The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 310

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 310 Nine Lives

"You don't want me to heal you right? Here! I will hurt you instead!" Raine kept hitting Serefina's legs where she had healed her bruises earlier.

"Stop it!" Serefina suddenly glared and created something like a transparent bubble to keep her away from Raine.

The protection made Raine couldn't touch her again, so she sat down next to her, fuming mad. "At least you can say something less mean to me!" Raine yelled at her.

"I was expecting something more amazing, such as, you can bring me back to the past" Serefina leaned her body against the backrest as the protection around her wear off.

"I don't want to go to the past again." Raine mumbled.

Ignoring Raine's dissent, Serefina kept talking. "You can turn back time"

"Oh, I did!" Raine increased the volume in her voice, so Serefina could stop to count the things that she expected from her.

"You did?" Serefina raised her eyebrows questioningly. "When you traveled back to the past?"

"No." Raine shook her head, she then turned her body to face Serefina. "You know, when I barely escaped the explosion of the car, I saw it."

Afterward, Raine spent twenty minutes of their time to explain what she had done and how the time was ticking back, so she could save the three of them from the explosion.

However, Raine was still unsure about how to control or awaken her ability.

"Do you think I can do that because I am in precarious situation?" Raine felt it was the only reason, after all human would strive more when they were in dangerous situation.

"Hm" Serefina touched her chin, as she was deep in thought. "I think so, maybe we can try to put you in dangerous situation to know how you can handle it." She muttered.

Upon hearing that, Raine abruptly stood up and narrowed her eyes at her.

"Don't ever think about that! You will give me the worst situation." Raine denied her idea immediately.

"Of course! That's the point of our lesson today!" Serefina yelled at her. "Don't be ridiculous." She sneered.

Here they go again. Serefina and her stubborn nature, trying to make things as easy as the way she talked.

"What? Where you will take me!?" Raine looked at Serefina's hands that already grabbed her wrist in horror.

"Let's try to figure out your own theory." Serefina said lightly as if she was asking Raine to walk with her to the park.

Raine even didn't have time to think or she had a chance to refuse her statement that saying it was her idea.

It wasn't her idea, alright? She just blurted out what was inside her mind, that's all!

And the next second, the flower inside the greenhouse had changed into scenery of the landscape of the city.

"Argh!!!" Raine instinctively squatted down while trying to grab anything that she could find.

Currently they were on the top of a building, not on the rooftop like where Lucifer had brought her last time, but this was literally at the edge of a building.

Raine grabbed fencing wire behind her, the problem was the spot where she could stand was so narrow. She was barely could stand, one wrong move, then the gravity would make sure to throw her to the pavement hundred meters below.

"Are you crazy!? Do you want to kill me!?" Raine yelled on the top of her lungs so her voice wasn't carried away by the harsh wind. "Torak will kill you if he knows this!"

"Oh, please!" Serefina rolled her eyes exasperatedly. "No need to bring your marvelous mate on this!" The witch stared down at Raine with ridicule in her eyes. "This is only you and me! So stop bringing another person in our business."

Raine really wanted to slap the witch's face, how she could say something like that after forcefully took her to this ridiculously dangerous place?! Unfortunately both of her hands were occupied right now.

"I don't want to have anything to do with you!!!" Raine barked. The wind was so harsh, she even didn't dare to wipe her hair away from her face. No, she didn't even dare to move an inch from her spot while Serefina, seemingly, enjoyed it a lot.

The witch basked herself under the bright morning sun, closing her eyes and smiling in complete serene.

Raine really couldn't understand the witch at all! There was a moment that she like her, and thought of her as her big sister, which she never had, but this time was the moment she wanted to strangle her to death!

Raine would love to stretch out her hand and pushed the witch down to the street below them, yet without Serefina, she didn't know how to come back home.

The fencing wire was so high, Raine needed to climb it if she wanted to be in a safer place. Forget it. She wouldn't be able to move her legs or her fingers now.

"Stop relying on Torak." Serefina said, but her eyes were looking at the distance scenery. "Or, you will drag him down along with you."

"I will not drag him down!" Raine refute immediately.

"Said the girl who is so scare to even try to stand up." Serefina glanced at Raine, who was squatting right beside her. "Look at you now, you are so pathetic."

Raine glared at the witch while gritting her teeth, whether it was because of her fear or her anger, she didn't know.

"I know you are just trying to provoke me!" Raine had to admit it that she was indeed very irritated by her words.

"Yes, I am!" Serefina agreed shamelessly. "I am trying to provoke you! You don't even know what I am going to ask you to do, but you already yelled at me!" She said righteously.

At this point, who would have known her true intention was?

"I know what will you ask me to do!" Raine stared dagger at her. "You will ask me to jump, right?! Do you think I have nine lives?!"