The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 313

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 313 Someone From The Past

When the sun just appeared on the horizon, Torak had driven the car away from the house. They went so early in the morning.

Beside the Alpha, Raine wrapped her body with her sweater tightly, she blew her hands because it was so cold outside, thus Torak started the engine and turn on the heater for her.

"Still feeling cold?" Torak asked, he reached Raine's hand and grabbed her slightly cold hand.

"Better now." Raine smiled.

Both of them indulged themselves in this comfortable silence when Torak drove the car through the highway.

They went with Calleb and Jack, but both of them were in different cars while Raphael didn't come with them, he had to handle some important matter in the company, especially since Belphegor had made his move to gather people to oppose Torak.

Their situation now was quite tricky, as they were attacked from both sides, the company and the pack, the human and the supernatural creatures.

Raine was slightly worried about how Torak could handle this crisis, but because the latter seemed so collected and didn't show his nervousness or anxiety, she became relax again.

"My love." Torak squeezed her hand lightly to get her attention.

"Ya?" Raine turned her body and faced Torak beside her. His side profile was looked so handsome with his sculptured jaw line. Raine thought, she could spend the rest of the day just by looking at him without even getting bored.

"I just want to tell you beforehand." Torak rubbed his thumb on her palm in soothing motions. "The situation later will be gruesome."

Raine held her breath when she heard that. Actually, Torak had told her about his plans before, yet when he reminded her again, she was quite nervous that she couldn't handle it.

There would be bloodshed later and it was something that couldn't be avoided.

This was how Torak ruled his empire. He was the ruthless Alpha. Raine knew it. She accepted him, but she was not ready yet to see it firsthand.

"I know" Raine said in low voice.

"You can stay inside the car if you can't take it." Torak uttered with consideration.

"Okay." Raine nodded.

And then the rest of the journey was silence as they were busy with their own thought.

When the sun hit the horizon, they arrived in abandoned city. Torak pulled over under the shadow of two storey building.

Another car behind them also stopped only a few meters away from Torak's, it was Calleb and Jack. Both of them got out of the car at the same time with same serious expression etched on their face.

There were no traces of Calleb mischievous self. For some reason, Raine found Calleb looked scary when he was this serious as she used to see his carefree behavior.

"Stay inside the car." Torak said curtly before he unbuckled his seatbelt and walked out of the car.

Raine didn't need to be told twice as she sat there obediently. She took her surrounding and realized there were no human, this was indeed an abandoned city with many buildings that almost collapsed.

Why they stopped here?

Torak stood right outside of the car, leaned his tall body against the side of it as Calleb and Jack approached him.

Raine couldn't hear what they were saying, but whatever it was, it must be something important as she could see Calleb furrowed his brows as he listened to his Alpha intently.

Raine was staring at the three people outside the car, trying to figure out what they were discussing when her concentration was disturbed by rustling sound around her.

At first, Raine thought it was just a sound of some stray cats or dogs, however, the moment she tilted her head and looked at the window of her side, her eyes met with a big red eyes of a creature, staring back at her.

Raine shrieked out of surprised, but then she heard Torak's soothing voice in her head.

[Fear not, my love.] Torak said through mind link. [They are Lycans from our pack.]

'They are?'

Only then, Riane realized, there were not only one, but ten twenty no, there were a hundred of Lycans that crawled from the shadow, from behind the building, from every alley of the streets, from the roof of the abandoned houses, from everywhere literally!

Raine could feel her hands started trembling.

Her mind flew to the memory when she was in the village of angel, when she was in the vast land and the ground was covered with snow and everything was shimmering under the faint glow of the afternoon sun.

It was the same situation, only without the snow.

Raine bit her lips when all the Lycan finally gathered around, some of them were in their human form and some of them had shifted into their beast.

Though Torak's beast was way bigger than them, but to see hundreds of Lycanthropes at the same time, returned the fear that Raine felt when Ramez, the leader of the shadow guard, wanted to hand her over to the Lycanthropes.

To someone named Lyrus.

At that time, Raine had told them that she was Torak's mate, but no one believed her. Even Lyrus had asked someone to ask Torak about it.

However, from what she heard from Torak, he didn't receive any news about Raine. No one ever told him about his mate or there was someone who claimed as his mate.

Because if it was the case, he would have remembered it, after all, 'mate' for the Donovan's brother was something very sensitive.

Raine couldn't help it, but think about this matter again.

Why Lyrus at that time didn't tell Torak about her? Truth, that Torak wouldn't recognize her as his mate because they had not yet met, but at least, he could let him to see her, right?

Torak said it himself that he would have seen her if there was someone told him about his mate.

While Raine was thinking about that, as if coming out from her mind, the person that she had seen when she traveled back to the past, appeared in front of Torak, bowing his head deeply to his Alpha.