The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 31

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 31 Chaotic Night

Raine peered at Torak from under her baseball cap, wondering why he suddenly stopped moving. They were standing right in front of the door, Torak's right arm was in the middle to turn the door knob while his other hand held her waist protectively.

With their height, Raine could easily stare at his chiseled jaw and that was a beautiful sight to see. His ocean blue eyes dimmed a few shade while he kept his glazed eyes fixed on the door handle.

Raine was hardly meet new people when she was in mental institution. However, even when she did meet many people in the orphanage, Raine was afraid to see their mocking eyes, they were thinking that she was crazy and made fun of it, whenever she started to whimper when she saw another creatures nearby.

Despite the lack of interaction she had with other people, she was definitely sure, with face like him he would get any woman that he wanted as easy as moving a single finger. He was so exquisite.

Raine was drawn by his alluring charm until she didn't realize the man had stared back at her with a faint smile grazed his lips.

"What are you looking at, my love?" Torak asked in amus.e.m.e.nt when he watched her rosy cheek reddened and she abruptly lowered her head.

Raine was someone who would blush until her neck and ears turned red, and that was what exactly happened to her.

When the heat crept her face, the spark that erupted from under her chin didn't help her situation at all the moment Torak urged her to look at him again.

"Don't hide away from me." He frowned while caressing Raine's lower lips with his thumb. "You don't have any idea how long I had been waiting for you."

Raine hardly captured what Torak had said as she was busy to calm her beating heart.

After saying that, Torak whisked her away out of the room.

It was same like before, the moment they stepped out, Raphael and Calleb had been waiting for them, outside the door.

However, this time the situation was different. There were too many people for Raine's liking. It was four times more crowded than when they went to the art gallery this afternoon.

The atmosphere turned tense and thick until it was suffocating. From the hallway of the second floor, where the elevator stopped, Raine could see the main lobby, one floor below them, had been jam- packed by reporter. All of them were shouting Torak's name, asking equivocal questions with the sounds that buzzed in Raine's ears.

The feeling of being crowded by people and a lot of unfamiliar voices overwhelmed her.

[Who behind this? Jared?] Torak mind- linked Raphael while he glanced coldly at the crowded people at the main lobby.

[It's not Jared, he isn't brave enough to do that after our warning. Apparently, those people are mobilized by Haco.] Raphael answered.

[Audacious!] Torak's grip at Raine waist tightened while his eyes flickered with black color for a second. [What does he have that he can be so brave to do this!?]

[We are still investigating that.]

Haco was shape- shifter and he was running one of the most successful media in the country that Torak was visiting. Unfortunately, his seventy percent territory didn't scope most part of this country, where Haco was a prominent figure here.

Initially, both of them never had any clash before, but for Haco to start a defiant action like this, this could only mean one thing; he had gained important information that could be used to go against him.

After all, by living for centuries, along with power he had gained bunches of enemies.

And the most crucial part was, his enemy would be Raine's as well. Not to mention if they knew that she was the guardian angel.

Torak looked down at his mate who was clutching the front of his clothes, he couldn't see her expression because the cap covered her face, but he was sure that she was frightened.

"This way Alpha." One of Torak's warriors showed them alternative exit and led the way.

Swiftly, Torak put his arms under Raine's thigh and carried her. "Just focus on me." He whispered on her ears while nudging her cheek.

Raine did what Torak said. She put all of her attention to the man, who was carrying her. Naturally, she wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on the crook of his shoulder, relishing his scent. Raine didn't know what parfume that Torak's was using, but she liked it nonetheless.

After the coordination between Torak's people and the management of the hotel, all of them managed to go out of that place without having another unnecessary trouble.

At the exit, they met with other Alphas who had attended the meeting, and left the hotel with their respective cars.

However, suddenly Raine felt something scratched the back of her hand and it dig deeper into her skin, causing her to flinch as she lifted her head.

Torak felt her discomfort and looked at her grimaced expression. "What happened?"