiting for her, Serefina walked into the greenhouse while grumbling something incoherent.

"I am sorry, I overslept." Serefina pinched the bridge of her nose as she was squinted her eyes on Raine. "What time is it?"

"Ten past eight." Raine told her right away because she had just checked the time before she decided to leave.

"Okay. We can start now." Serefina combed her messy hair with her fingers.

"Don't you want to freshen up first? Or eat and drink something?" Raine asked with concern. "You didn't look good."

However, Serefina just waved her hand as she sat down on the same bench that they were sitting yesterday with Torak. "No need. Show me now."

"Show you what?" Raine grimaced when Serefina's leg accidentally hit the rectangular table in the middle. "Are you okay? We can do it tomorrow."

"Argh!" Serefina growled painfully and with the help of Raine, trying to sit on the bench. "Thanks to your crazy mate, we don't have time for tomorrow."

Raine put Serefina down unceremoniously because of her comment about Torak, which earned her a glare from the witch.

"So, what should I show you now?" Raine had never learnt. She shouldn't pity the witch at all. Who knows what happened to her, but somehow she still looked lethargic just like yesterday. And her eyes"Are you wearing softlens?"

Without doubt, Serefina's eyes color was lime green, but why her eyes color now was golden brown?

"No. Don't bother with my eyes." Serefina pushed Raine away. "We have wasted much time, we should start now."

Raine rolled her eyes, it was very clear that Serefina, who had wasted her time, by letting her waiting for more than an hour, yet she talked like a rightful person. How ridiculous

Regardless, it was pointless to talk about this to Serefina, they would waste another minutes only for arguing on this trivial matters.

Thus, Raine just took a deep breath and swallowed her irritation. "So, what should I do now?"

"Show me what you get when you travelled back alone to the past." Serefina ordered her, this time she massaged another side of her head.

"I don't know if I could do this I am not sure" Raine was hesitated. This was something that she had only tried once.

"You talk too much." Serefina glared at her and waved her hand as she said. "Stand there and show me."

The witch rubbed her face to gather her focus before she leaned her back against the backrest and fixed her attention on Raine.

"Alright I will try" Raine mumbled to herself.

She had tried this once when she traveled back to the past, but was unsure if she could do this again as she was in panic when she did it the first time.

Instead of standing on the spot that Serefina had told her, Raine walked closer toward and squatted down.

Serefina was wearing hot pants, so Raine could see her legs where she had hit the table started to get bruises.

"What are you doing? Don't mind with my legs." Serefina frowned when Raine stretched out her hand and wrapped the red spot on her leg with her palm. "I said no need for this, we don't have time for you to act so caring."

Raine lifted her head, irritation was apparent in her eyes when she stared at Serefina. "Can you just shut up for a while? I don't do it because I pitied you, don't worry I don't. You can get your body full with bruises for all I care."

After saying that, Raine closed her eyes and concentrated.

It took her around two minutes before finally she opened her eyes and greeted with Serefina's sarcasm remark. "I thought you have fallen asleep."

Raine rolled her eyes on her comment and lifted her hand that covered her legs.

Before, Serefina's skin had started to show blue color, but now, it had turned into its original color as if she didn't hit her legs before.

Raine knew she could do this because when she traveled back to the past and Fabian got hurt because they fell from the cliff, thankfully Fabian was quick enough to use his magic so they didn't shatter into pieces when they hit the bottom of the cliff.

Thought the worst thing didn't happen, the witch got hurt because his arms hit the rough surface of the rocky valley.

At that time, Raine was so panicked because the blood was oozing out from his wound and Fabian didn't know the spell to help his situation.

Thus, out of instinct, Raine grabbed Fabian's arms with both of her hands in hope she could stop the bleeding and miraculously, the bleeding stopped.

Not only that, even the wound was healed. It happened after Raine obtained her power from the grimoire.

But, the annoying thing that Fabian said to her was

"That's it?" Serefina raised her eyebrows questioningly. "You obtain your power and only that you could do?"

Like father like daughter!

"If you don't like to be healed. Don't worry, I can hurt you too." Raine stood up and started to hit Serefina with her bare hand.

"Aw! Stop hurting me!!!" The witch glared at her.