The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 314

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 314 It Was Lyrus

It was Lyrus!

He was exactly the same person as centuries ago and he was here.

What Torak would do with him? Had Torak planned something with him? Raine didn't know, but she had a bad feeling about this.

At this time, Raine really wanted to know how to foresee the future, so she could warn Torak if Lyrus had an ill intention toward him.

[Torak.] Raine mind- linked Torak, yet her thought was blocked.

She frowned and then realized that Torak was talking to the rest of the Lycan through mind link, but he blocked Raine from his mind.

But, why he had to do that?

Raine didn't want to disturb them, so she just sat there without making sound as she looked at Lyrus, hoping she could see through him.

The conversation last for long time and when it finally ended, the crowd dispersed, leaving only Torak and Lyrus alone while Calleb and Jack turned into their Lycan form, leading the crowd away.

Though both Torak and Lyrus were still in their human form, yet they still conversed in their special way of communication and again, Raine couldn't find a way to figure it out, neither she could tell Torak about Lyrus.


Once Torak got inside the car, Raine would tell him about that Lycan and he should give her a satisfied answer, after all, it was because of him that she almost died, only if he told Torak the truth and let them met, probably the end of the village of angel would be different

however, there was another question that arose; would the mate bond work if they met ahead of time?

Something that Raine couldn't answer, yet it didn't change the fact that Lyrus had lied at that time.

Raine stared at Lyrus for the entire conversation as Torak's back was facing her.

Fortunately, the window of the car was so thick and dark, so no one from outside could see her there. They indeed couldn't see her, but they could smell her nonetheless and realized that Torak had brought another person with him.

The smell of an unfamiliar person.

Raine didn't know what Torak was saying to Lyrus, but the latter's eyes grew wide with his mouth was slightly agape.

He stared at the car in horror, searching someone inside, but couldn't see a single thing.

Did he just look for Raine? Did Torak tell him about his wrongdoings? Raine was unsure.

As if Torak could hear Raine's mind, he waved his hand at Lyrus and sent him away. Only after he couldn't be seen anymore, Torak opened the car door and sat behind the wheel as he started the engine.

"Torak he is" Raine wanted to tell Torak about Lyrus, but the latter had cut her voice out.

"I know." Torak said curtly as he drove the car away. "Lyrus was the person that you met before the downfall of village of angel, right?"

Raine nodded. "Yes."

"I know." Torak tousled her head to calm her down.

Of course Torak remembered what Raine had told him, he remembered every single detail the thing that Raine had told him. For him, her every words were important.

Thus, Lyrus was here, was for a certain purpose.

"Did you ask him about the things that happened in the village of angel?" Raine looked at Torak intently. "I saw his surprised expression."

"No, I didn't tell him about that." Torak turned the car to the right corner.

"So, why did he make a shocking expression like that?" Raine remember Lyrus expression when Torak said something to him that she assumed he was talking about her.

Torak indeed talked something about her, but not like what Raine had thought.

"I told him that I brought his Luna and she is inside the car." Torak glanced at Raine, a soft smile on his lips. "They were an old Lycans who had lived for over centuries now, but also the most loyal one." He explained.

"Loyal?" Raine frowned, that word didn't suit Lyrus. "But, why did Lyrus lie? You didn't receive the news about me, yet he said to Ramez, the leader of the shadow guard, you were the one who didn't want to see me, he even said that you gave an order to kill me."

The word 'kill' made Torak frowned deeply.

Torak drove the car deep into the abandoned city. The further they drive, the more abandoned building they could see as if they were moving to the heart of this place.

"What is this place?" Raine asked Torak curiously, she took her surroundings, trying to see whether there were still people there or not.

"Lost City." Torak replied.

"Lost City?" Raine had never heard that name of the city, though it suited this place perfectly. "I have never heard about this place." She mumbled.

"No. Human had left this place long time ago. The original name of this place was Magnus city." Torak explained.

"Why did people leave this city?" Raine asked, her curiosity was piqued.

"The vampire killed them. Every now and then, there would be missing person near this area, thus all of people here moved out." Torak said.

"We are in vampire den?" Raine's eyes widened in shock.

TOrak chuckled. "My love, vampire doesn't make a den." She was so adorable when she was in shock. No, his mate was always adorable in everything that she did. "And no, this is not their territory either."

"Well, you know what I meant." Raine grinned at Torak. "Did Lyrus believe you that you have mate now?"

"Whether he believed it or not, you are his Luna. He and all the pack members, have to respect you nonetheless." Torak said firmly.

After a few minutes of driving, finally Torak stopped the car.

They were in front of three storey building, seemingly this building was served as a night club because there was still a signboard, which hang loosely at the front door.

"We are here." Torak said grimly.

Raine looked around her, there was no sign of those Lycans, Calleb or Jack. Where are they?