The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 312

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 312 What's The Use Of Your Pajamas?

Raine's mind was as wobble as her legs, she could literally feel her hands were shaking uncontrollably while her heart drumming against her chest.

She clutched the front of her shirt to stop the rapid beating, afraid her heart couldn't take it and exploded.

"What is it?" Raine stammered, asking between her ragged breathe. "Did I do it?"

"Of course not." Serefina said harshly. "I saved you." She plopped her body down on the bench, looking at Raine, who was currently having mental breakdown. "I told you, right? I will not let you die."

That's not the point! She didn't die, but that didn't mean she felt good either.

Raine wanted to retort her statement, but then she realized she didn't have energy to do that, not when Serefina was so stubborn with her own opinion.

All of her argumentation and reason would be useless, so Raine remained on her spot, without saying anything until she could calm herself and slowly stood up.

Raine sat down next to Serefina. Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the wooden bench.

"That test is so useless" Raine muttered. "My ability doesn't awaken even wen I am in a dangerous situation." She added, inhale- exhale, calming her nerves.

"Well, at least we know that your theory is wrong." Serefina shrugged nonchalantly, didn't even offer a comfort for the trembling girl beside her.

"I didn't say that so you could throw me out of the building." Raine criticized, her eyes were still closed.

"I didn't throw you out of the building. I intended to do so, but I couldn't because of the d*mn horn of unicorn that I gave me." Serefina said righteously. "You jumped on your own."

Raine really wanted to glare at the witch, unfortunately she didn't have strange to do that and only could sigh. No matter what she said she wouldn't be able to outspoken the witch. She lived longer than her.

"Great, now you know a dangerous situation wouldn't be able to awaken it, so what your plan then?" Raine opened her eyes. She was also eager to know what she could do with this new strength of her. What the use of it if she couldn't control it, right?

She, also, wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with Torak and let the pack saw her as their Luna not only the Alpha's mate.

Calleb answered at that time still bothered her, the way she saw her as the Torak's mate, somehow irritated her.

Maybe, months ago she wouldn't even care about this kind of things, but not now

Raine wanted to be someone that could make Torak proud of her, someone that she could be proud of herself too.

"Let's figure that out later." Serefina then stood up and trudged toward the exit door.

"Serefina." Raine called her after seeing the way she walked.

"Hm?" Serefina hummed, she didn't turn her body as she kept walking toward the door.

"Are you okay?" Raine asked, concern laced in her voice.

"I am not dead yet." She replied cynically.

Raine couldn't help, but sigh. Is it necessary for her to make other people angry all the time? Couldn't she just take it other people concern and answer less hostile?

Serefina was very talented in making people upset.


"What happened with her Torak?" Raine asked while putting her clothes inside a suitcase, which looked bigger than Torak's.

Meanwhile, Torak was sitting on the bad, looking at Raine with amus.e.m.e.nt in his eyes. He had offered to help her, but apparently his mate liked to do this sort of things.

"Why?" Torak asked back.

"Serefina, why she looks so sluggish lately?" Raine took three pajamas with her and tried to choose among the three, but in the end she just put it the three of them into her suitcase, didn't even bother to choose it again.

"I think she had mentioned it to you, there is one night in every month that she didn't want to be bothered." Torak walked over toward Raine and squatted down in front of her. "I don't know when it started, but she has been like that since she was still with my brother."

"And in the next day she will look so haggard?" Raine put another sweater inside her suitcase.

"Yes." Torak nodded.

Tomorrow Raine would go with Torak to 'meet' another Alphas and yesterday Serefina supposed to meet her in the greenhouse again, but she didn't come, Raine had waited for her for almost three hours, yet she didn't show up.

Even when Raine had asked for the guards there, to inform her if Serefina came, until late of night, there was still no news from the witch.

Torak had asked his people to look for Serefina, but no one could find her around the house. It only meant one thing; she had disappeared again like usual.

"My love, why do you need to bring three pajamas with you when you often use my shirt to sleep?" Torak eyed his shirt on Raine.

Sometime he couldn't understand the use of her pajamas, it was so rare for her to use her own pajamas, so why bothered to bring more than necessary?

Raine stared at Torak in embarrassment as tinge of red crept on her cheeks, that made Torak wanted to lean over and kissed her.

"I will wear my own pajamas." Raine said as she stuffed all the clothes that she needed for their journey, trying to zip up the overload suitcase. "What that kiss for?"

"Because I want to kiss you, because you are so adorable and because you are my mate." Torak replied lightly as he took over the suitcase from his mate and zipped it up easily.

"Thank you." Raine leaned over and kissed Torak's cheek.

"And what that kiss for?" Torak asked in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"For zipping up my suitcase." Raine replied cheekily as she threw her arms around his neck and nuzzled her head. "Sleepy." She mumbled, suddenly became spoiled.

"Alright, let's sleep." Torak scooped up her body as he breathed in her scent. Her body was so soft and so right for him.