The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 311

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 311 Coward

"What nine lives?" Serefina frowned. "You are guardian angel not a cat." She refuted righteously.

If she could Raine would roll her eyes and shook the witch's body, probably she has not woken up yet. "That's what I mean!"

Raine made a big mistake when she accidentally glanced at the street below and immediately felt her head spinning.

"Serefina let's go back" She said meekly, closing her eyes. "We can try another way to test my ability, right? You will accidentally kill me if you keep doing this."

"No." Serefina rejected Raine's idea immediately. "Stop being coward and stand up."

"Serefina, should I remind you?" Raine's voice was very stiff as she stared at the witch, if this couldn't be said as a glare. "I control time, not grow wings."

"This is just a test, okay. I assure you, nothing will happen." Serefina tried to coax the girl beside her as she yawned lazily.

"You don't look convincing to me." Raine responded, seeing the way Serefina yawn, she was still sleepy, maybe she thought this was only in her dream.

Raine argued with her inner self. Trying to figure out what this witch actually meant by doing this to her.

"Had I ever lie to you?" Serefina asked in irritation. "Don't you remember how I help you to meet Torak even though Raphael and Calleb stood against you? And now you don't believe me?" The witch feigned her hurt expression. "You are so heartless for a guardian angel."

"I am half human." Raine countered. "You said it before, the human in me is just being human."

Serefina rolled her eyes. "What is that mean?" But, she didn't want to waste her time and tried to figure it out as she stretched out her hand and tried to pull her to stand up.

"No!" Raine shrieked, glaring at Serefina's hand, which trying to touch her. "What do you want? What are you going to do?" She asked in panic.

"What I am going to do?" She asked in mocking tone. "Of course, to prove your theory. You said it yourself that there will be a possibility for you to use your ability when you are in dangerous situation! So, here we are now."


Raine really couldn't talk with this witch. Their way of think was never in the same frequencies most of the time.

"Come on! Don't be a coward!" Serefina raised her tone to encourage the scardy cat in front of her. "I will not let you hit that pavement okay?!" She pointed at the hard asphalt down there.

"I am at the point that I don't want to trust you." Raine stated her words clearly.

How Serefina could make other people jumped only by her own words? Believes her? Well it's hard to believe her in this position.

They were not in a three or four storey building, but ... what was this floor? Twenty one? Twenty three? Her brain would turn into mash potatoes the moment she fell from this height.

"Jump!" Serefina said it curtly as she stared at Raine's eyes.

However, nothing happened.

Raine didn't follow her words, instead she glared at the witch hatefully.

"Wait, why don't you follow my words?" Serefina tilted her head, looking at Raine with confusion.

She was trying to control her the way she had controlled her back then when they were in the airport, the first time they came to this city.

"Did you forget that you stabbed me with the horn of unicorn? And now I am immune to some of magic and curse." Raine made a face. This witch was so forgetful sometime. "You can't control me by the same spell."

"Ah." Serefina opened her mouth slightly. "Totally forgot about that." She grumbled.

"Stop it and take us home." Raine tried to compromise with her. "Let's try another method, we will be able to figure something out that less risky."

Ignoring Raine's word, Serefina drumming her fingers on the fencing wire as she spoke. "Don't worry, I can still use another way."

"What are you"

Yet, before Raine could ask what she was going to do, she felt her hands, which gripping the fencing wire, were electrocuted abruptly.

Shock, Raine released her grip on it, but it wasn't right move either, because the next second, her body fell backward.

Raine's arms flailed in her futile attempt to grab the fencing wire again, or anything that could save her from the gravity that pulled her down.

She felt her life left her as the wind was ringing on her ears and Serefina's impassive expression started to farther away from her sight.

Raine took her surroundings upside down, sky on her feet and ground on her head while she was surrounded by countless tall building.

Her first fall was like a slow motion, but it was getting faster in the next second.

Raine wanted to close her eyes, didn't want to see what would happen, her mind was haywire.

The ringing sound in her ears and the wind that hit her face harshly, increased her erratic emotions. She was in extreme fear until she felt numb, even Raine couldn't scream as she felt her chest caved in.

When the ground looked like it was approaching her in full speed, Raine closed her eyes, prepared herself for the extreme pain that she would suffer.

Or, maybe she wouldn't feel any pain as her body would crush into pieces the moment she hit the rough asphalt.

It should be no pain right? No one could answer the question in her mind.

"Hey, open your eyes." A soft sound sounded near Raine's ears with a pat on her shoulder. "Open your eyes and stop shaking."

Raine didn't believe with what she heard as she opened her eyes abruptly.

No, she wasn't falling from the high building, she was back to the greenhouse.

"What is it?" Raine stuttered. "Did did I succeed?" Her legs gave up as she fell on the solid floor of the greenhouse.

In front of Raine, Serefina was staring at her disapprovingly. "Coward." She sneered.